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What is the astral projection?

We all live in the astral plane, but not everyone is aware of that. It is because we move there unconsciously- when we are sleeping.

Mage enters these levels conscious, fully aware. For the mage is the astral projection an important ability and tool, how to get information about certain situations and problems. It is possible to enter into 8 astral levels. The astral level is a vibration frequency, which is higher than the frequency of our material world we live in. The principle of other worlds is the same as with the sounds. It is proved by science, that for example cats and dogs can hear the sounds, which have higher or deeper frequences than the sounds, which can be heard by humans. So, it is the same with unmaterial worlds. There are many different levels/worlds with different frequences.

How to train the astral projection?

The biggest obstacle for beginners, who want to learn astral travel is a fear, that they can loose their mind. This is not truth. We don't loose our mind, we swindle our mind.
When we want to meditate, why we do so? The main purpose is to silence our mind, so that we can dive deeper into stillness and relax ourselves.

Astral projection

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The first level is to experience a thoughtless awareness. That means, that one has to meditate some time, to occuppate oneself with meditation training, till the thoughtless awareness is achieved. When you achieve and experience this thoughtless awareness, you feel, that you can concentrate better and much deeper. At the beginning, your thoughtless awareness is short and it is enough to practice it only several minutes. Only then it has meaning to start with your astral travel training.

First thing you have to do is to take such position, which is comfortable and stabile, so that your body cannot fall and hurt itself. Best positions are lying position or lotus position. Then we go with our attention/awareness inside and we bind our energy in our body, so that we can use and control all energy we have. We direct this energy into a certain point in our body, for example in solar plexus. When we feel that it is there, the energy is accumulated in one point, we visualize strongly, that we are moving up.

“When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and one can achieve long life.“

The first success in your effort is, when you are able to observe yourself from above. Some people can experience this during meditation. They usually get panicked and they immediately return back. This way, we may get some blocks or barriers, which have to be recognised and worked out. In order to do real astral travelling, we have to work out all of these barriers. We have to take full control over our power of imagination, concentration and also breath. That means, we should practice full yoga breath. This breath has three parts: 1. Breath into abdomen, 2. Breath into mid-torso 3.Breath into upper chest. The full yoga breath includes one deep inhalation into lower abdomen, chest and upper chest areas.
When we are able to do this kind of breathing, we can start our astral training with the deepening of our breath, then we can go to second step- the concentration exercise.

The way, how to concentrate on our breathing depends also on our feelings and mood. If we feel good and full of energy, we need to calm down and therefore we concentrate more on our
exhalation. If we feel not so good, or lack of energy, we should concentrate more on inhalation.

The inhalation and also exhalation have to be strong enough, so that we are able to reach so called hyperventilation. It means, that we inhale on purpose more air, that we actually need and we stay relaxed. This will cause, that our spirit will be ready to leave the body. When we combine this breathing with strong concentration, then we will be able to leave our body.

Abdomen inhalation training: best position is lying position, completely relaxed. Breathe in deeply through your nose into your abdomen, then continue inhaling into the chest area and more into the upper chest area. Breathe out slowly, so that first will sink your chest and then your abdomen area. Complete exhalation is very important. It is because only if your lungs are completely empty, you can breathe in really fresh air. Breathe in a balanced way, the same length for inhalation and exhalation.

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This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life!

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