Marion Daghan-Malenky

Marion Daghan-Malenky

Magierin Damona

Marion Daghan-Malenky is the White Mage, who practices magic for more than 30 years. She was born in 1955. She had realized very early that she could see things, which are for other people hidden. This gift had come from her grandmother, who had also practiced Magic.

After her journeys to Egypt, she had remembered her previous lifes. She had studied for many years different techniques of voodoo and magic throughout the world- she had made many journeys to Brazil and Africa. Magierin Damona travelled through many countries (India, Arabic countries, Brazil, African countries and also Egypt) and she was a student of a great master of voodoo in Brazil, where she became also a high master of magic.

Marion Daghan-Malenky has worked out her own method of magic. It is based on synthesis of several magical techniques, but also knowledge from modern psychology and cognitive neuroscience. The results of this method are considerable, but what is also needed is communication and client’s active participation on whole process.

Marion Daghan-Malenky has realized, that a mage is latently in all of us. She tries to teach every client and student to develop her/his own powers so that s/he can use them of his/her own.

Marion Daghan-Malenky decided not to practice animal sacrifices in Magic. Sacrifice in our magic means to find a time for your own evolution and transformation, to work out your weaknesses and bad qualities and to acquire new, more positive way of life.

Marion Daghan Malenky Mage

When somebody asks Marion Daghan-Malenky what is the best sacrifice, the answer is that you should do something for others!
If you want to do such sacrifice, you can for example give money for an orphanage in Brazil, which we support, or you can find your own trustful person or organization, which you can support.
We all are eternal consciousness and this consciousness is in all and in every being. To do something for other being means to do something for oneself. And to do something god for oneself is to do something god for whole.

We are one! Everything is one consciousness, which constantly and everlastingly evolves oneself.

Marion Daghan-Malenky

A friend remembers...

Marion Daghan Malenky was born in Kassel on 18th of June 1955. He mother, only 17 years old and living still with her parents, gave birth to healthy baby girl and named her Marion. Father of a baby was a Czech emigrant, who escaped under the war circumstances from Czech with his wife and children.

Marion's grand-mother was dealing with herbs, healing, card reading and also with magic. And Marion gazed at and wondered at all the things done by a grand-mother. Girl-Marion loved the time with grand-parents very much. But after some time, things went wrong, because her mother knew somebody and married him. Marion had to move with her mother to new step-father. Then, one after another were born her siblings Alfred, Walter, Hans Jürgen, Karin and Carola.

Small Marion experienced from the side of alcohol addicted step-father only beating, humiliation and sexual abuse. She was happy only by her grand-parents, every visit was for her little child-soul like an embrace. The grand-mother learned her much about magic and herbs. Hatted step-father died suddenly in 1969, but things weren't better. Her mother knew new man and married him next year. Everything was even worse.

Not only Marion was abused, but also all her siblings, who found in their big sister second mother and support. Again and again was Marion seeking help and sympathy by her grand-parents. Every time her grand-mother taught her something new. For example how to do card reading, how to deal with herbs. At home, she experienced only humiliation. Beating and alcohol were daily experience of all kids. Marion decided to give through Magic a meaning to her life.

When she was older and she started to work in an office, her employers soon realised, what is happening to Marion at home. They contacted authorities. Marion Daghan Malenky was sent to a foster home. New life begun. She stayed there for three years, till she was married with Erwin.They met in a dancing club and after some time of hesitation, Marion started to date him. One day she realized, that she is pregnant. She was only 17. She was scared and confused, but Erwin proved himself to be the right man, he was happy, that they will have a baby and wanted Marion to marry him. Marion was very happy, first time in her life she felt completely loved and accepted, not just by her husband, but also by her in-laws. She also started to meet her grandmother again and grandmother was great support for her. It seemed, that everything is normal and happy life can begin. But…why she had so big fear and worries? And why she had such bad dreams? Is it something bad coming???

Today I know, why my my path on this earth started with so many painful, violent and hopeless situations. They were preparing me for my mission. They learned me how to let go. They made me strong and compassionate. I experienced everything: despair, fear, hatred, pain. Therefore, I can deeply understand all sorrows and problems of other people and can also help with understanding and advice.

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Try to imagine how many things you would do differently, if you knew their consequences beforehand?

We can help you and we are pleased to be your guides. We can help you to understand your situation from a spiritual point of view and we will support you with solving of your problems.

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