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White Magic and Voodoo

A Spiritual Path of Creating Reality

Our methods are based on a unique blend of white magic & voodoo rituals and techniques. They have origin in different cultures and traditions. Our magic is not static. It is dynamic, alive and it evolves as we evolve. We always try to give into our magic the best of us! And we can say, after more than 30 years of experience, that we are successful.

Do you suffer from heartache or lovesickness? Do you have doubts what awaits you in the future? Perhaps you are also facing things that you did not think were possible such as curses or demons? Maybe you want a counsel or need answers to your questions? We can help you to find what you are searching for!

Who We Are

We are Marion Daghan-Malenky and Pavol Malenky. Since our childhood we have had skills which many people thought were impossible: astral travel, memories of past lives, the ability to speak with ghosts. In this life, we decided to offer our skills for the service of people. And we are proud that we have already helped hundreds of people.

Our work has evolved into the establishment of an esoteric life-consulting firm. Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with friends and students with similar interests, abilities and views. Thanks to memories of past lives and travels around the world we have been able to refine our methods and improve our mystical abilities. More about us…

Magierin Damona Voodoo Master

Marion Daghan-Malenky (Grand Master of White Magic) and Pavol Malenky (voodoo priest).
As seen on TV.

Dear visitor of our Website and Fan of our Facebook (White Magic)!

From 20.11.2015 you can see us on the German TV channel TLC live. You can watch us by our white magic rituals and training of our disciples.

Please visit links for online view by TLC:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

We wish you lots of fun. Your White Magic Team.

White Magic Service

We protect against negative powers, help unhappy couples to be happy again, assist people to find dream job or improve business, perform healing magic. We also help clients in the form of personal consultations or card readings, meditation seminars and energy transfers. Getting the right advice is vital, getting it at the right time is invaluable. Contact us and arrange a visit for a personal consultation in our White Magic Centre. Or we can speak on skype/phone together.
Centre for Magic and Meditation

Our Services

Lovemagic Magierin Damona

Love Spells

Love magic: you have found your soul mate, but he / she does not does not feel the same? There are no obvious or apparent reasons why you are not together? Ask for an appointment. More...

Divination Magierin Damona


Expect a tough decision? Or need help deciding what to do with your current situation? Don't know the best way to move forward? We can help. Ask for divination, fortune telling and card readings. More...

Protectionmagic Magierin Damona

Protective magic

Do you suspect that you have been cursed or that you are the victim of black magic? Have you been followed by bad luck and misfortune over and over again? Contact us immediately! More...

Professional white magic and voodoo help

Our Philosophy

Magic personally


Personal contact and communication. We are real people and we speak your language! Visit us at our Center for white magic and spiritual development! We always work with our clients until the desired result is achieved. We usually speak with each client once a week, in order to check the progress and to see how our clients are doing.

Magic promptly


We care about quality, not quantity. We will help you with rituals adapted directly to your individual problem. With us, you don’t have to wait a week until you can speak with someone. We understand your concerns and make it a priority to speak with each of our clients as soon as possible. Thanks to modern technology you can reach us via e-mail, Skype or telephone.

Magic professionally


If you feel so, you can try some magic rituals alone, we offer here many tutorials. But there are certain situations where the professional help is needed. Especially situation when one had to face negative energies and entities. If you have such a problem, contact us immediately!

Our Team

Marion Daghan-Malenky
Pavol Malenky
Helga White Magic
Patrik White Magic
Slavka White Magic
Monika White Magic
Darinka White Magic
Jaroslav White Magic


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    Getting in Touch

    • What happens when you contact us?

      First, we carefully assess and absorb the information you send us. Then we make a short meditation or astral trip to find out the reasons for your prob lems and how we can resolve them with our White Magic and Voodoo.

      The minimum we require is your name and birthday, and the name and birthday of the other person involved. If you can send us a photo, even better, because then we can really concentrate on you and your problem much more easily.

      You don't need to send us any detailed description of your issues, as we form our opinion during the meditation. This is because problems and solutions can often be hidden in the least expected places.

    • What happens next?

      We arrange a no-obligation phone call during which we discuss with you our view of the situation and the possible solutions.

      In our first phone consultation - which is free of charge - we inform you of our price for the white magical task. We do not ask or expect you to say yes or no at this time. Even if you're absolutely sure, as many cleints are, that you would like to conclude a contract, we always ask you to think about it and contact us the next day to confirm your order.

