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Crisis of the successful

An analysis of the Scientific Institute of General Local Health has said that the number of sick leaves due to exhaustion has increased nine fold from 2004 to 2010. The basis of this data came from ten million AOK insured users. Up to 30% of the working population has been affected by severe exhaustion. These surveys correspond with recent studies done by the World Health Organization, which says that the EU is now responsible for 26% of the worlds mental disorders.

To feel irreplaceable and overwhelmed is a sign of anxiety.Very often people also fear they will be unable to fulfill the expectations of their family, job, friends and colleagues. Do you need a help? Speak with us!

Burnout help

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Help and Treatment

First thing you need is to learn how you can relax yourself. Best way how to relax your body and mind is called meditation. You do t know how to meditate?In our courses participants will learn and practice different methods of meditation.  We can also teach you special types of meditation that will make your thoughts and feelings more clear, plus help you manage stress more easily. Please contact us for an appointment.

Mediation in Everyday life: Take time for yourself! You can start with spending five minutes a day for meditation and slowly increase your relaxation time at home to 30 minutes every day. You can also use meditation for little breaks in between your work. We offer customized stress management and meditation seminars!

Politician Mathias Platzeck was probably one of the most prominent figures that were pressured to conform. In 2006 after a collapse and multiple occasion of hearing loss he came back into office as the Social Democratic Party chairman. His predecessor Franz Muentefering said of the job: The most beautiful office next to the Pope. What a burden.

According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the burnout risk drops significantly when managers are supportive with their staff, give them recognition, belonging and security. Furthermore, if they are approachable towards the families and needs of their subordinates stress will be reduced and possibility for burnout falls.

The Rhine Westphalia Institute for Economic Research has found that it cost German companies € 9 million a year due to employees who are burned out or error due to mental exhaustion and cannot handle their workload. And so it is not only compassion, but also strong economic calculus that pushes companies towards caring about burnout syndrome nowadays.

burnout prevention

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Get out of the victim role.

We must learn to look at a person holistically. People are not just a machine that runs from morning to night in full swing.

How can I limit myself? How do I learn to say no? How do I deal with criticism? How do I deal with my desire for perfection? How can I have more time for my family and myself? The company also benefits from these things, because employees learn how to manage their lives and time better, thus fewer sick days.

Nothing is more difficult to endure, and nothing requires more character than to be open with one’s self and say, NO!

Meditation. What, why, How…

Burnout Help

Do you feel unorgainized, unmotivated, have no energy and you don't know why? These are often times the result of patterns, trends and routines that we have gotten ourselves into without realizing it. These pattenrs and routines can be changed and manipulated to have positive rather than negative effects on your life. You can have anything you want if you put your mind to it and we can help! Please contact us for a consultation.

Always under pressure? We offer you stress management and meditation seminars!

Burnout: the spiral

1 A pain of all kinds
2 Problems with sleep
3 Energy loss
4 Narrow minded: I can not change the situation
5 Irritability, aggressiveness, outbursts and insults
6 Concentration and memory problems
7 More work: I have to complete my task.
8 Social withdrawal: My job leaves me no time for a personal life
9 Guilt
10 Panic attacks
11Problems with motivation and lack of interest
12 Severe mood swings
13 Suicidal thoughts
14 Apathy and / or distressing restlessness

This Song will help you to find joy, balance and inspiration for your day!

This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life!

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