Healing Spells and Rituals

White Magic and Voodoo

Voodoo Healing Spells

  • This ritual is one of the typical doll magic rituals. For this spell, you need to sew a doll. This doll is made of fabric and it represents the sick person. The preferred colour of fabric is white.
  • This spell should be carried out during a waning moon, and with utmost concentration.
  • Call Loco and Ghedes, blow the air from your mouth into the nose and mouth areas of the doll. Then, bind the doll to the sick, call it by the persons name three times and baptize it. For best results incorporate fingernails or hair into the doll and make it in the image of the person whom you are trying to heal.
  • As soon as the doll is ‘animated’ visualize, how you separate the disease from the patient and you transfer it from the patient into the doll. In order to transfer and keep the disease in the doll, drive a nail into the point in the doll which is the place of disease of the patient.
  • Once the spell is working, bury the doll or place it into a flowing water.
healing spell
Are you feeling sick, weak, or an overall lack of energy? Many times peoples answer to such aligments is to take medication and pills. Often, these medications only make the problem worse. We can help cure you of such health problems without the use of medication. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

White Magic Healing ritual

Before dealing with healing spells, you should be aware that, in any case, healing with the help of Magic, does not replace a medical treatment! Energies generated through the healing spells support and harmonise subtle bodies, that means soul and spirit. For the healing of gross material body, the medical treatment is necessary. A good doctor is also a Magician. Methods of modern medicine are faster and more effective for healing of a disease, which is already in the body. Sometimes, our mind and spirit is not able to cooperate and block the successful healing process. In this case, healing magic is the tool, which will remove this block and body start the healing process. The healing spell of white magic has one particular goal: to bring people back into harmony with the world. The Magician understands illness as disharmony, as an inequality of forces within a human being. Magic is then the way back to harmony. Unfortunately, it works also opposite direction. Magical attack or black magic spell can be the cause of a disharmony in human body and thus cause a disease.

Start the healing process with this healing affirmation:
I am joy and health, I am power.
Every day, I am closer and closer to being healthy.
As moon is waning, this disease is waning too.
I am joy and health, I am power.

This White Magic formula is a healing prayer. Instead of the word disease, say the name of the disease you want to get rid of. The desired result is articulated, the disease is confined into words, and finally there is the command from you for it to disappear. It is important, that this healing ritual takes place in the appropriate context, which means, one should do it in proper place and atmosphere.
Light a sky blue candle and incense, put a blanket on the table, make a devotional image and ring a bell at the beginning and end of the ritual (another instrument with a similar sound will also work). Make sure that you are not disturbed during the ritual. Turn off the phone and close the door. The process of healing should take place in peaceful atmosphere. This means both, outer and inner peace. The level of peace should significantly symbolise the magical space. If you manage to create this atmosphere, you can escort the patient into this holy area.
While dealing with the disease, magician should support the healing with gestures and movements. Put your hand on the sore spot, brush the illness away, or take the illness to your hand and blow it away. These actions make the magic spell stronger.

Healing Voodoo

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In addition, you can support the healing spell by preparing a medicine. Put a parsley root into the water. This root grows slowly in darkness, goes deep where demons and diseases reside and knows how to deal with them.
Repeat the ritual for several days, as close as possible, at the same time every day. This gives the magic a special effect. The best time for he healing spell are a full moon, new moon and a waning moon.

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We recommend to read following books:
Anthony William - Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal
Dr. Deepak Chopra - Creating Health: How to attain perfect health and feel ever youthful
Elisabeth Haich, Selvarajan Yesudian - Self healing, Yoga & destiny
Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson: The healing code

Self-healing and transfer of energy

When we get sick, we are not so helpless, we have the power and resources to reverse the disease and put body and mind back into balance! I know it, I tried is myself.

Here is one example: One day, I didn't feel well, I couldn't eat anything. My doctor sent me to hospital to do some examinations, because she thought i have an appendicitis. The blood tests really showed the appendicitis. I stayed in hospital and doctors were ready for operation, if things went worse. They did blood tests every day. First day, the tests were bad. I don't know why, but i wasn't scared and I strongly focused just on healing. I visualised, how everything is good again, how can I eat again. I focused on health. I tried to stay calm and visualise, how disease is leaving my body. I visualise, that every day, it is better and better. I told myself, that my next blood tests had to be better. Deep inside, I had the strong belief, it had to be like this!
On the next day, they did new examinations and my results were better. This motivated me to do even more visualisation and my focus on health was stronger. The next blood tests were again better and then, after a short time, I was ok again. The healing magic works like this, the principle is focus on health and enough energy, which is transferred into the body of the patient.


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I tried it (unconsciously) also from the other side. It was at school, me and my friend didn't want to do an exam, so we decided to stay home, being sick. My friend was good at pretending illness. I wasn't, so I thought, I hadn't any other choice except get really sick. I visualised whole afternoon, how my body is sick, that i had a sore throat, I started to cough, I tried to feel bad. In the evening I was still ok, but in the morning, to my great surprise, i was really sick. My throat was in pain, and I had a headache. My mother didn't believe me first, but then, she went to the doctor. Doctor ordered me to go home and have a rest. I had real fever and he was worried, how would i get home like this. I realised, how stupid it was. I just wanted to stay home and have fun. Instead of that, I was really sick and I ended up with antibiotics. After this experience, I was more careful on what I think and visualise.

Own experience is the best experience. I realised, how powerful our thoughts are and what is the power of human mind. I recommend all people to pay attention to what kind of thoughts we have in our mind and what effect they have on our well-being. Read more, how to work with our mind and what is introspection.

Clemens Kubywrites in his book The way to the next dimension following truth: „Many times, illusory things have the stronger effect than real things“. He writes, that if you want to heal yourself, you need to have the real motivation, the real meaning why. If your mind is negative, the disease will consume you. And, in order to stimulate the physical reaction, for the brain it is enough to create an „illusion“, not real situation.

Smoking treatment and White Magic

The smoking process is generally recommended when trying to get rid of disease from the premises. Wormwood is a healing and purifying addition to smoking. Not only does it cure disease, but also has the ability to banish demons and mental (psychic) attachments. Furthermore, it can lift dark / negative feelings into the light. A particularly strong incense for health Palo Santo (holy wood), comes from Peru and has been used by the Indians living there for thousands of years. Primarily used as a remedy. It has a pleasant sweet scent with a hint of coconut. Demons fear this fragrance, because it stimulates the senses and creates a feeling of well being and harmony.

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