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White Magic and Health

Use White Magic to release physical and psychic blocks

We can find the source of your illnesses and we can help you to regain your physical, psychic and spiritual health. Let us improve your health through the transfer of energy and release from physical and psychic blocks very rapidly. Contact us for more information!

White Magic helps to accelerate the healing powers within ourselves. We are able, with the help of magic, meditations and rituals, to remove causations of diseases, which dwell deep inside of us. White Magic can also be used for working out the reasons for diseases. And likewise, the transfer of energy and release from physical and psychic blocks are useful supplements to every healing method.

White magic assists the conventional medicine with recurring diseases and psychosomatic diseases spectacularly well. Transfer of energy and release from physical and psychic blocks and could help to cure chronic and recurring diseases. For more general information we recommend you to read these books:

Dr. Deepak Chopra - Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine
Dr. Nobuo Shioya - Der Jungbrunnen des Dr. Shioya

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We would like to emphasise here that magical treatment should be just a supplement to the conventional medical treatment. In order to complete the diagnosis of our clients, we contact doctors and consult with them on our issues. Sometimes inner barriers and psychical motives could hinder the prescript drug from action.

Are you feeling sick, weak, or an overall lack of energy? Many times is the answer to such aligments to take medication and pills. Often, these medications only make the problem worse. We can help cure you of such health problems without the use of medication. Try to solve your problems with us, we're looking forward to hear from you.
Inside us all there are hidden powers! We can awaken them and they can be made available for us to use. They can be reached via transfer of energy, meditation and exercises. White magic is an ancient spiritual practice, a science of body, spirit, consciousness and soul. We can give you advice as to, how you can improve your present state via meditation.

Health improvement

Transfer of Energy

We are also able to see the source of your disease - if it is a lack of energy or a karmic reason. And consequently we can advise you, how to live your life in balance, harmony and health. We can also teach you techniques, which will help you to stay healthy. We should try to look on the serious illnesses or accidents in our lives from the perspective of personal development.

The acute sore has to be soothed immediately. The conventional medicine serves in such cases very well. In the process of seeking the reasons for the disease, you also have the right to ask another white mage or healer for help

We are able to improve your health through the transfer of energy and release from physical and psychic blocks very rapidly.

Find out more about our Meditation Research and how it can help improve sporting performance. Find out more about healing rituals and magic of puppets!

Healing ritual

This ritual is from Hungarian tradition; it is used when others ways failed. As we wrote before, the symbol of egg represents a mysterious essence of life and regeneration. Here we will use it as a way of getting rid of illness.

Category: Healing magic


Timing: full moon

You will need: 13 fresh eggs, salt.

Ritual instructions:
A sick person will lie into the circle made of salt. Best is to lie on the ground while moon lights directly on him/her (so that magical power would be increased). Magician rolls the egg on the body of sick person, piece by piece, front side and also back side of the body. While rolling, he/she should pray and say mantras without stopping. No place should be missed out. For good result should be the sick naked or almost naked (of course, use your common sense …you cannot do this outside in the winter…). When magician rolls this way whole body, he would put the egg into a bowl. This process would be repeated with all 13 eggs. The ritual ends when last egg is used. Eggs absorbed the illness, so they have to be taken away: they can be put into the running water or they can be broken and dig into the ground. If you call some deity with healing power (for example Diana, Aradia or Loco), ritual would be stronger.

Translated from Heilen

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Are you feeling sick, weak or experience an overall lack of energy? Do you need to solve your current situation or problem with the help of magic because all other solutions have failed? Try to solve your problems with us, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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