Fortune telling with playing cards

Fortune telling with playing cards

White magic: fortune telling

Playing cards can be used the same way as tarot cards for fortune telling. Not many people know that playing cards were developed in the 13th century directly from tarot cards. And they are the second oldest way of fortune telling.

There are four suites in the pack of 32 playing cards. For a fortune teller the four suites have deeper meaning:

Hearts mean happiness in all aspects of life including (but not only) in love. They mean good things especially if more hearts stand together which reinforces their meaning.

Spades are often considered as a negative sign, but they suggest positive hope for good future, mutual trust and friendship.

Diamonds have positive basic meaning. It could be interpreted as luck and blessing. When there are many diamond cards together it means wealth.

Clubs are negative sign. Clubs mean separation, loss, injury, accident or bad luck of some kind. Fortune tellers do not see a club card as a card of death nor predict death of a person on the basis of a club card.

When we are fortune telling with playing cards for a man, this man is symbolized by the king of hearts. The woman is similarly represented by the queen of hearts. Exact interpretations of individual cards can differ widely. Here are the key meanings of the individual cards. This is only a brief guide which is rather insignificant compared to the art of real fortune tellers who mastered this old tradition.

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Fortune telling with playing cards

When fortune telling with playing cards there is not just one method; there are a number of systems which are equally applicable. The more precise the foretelling we want to be, the more cards we need to use and interpret according to a complex system. Sometimes the meanings of cards can differ. That depends on a fortune teller or book that is used for the interpretation. Choose the interpretation which you will remember well and you will be able to keep. When you start practicing with these cards you should pick a simple and straightforward system like this one for example.

Mix the cards properly and choose 5 cards: card A to the top, under it a row of three cards: B, C, D and card E under them.

Card A speaks about your thoughts.
Card B shows what you want to find out..
Card C shows what is coming..
Card D is asking: Is this crucial?.
Card E is revealing what is hidden from you.

Take your time with the interpretation of cards. Write down which card you put which way and how you interpret it during each fortune telling session. Keep very precise record of your interpretations of the cards.

This way you can later check how precise your reading of the cards was. If you don’t make any notes, you can incline towards the interpretation with more positive meaning.

In case of inaccuracy on the basis of your notes you can also recognise that the cards were laid out in a right order but you interpreted them wrongly.

All this knowledge will help you to improve your interpretation of the cards. Like in every other discipline: “Practice creates the master; Repetition is the mother of wisdom.”

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Translated from: Kartenlegen mit Skatkarten

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