      When you confirm your order the next day we gave you our bank details to facilitate payment, or you can use our PayPal account here to make your payment.

      If you wish to have just one card reading date, but no white magical rituals, we will agree on a price and date for your reading, and you can than call or visit us for your consultation.

      Please note that we don't always advise white magic and voodoo rituals as a solution. This may be because partners for potential love magic are too young or they're not sure that the chosen person is the person for all their life. We also reject requests that are not in agreement with the ethical laws.

    • White Magic. Then what?

      We begin with our white magic and voodoo rituals and the transfer of psychic energy which has a positive impact on the health and joyful life of our clients. At least once a week we speak with our clients to find out how they feel, how the energy is coming through and in which way our rituals are already impacting on our agreed aim

      Although it's not absolutely necessary for our clients to visit our office personally — because distance makes no difference to our white magic and voodoo energy — often our clients prefer to visit our offices personally (and are always welcome to do so) so that they can enjoy our meditation rooms and the relaxing ora of our offices. The important thing is the concentration, which some clients find a lot easier in the quiet secluded comfort our premises.

      For strong exorcism, though, personal contact is necessary. In such cases we agree whether the client comes to us or we visit the client. Also, for the expulsion of a demons from houses, castles, and wine cellars, for example, a personal visit will be necessary.

      We stay in the contact with the client so long, until agreed aim is not achieved. This could be some financial goal, return of a partner or improvement of a health. Mostly it is around 2 months. Unfortunately we cannot agree on some time frames because the speed of achieving of the goal depend not only from us, but also from co-operation of our client too.

      Our weekly consultations help us to find out how things are progressing and improving. We start with small rituals and make them slowly stronger so that our client can gradually adapt to this new energy. We agree on certain meditation techniques, reading of books, and cleaning techniques if needed. In some situations it may be necessary to take a bath in the salt water once a week, and attend some short meditations with candles. We give advice on color of meditation candles, because each color has a positive influence on a specific problem.

      Our weekly consultations and visits are free of charge. We have fixed costs for most problems and rituals, so our clients never need to fear additional charges for the same problem. For each new task, we always agree on a new fixed price.

      Many of our clients stay in touch with us for years. They call us after fulfillment of their goals and call or visit us monthly for meditation or short consultation. Such meetings are informal and are free of charge. In our dedicated rooms there is a steady stream of clients, friends and disciples. We have meditation meetings in our offices on a regular basis, and everybody is always welcome to visit us.
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    Magie Zentrum

    White Magic Centre in Germany

    Visit us at our Centre for white magic in Germany. Use our sacred space to find balance, peace, answers and new ideas. In our Centre you can experience individual approach and finding best solution during personal consultations, regular mediation seminars as well as lectures on white magic, voodoo, love spells and spirituality.

    Do you want to help with the methods of white magic and voodoo?


    Are you a manager or athlete? Are you having trouble to be focused enough to deliver a peak performance everyday? Find out how we can help to increase and stabilise your performance with the help of energy transfers and meditation seminars!

    Expecting a tough decision or do not know what to do in your current situation? Please contact us for an appointment for divination and card reading.
    Magierin Damona Zentrum Meditation
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    Who we are

    Daghan-Malenky LLC
    Marion Daghan-Malenky
    Friedhofsweg 45
    34253 Vollmarshausen, Germany

    Pavol Malenky
    Slavka Stresnakova
    Mobil DE: +49 176 35427368
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    All photos and images on this page belongs to © Marion Daghan-Malenky I Pavol Malenky I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

    Who keeps searching, will find!

    Have you not found what you were looking for? We invite you to search also on our other Websites.

    Are you feeling sick, weak, or experience an overall lack of energy? Do you need to solve your present situation or problem with the help of magic, because all other solutions failed? Try to solve your problems with us, we're looking forward to hear from you.

    Daghan-Malenky LLC
    Marion Daghan-Malenky
    Friedhofsweg 45,
    34253 Lohfelden,
    Hessen, Germany
    MOBILE: +421 948 116 834
    MOBILE: +49 176 35427368

    White Magic Centre

    Find balance, peace and new impulse in our magic office. Find the answers to your questions, our individual counselling will help you to take the right decision.

    Before you call us, please, take into consideration, that we have Central european time zone. If you cannot reach us, write us an email. We will answer asap.