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Protect yourself from negative influences and energy! Protective magic, exorcism, spirit and black magic liberation are among our most important services. We free our clients from negative influences and create an energetic protective shield and personal protective amulets. Talk to us!

There are many rituals and spells, which deal with protection against negative influences and energies. From our professional experience has the strongest effect ritual called Small Pentagram Ritual. It cleans the spiritual space around you and expels unwanted entites, which could possibly harm you. It deals with strong names of archangels and Hebrew names of God. Therefore it is necessary to do it with proper respect!

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Small Pentagram Ritual

Ritual Instructions

The proper name of the ritual is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. It has been used and taught by the magical order Golden Dawn. It is still considered as a fundamental ritual of ceremonial magic. We found this ritual extremely useful for all people, who feel under magical attack, feel lots of negativity around or directly feel some kind of possession. This ritual is perfect for banishing negativity and purifying the spiritual space around performer. We write the ritual in a way, how we use it, it is slightly different from original form.
1) Construction of Kabbalah Cross:
- touch your forehead and say ATA (your is)
- touch your brest and say MALCHUT (Kingdom)
- touch your right shoulder and say VE-GEVURA (and Power)
- touch your left shoulder and say VE-GEDULA (and Glory)
- cross your arms and say LE OLAM, AMEN (forever, Amen).
While saying these words, imagine lines of strong white light in form of the cross (it goes from forehead to feet and from right to left shoulder). When you say Le Olam, Amen, visualise rose in the place where lines cross.

2) Writing of Pentagram
Pentagram should be written by right hand (pointing with forefinger and middle finger) to the air to relevant direction in one continual movement. The size of pentagram should be from your knees to your forehead.
Begin in the left bottom of the pentacle, breathe in while you are moving to the top of the pentacle, then breathe out while moving to the right bottom, then breathe in, while moving to the left shoulder of pentacle, then stop breathing, go to the right shoulder and finally breathe out while going back to the left bottom.

- Face the direction East. Do pentagram in the way written above. Then breathe in, touch your chest with your right hand, than point to the middle of the pentagram and while you are breathing out you are saying Gods name JHVH (Jod He Vau He). Then say mantra Om Mani Padme Hum (find the right pronunciation in the internet).
- Move tot he South direction. Repeat the process and say God’s name ADONAJ. Then say mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
- Move tot he West direction. Repeat the process and say God’s name EHEJE. Then say mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
- Move tot he North direction. Repeat the process and say God’s name AGLA (it means God is Great). Then say mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.
- Finally move to the east.
Concentrate on this pentagrams properly. They have to shine brightly in all four directions.
3) Invocation of Archangels
Open your arms so that your body form now the cross. Say: In front of me Raphael, behind me Gabriel, on my right side Michael and on my left side Uriel. Around me pentagrams are shining. Above me shines brightly hexagram.

While saying this mantra, you should visualize the archangels as follows:
- Raphael: his element is air, he wears yellow clothing, he has in his hand stick.
- Gabriel: element water, his clothing is blue, we has in his hand glass.
- Michael: element fire, red clothing, fire sword in his hand.
- Uriel: element earth, his clothing is in four colours: yellow, olive green, brown-red and black. He stands on pentagram.
- Than visualize hexagram above your head.

4) Repeat the Kabbalah Cross from point 1)

If you do it properly, you would have aftewards the feeling of cleaness, purity and peace.

Voodoo: The Magical Barrier

Protective Magic Ritual

Another good spell that is also used by many Voodoonsi which is purely preventive. The magical barrier is used to ban negative magic effects from your own home or from a designated place. During the whole ceremony the caster recites the chant of Legba, which for beginners can be difficult.

It always starts right inside the entrance of the home or of the locality, with a thin line of salt sprinkled on each opening of the home and then bashing the ritual knife three times against the left side in the middle of the opening. Then you move the knife in a horizontal motion to the right side of the opening, as if you would stretch a cord, and bash again three times against the right side of the entrance. Continue clockwise until you reached the entrance again. Draw a thin line of salt for a second time, and scratch symbolically a line, 45 degrees cross (ie in the form of X), and then an upright cross.

If it is an open space without walls, you are forced to encircle the whole place with Zonka-Powder or Salt and pull the knife at chest height around the place. Here, the entrance is set arbitrarily, though mostly one direction is preferred.

