White Magic and Voodoo

Voodoo Healing Spells

This is just one of the few dolls magic I want to introduce to not serve any clichés.

For this spell, a doll is made of fabric to represent the sick person. The preferred color of fabric is white.

healing magic

To call Loco and Ghedes, blow into the nose and mouth areas of the doll. Then to bind the doll to the sick call it by the persons name three times and baptize it. For best results incorporate fingernails or hair into the doll and make it in the image of the person whom you are trying to heal.

As soon as the doll is ‘animated’ visualize how to solve the disease by making the disease separate from the patient and transfer into the doll itself. Then drive a nail into the point of the doll where the disease originated from, in order to keep the disease in the doll.

This spell should be carried out during a waning moon, and with utmost concentration. Once the spell is working, one should bury the doll or place it into flowing water.

White Magic Heals

Before turning to healing spells, you should be aware that, in no case, should this type of magic replace a doctor. Healing spells are good for a magically sensitive persons soul and spirit, but for the body, the doctor is in charge. The doctor might as well be a magician as many good doctors are. Those doctors will also take care of the soul and the spirit of their patients. The healing spell of white magic has one particular goal: to bring people back into harmony with the world. The Magician understands illness as disharmony, as an unequal weight that is carrying a person. The reason for this can be both, a physical disability as well as the disregard for the forces that carry us. However, a magical attack or black magic spell can also be the cause of this disharmony and thus cause a disease.

Disappear with the moon
Go quickly over to the herb and then go
Vanish, because I order you
Disappear overnight like the Moonlight
I am joy and health
I am strength and power

healing voodoo

Discussing White Magic with the patient is basically a healing prayer. The circumstances of the disease are addressed, the disease is confined to words, and finally there is the command from you for it to disappear. It is important that such a meeting takes place in the appropriate context, which means above all the proper atmosphere. Light a candle and incense, put a blanket on the table, make a devotional image and ring a bell at the beginning and end of the ritual (another instrument with a tone will also work). Make sure that you are not disturbed when discussing the disease. Turn off the phone and close the door. The process of discussing should take place in peace. This means both, outer and inner peace. The level of peace should significantly symbolize the magical space. If you manage to create this atmosphere, you can escort the patient into this holy area.

While discussing the disease, you may also act supportive. Put your hand on the sore spot, brush the illness away, and breathe on it. These empathic actions emphasize magic. In addition, you can perform a visual shrinking spell by placing a parsley root on a small grater. Tell the illness to shrink as the root is shrinking, which is grated until the demon is gone. Parsley grows slow and is deeply rooted. Therefore knows the dark and deep areas of demons and diseases.

Repeat this whole process for several days and as close as possible to the same time each day. This gives the magic a special effect. The best moons for discussing are a full moon, new moon and a waning moon. Rising moons should definitely cause a visible difference; you can also supplement or in addition add smoke.

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