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Five inner voices

White Magic, Self-knowledge & Spiritual Growth

I will start with the story of the Buddha, who first lived his life as a secular person and then became an ascetic. When he finally found the balance between these two extremes, he became enlightened. It is said, that while he was sitting under a tree, he overheard a conversation between a student and his music teacher. The teacher said " If you hit the string too hard, it will burst. If you hit it too gently, it won’t resonate. The mastery is to hit the strings just enough to get the exact sound, so all tones are in harmony."

In my point of view this is not only the way to the enlightenment, but it‘s also the way to having a happy life. I believe, that there is a mage inside all of us, and we all have hidden powers within us, which can be activated. But we can’t activate these powers before we reach the certain level of internal and external harmony. The activation of our inner powers is related to our personal health, strength, wisdom, relative financial security (feeling of having enough) and the ability of being without thought. This article is focuses on how to achieve the state of being without thoughts.

Those who can remain in state of thoughtlessness, are able to perceive mild frequencies, voices from other worlds and other frequencies. They are able to hear the voices of demons, gods, of other cosmic civilisations and their own higher self. In order to hear these, one has to be able to recognise the automatic reactions of his/her mind. For this purpose, one should practice meditation.

During the vast majority of the day, we are not fully conscious, but rather we get into autopilot mode with our minds. This autopilot mode was given to us by the evolutionary principle, and it helps us to protect our energy. For example, when we are first learning to drive a car, in the beginning it takes a lot of energy and focus to be fully conscious while changing the gear or making a right turn, etc. But after a while, when we get used to it, it becomes very easy, almost automatic for us to drive, which means we don’t have to consciously think about our actions or be 100% focused. We can even listen to the radio, talk to other passengers or even make phone calls. Our mind functions in a similar way.

We all "hear" in our minds these internal voices: the voice of fire, water, air, earth and ether. They directly determine our actions, our behaviour and decisions. The first four voices belong to the material world, and the fifth voice is the spiritual voice called ether. The purpose of this article is to understand these voices and to learn how to transform the unconscious or subconscious automatic processes in our minds to conscious processes that we engage in. In order to do this, we have to observe and explore our subconscious mind, understand it’s nature and then we can control it.


Our subconscious automatically asks certain questions.
Everyone asks different questions within themselves, as we the five inner voices are differently developed within each of us. For example, men are usually inclined to have well developed voices of fire while women are inclined to have well developed voices of water. Also, generally speaking, we can say that younger people listen more to the voices of air and fire while older people listen more to the voices of earth and water. In order to establish balance, one needs to stop these voices from being too loud, to calm them down and to harmonise them. Because if one of these voices becomes too dominant, too strong, it starts to become negative. My distribution of elements is a bit different from classical

magic. I will explain why. My division of elements reflects the process of creation. We can symbolise the process of creation with the five-pointed star (see the picture below). We draw the five-pointed star clockwise from above – starting with the element of ether (thought). In the beginning there was thought. From there it goes clockwise to the element of Fire, which was created first — then the element of Water, which is the second element and opposite of fire — then the third element, Air, which is the outcome of fire and water coming together — then the fourth element, the final crystallisation, Earth. This the the exact order in which the elements were created. Finally we finish drawing the star by returning back to where we started from, to Ether or Thought.

The pentagram below represents a human being standing with his back to us. Thus the right side of this person is on the right in the picture, and the left side on the left. The right side represents the channel of activity – the active channel and the left side represents the channel of desire — the passive channel.

5 inner voices

Speaking of channels, in Yoga, there are several thousand channels that are distinguished, but the three major channels are the right, the left and middle channels. These channels, also called Nadis are pathways through which Prana travels through our bodies. These Nadis and how they interact are depicted in the picture below:

Ida Nadi – the left (blue) channel, which travels in a spiral leading to the right side of the brain. The Ida Nadi relates to the elements of Earth and Water. This is the feminine channel, or the desires and emotions inside of us. So if we desire something, for example to learn a new language or to have a strong body, we first have to make a wish and this wish is then supported by emotions and feelings which leads to us saying to ourselves, ‘Yes, I want this, I want it a lot, I feel have to do this!’ In the physical body, the Ida nadi ends at the left nostril and is the lunar, cooling, feminine, yin, and introspective energy channel.

Pingala Nadi – the right (yellow) channel, which travels in a spiral leading to the left side of the brain. In the physical body the Pingala Nadi ends at the tip of the right nostril and is the solar, masculine, heating, active yang element of the two twinned channels. It relates to the action and words. When we decide what we want, we formulate it into words and then we start doing something to achieve it (action). This channel relates to element of Air (as spoken words) and fire (as the action).
The places where the Ida and Pingala Nadis intersect along the spine are the location of the chakras in the Yogic system.

Sushumna Nadi – the middle channel, or middle path. The central channel begins in the triangular bone or sacrum and rises along the spinal column until it reaches the top of the head. This channel relates to the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in our body, which comprises of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. The autonomic nervous system or Sushumna Nadi causes our internal adaptation.

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For instance, when someone has the desire (Ida Nadi) to learn German, they go to a school to learn it (action, Pinagala Nadi). But usually even after an intense day of learning, the person might not be able to use this information right away, but once they rest and assimilate the information on a more subtle level (Sushumna Nadi), they can have access to it when they need it.
Similarly when someone is working out at the gym (action, Pingala) to get stronger (desire, Ida), the muscles only get stronger after the workout while the body is resting (Sushumna).
On a spiritual level, as the prana travels up the sushumna nadi, it energizes all of the chakras (intersecting points of Ida and Pingala) along the way and stimulates dormant segments of the mind that are responsible for higher thought and feeling. Sushumna is, therefore, known as the pathway to salvation or enlightenment.