After that, the caster moves into the center of the home or the place, and calls Legba to protect this place from negative influences. In addition, the caster visualizes the procedure with spreading a blinding light from the ground along the walls.

protective ritual

This spell is effective against almost all magical attacks of other persons, except if the attacker is in possession of a personal object. Likewise, it does not work if other beings are inside of it, as the magic acts like a cage. Nothing comes in, but nothing gets out as well. Thus, this spell can’t protect a place used for invocations, because, logically, entities are unable to enter this area without the power of a loa.

Giving these examples, the great school of Voodoo is very complex. But why use such elaborate rituals, when you can achieve similar effects with other magical traditions? Quite simply, the magic and religion of Voodoo form an inseparable unit, and that gives Voodoo two unique characteristics: speed and incredible power. For this reason, the high school of Voodoo, a desirable discipline among the most coveted magical professions, can only be mastered by real Voodoonsi. Why? As I have said, faith plays a central role. And why should a Loa assist anyone who denies or doubts its existence?

More about the protective magic, ghost liberation, black magic and exorcism deliverance.

Do you feel as if someone has put a curseon you, your family or friends? Do you feel overwhelmed by negative forces and negative energy? We can help you get rid of these negative forces and black magic.

Please contact us, we are there to help you.

Voodoo: The Black Lamp

This ritual serves to ward off enemies or appeasement of strong negative powers.

For the lamp, you need halve a pumpkin and keep the flesh. For the stand you should use three stones. Three crossed bone fragments hold the cotton wick.

In the lamp you place some soil from a crossroads, some red paint pigment, dried and ground chili peppers and a small object, representing the enemy or the negative power. After this, the lamp is filled with lamp oil.

The lamp is dedicated to Agwe, and kept burning as long as possible. Users are warned that Agwe is unforgiving if you bother him with – in his opinion - trivial issues, since he is a very proud Loa. In this case, the effect of the lamp quickly turns into the opposite..

More about the protective magic, ghost liberation, black magic and exorcism deliverance.

White Magic: Banishing Spell

White Magic Spell for breaking with the past


To cut the link with your past, which influences your present life in a negative way.


There are some experiences in our life, which are still haunting us and therefore could be for us harmful, could influence our life in a negative way. It could be for example memory of bad relationship, unhappy childhood, trauma from some life situation or some accident. This spell has two levels: magical (we influence energy flow, we cut our links with the past and it cannot reach us anymore) and therapeutic (we define our problem, accept it and let it go).

Best time:

Dark moon (or dead moon), best day is Saturday, but any other day is also ok.

Tarot card:

Death (if you like Tarot, you can use this card as a symbol for your ritual. It will symbolize the end of your suffering. Death must come first in order to start again, this “death” will clear a new path for you.)

Preparation for the ritual:

- write a list of past experiences you would like to break with. Best time to do it is one day after dark moon. You will work then every day, that means 28 days, with your list. This will accumulate enough power for the final ritual.
- every day, say to the each of the experience: “ I accept you as you are. Thank you for lesson you gave me. From now, you have no power over me. You are free and I am free, too. Goodbye.”
- you don’t have to really feel it first, most probably you will feel resistance to do it. But do it, just mechanically. Think about relief which will be your reward!
- do it till the day of the dark moon. Then, you will perform the ritual and after the ritual you will burn your list and put ashes to the flowing water.

What we will need:

1. A charcoal disk and a fireproof dish
2. Incense mix used in a church (for purification)
3. Matches or lighter
4. Chalk or salt for the magic circle
5. One dark blue candle (representing deep mind or unconscious mind)
6. A black cord (length 21cm)
7. Scissors
8. Another fireproof dish for burning (for example old pot)
9. A list with past experiences (we have worked with for 28 days)

Ritual Instructions:

1. Cast a circle, to mark a circle, use chalk or salt (you can find instructions for magical circle here)
2. Light the charcoal disc and the candle. Say: “ Where was a darkness, there is now the light”.
3. Put the incense onto the charcoal. Relax and feel how the smoke purifies the atmosphere.
4. Tie a knot on the left side of the cord- it represents your past. Tie another knot on the right side of the cord. It represents your future free from experiences of the past.
5. Ask higher power of light and love to come and assist you.
6. There are two options, how to cut the connection between past and future. First one is to hold “past” in your left hand, “future” in your right hand and let the flame to burn through the cord. Another option is to cut the connection between past and future with the scissors. Choose, what “feels” better for you.
7. After that, put the past knot together with the paper (your list) into the fireproof dish and let it burn entirely.
8. Sit, relax, meditate. Pray to the Higher power. Thank this Power for help.
9. End the ritual. Then, go to the nature and put the ashes into the flowing water. Or go to the hill and let the wind to take it away.

Translated from Schutzmagie

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