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White Magic and Voodoo

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Voodoo: The Magical Barrier

Protective Magic Ritual

Another good spell that is also used by many Voodoonsi which is purely preventive. The magical barrier is used to ban negative magic effects from your own home or from a designated place. During the whole ceremony the caster recites the chant of Legba, which for beginners can be difficult.

It always starts right inside the entrance of the home or of the locality, with a thin line of salt sprinkled on each opening of the home and then bashing the ritual knife three times against the left side in the middle of the opening. Then you move the knife in a horizontal motion to the right side of the opening, as if you would stretch a cord, and bash again three times against the right side of the entrance. Continue clockwise until you reached the entrance again. Draw a thin line of salt for a second time, and scratch symbolically a line, 45 degrees cross (ie in the form of X), and then an upright cross.

If it is an open space without walls, you are forced to encircle the whole place with Zonka-Powder or Salt and pull the knife at chest height around the place. Here, the entrance is set arbitrarily, though mostly one direction is preferred.

After that, the caster moves into the center of the home or the place, and calls Legba to protect this place from negative influences. In addition, the caster visualizes the procedure with spreading a blinding light from the ground along the walls.


Hiernach begibt sich der Zaubernde in das Zentrum des Heimes oder der Ortes, und ruft Legba an, diesen Ort schützen und hier keine negativen Einflüsse zuzulassen. Zusätzlich visualisiert der Zaubernde noch, wie sich ein gleißendes Licht vom Boden aus an den Wänden entlang ausbreitet.

This spell is effective against almost all magical attacks of other persons, except if the attacker is in possession of a personal object. Likewise, it does not work if other beings are inside of it, as the magic acts like a cage. Nothing comes in, but nothing gets out as well. Thus, this spell can’t protect a place used for invocations, because, logically, entities are unable to enter this area without the power of a loa.

Giving these examples, the great school of Voodoo is very complex. But why use such elaborate rituals, when you can achieve similar effects with other magical traditions? Quite simply, the magic and religion of Voodoo form an inseparable unit, and that gives Voodoo two unique characteristics: speed and incredible power. For this reason, the high school of Voodoo, a desirable discipline among the most coveted magical professions, can only be mastered by real Voodoonsi. Why? As I have said, faith plays a central role. And why should a Loa assist anyone who denies or doubts its existence?

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Voodoo: The Black Lamp

This ritual serves to ward off enemies or appeasement of strong negative powers.

For the lamp, you need halve a pumpkin and keep the flesh. For the stand you should use three stones. Three crossed bone fragments hold the cotton wick.

In the lamp you place some soil from a crossroads, some red paint pigment, dried and ground chili peppers and a small object, representing the enemy or the negative power. After this, the lamp is filled with lamp oil.

The lamp is dedicated to Agwe, and kept burning as long as possible. Users are warned that Agwe is unforgiving if you bother him with – in his opinion - trivial issues, since he is a very proud Loa. In this case, the effect of the lamp quickly turns into the opposite..

More about the protective magic, ghost liberation, black magic and exorcism deliverance.

Translated from Schutzmagie