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What to expect after casting your spell?

Many people think, that doing the love spell means doing one ritual and then things will happen in one day! The truth is little bit different. So, we would like to write here about what to do after casting your spell. When you cast a love spell, you have to wait for its realization. A spell doesn't materialize immediately, it takes some time to reach its full potential. There are situations where the effect is immediate, but these are exceptions. On average, spells which were performed properly, need from two to six months until they reach their full potential. Energy was released, so it has no meaning to think about it every five minutes or doubt it. If you did it properly, you would feel it and therefore you won't have any doubt. Best practice what to do after doing love spell is to "forget" the spell and desire and not to talk to anyone about what you have done. To forget doesn't mean to give up! It means to let energy to manifest freely. A spell that is talked about or thought of too much can lose its power. As the spell begins to take effect, behave as you normally would and do not try to search for the magic in everything that happens to you.

White Magic always chooses the easiest way to manifest. So do not be surprised if things begin to seem very strange. Always remember that a spell can have some other or additional influences from what you have expected. Insomnia, unexplained tension and headaches are just some of the possible side effects. If something like this happens, don't panic, just observe it. Use your common sense to recognise if it is connected with magic or other "normal" situations of your life.
If you cast a spell which should bring a specific person to you, avoid contacting him/her for now. Wait till s/he contacts you and tries to meet you or speak with you. Do not call and do not write, there will be random encounters, but even then do not tell the first word. Do not let the person know that you are longing for him/her. Show him/her that you are glad to see him/her but that you are happy also without him/her. Show him/her that there are many people you can meet and many activities you can do also without him. It is important for the future that you capture the charm.

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If you really love something, let it go! If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was and it’s not meant to be!

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