The voice of fire– voice of strength and performance

This voice says: „I want.“ It is about dominance, growth, performance and the ability to make one's way through in life. The voice of fire is always asking: ‘Will this enhance my status, will it help me to achieve my goals? Will it help me to become more efficient, more influential, stronger? Or it is going to hold me back and slow me down?

There are five natural emotions and five unnatural emotions connected to the five Voices. These are also mentioned in the book called ‘Conversations with God III’ by Neale Donald Walsch.

The voice of fire is connected to ego. The natural attribute of fire is ‘anger’. This emotion by itself is natural and positive, because it helps one to control their desire and to say ‘no’. When you try to suppress this voice (Ego/Fire) or you think that ego is bad or negative, then your anger turns into ‘rage’ - which is the negative emotional expression of this voice. It is because of the suppression of this voice that people end up doing things they regret and things that lead to destruction. Ego is always there, but it is about keeping your ego within limits and then rising above it. Observe your ego and try to understand it, don’t let yourself lose control and to be pulled into situations where your ego is dominating you.

The voice of fire can be controlled by being spiritual (working on yourself and rediscovering who you really are), as well as by harmonising it with the other voices. This means to realise and live life with the understanding that the ego is only an illusion, that the ‘I’, just like everything else is consciousness and energy.
If you take these words as just words, or if you only try to believe in what they represent, you will not be able to wake up your ability to control fire. If you want to take control over your voice of fire, you need to make these words come alive through you.

Voice of the fire
You can control also control this voice with the following mantras:
I am an eternal soul, I am consciousness and energy, which is in everything.

The voice of fire is connected with strength and performance. The person who wants to reign in the fire within, has to understand and control the initial cause of why he/she does what he/she does. Why does he think the way he thinks? Most people don’t even think about why they have goals. Most of the time when one is asked ‘What do you want’, the answer is something like ‘I want to have a wife, kids, a house and a car’. When asked why, one might answer ‘To be happy’. But this is a very shallow answer showing a misunderstanding of what happiness is!!! No amount of wishes fulfilled will lead to happiness, but rather create more desires and wishes. For example a man might say ‘I have an amazing woman, so I want to get married and have children with her and I want a house in which I want…’ But only the person who knows ‘why’ they have certain wishes can learn to control the element of fire within themselves.

In an extreme situation, those who are dominated by the voice of the fire within will usually become very successful in the material world, but emotionally they will feel dried up. Usually they aim only to achieve success, and their relationships suffer as a consequence.

These are the people who end up ‘burnt out’, or when they are rich and successful, they fall into deep depression. This actually means that they have jumped into the opposite element in an attempt to balance out — Water.
The element of fire relates to the hormone testosterone. Women also have this hormone in their blood, but only in small amounts. The amount of testosterone increases when women are pregnant and during certain life situations (after having children, etc) which helps them to be more dynamic and active. A woman can also be born with more testosterone in her blood, and this actually is related to her past lives, and then she can for example more easily become a successful manager.

From a scientific perspective, the amount of individual hormones is determined by genes, gender and age; but from the perspective of magic this amount is determined by karma, energy, way of thinking and the character of an individual.

Principle of fire: Mantra RAM
2nd Chakra: Svadhishtana

The voice of water- the voice of harmony

This voice says: „I FEEL“. The main trait of this voice is ‘grief’, which is a natural emotion that arises when one has to say goodbye to certain things or people. If this emotion is suppressed or misunderstood, then grief turns into ‘depression’ or ‘hopelessness’ which are negative emotional expressions of this voice.

This internal voice asks: ‘Will this person/thing take care of me? Can I trust that person, or is he going to abandon me when I need him? Is this person/thing simple?’ This voice is all about harmony. ‘Will this person/thing make my life easier? If I am in trouble, will this person/thing help me to solve my problems? Will be this person interested in me later/ will this thing serve me later?’ These are the basic questions, which come up in one’s mind automatically through this voice.

In an extreme situation, those who are dominated by the voice of the water within, can start to become hypersensitive. He/she will then be controlled by their emotions, turning off healthy logic. Just like those who listen more to the voice of fire only follow logic, asking ‘What am I going to get out of this?’; those who follow the voice of water are quite the opposite. When one tends to obey this voice, he/she will say things like ‘I feel like I have to go there. I feel like I must do this or that. Move somewhere else, quit my job, start a new business’. And when they are doing these things against all logic, it is foolishness. Someone who is dominated by the influence of the voice of water tends towards depression, which can be balanced out with the voice of fire. So this person needs to be more engaged in logical and analytical things. Sleep less and work more.

On the other hand, people who are dominated by the voice of fire should compensate it with the voice of water to become more balanced – sleep more and work less. The voice of water is also our humanity. It tells us to build the warmth of home.

The voice of water
When this voice is too deflected, we can equalize it by saying:
God is my father, Mother Earth is my mother, and they, who seek truth and light are my family


I am an eternal being. I am always surrounded by other spiritual beings. I am never alone.

The element of water is responsible for emotional intelligence and for the development of this intelligence. While the voice of fire and air influences the intellect and IQ.

The element of water relates to the hormone estrogen. It is a female hormone, which men have in their blood as well, especially after they have children. This hormone gives men a feeling of being at home and grounded.

Principle of water: Mantra VAM
3rd chakra: Manipura

The voice of air- voice of creation and spontaneity

This voice says: „I UNDERSTAND. I KNOW“. This voice within keeps asking us: ‘Will this thing/person standing in front of me bring to me something new and interesting? Am I going to learn something new, enriching or is it going to be boring?’ It is about creativity and spontaneity, about exploring something new. So this voice always asks: ‘Will this thing/person teach me something new and exciting or is it going to be boring? Will I find new paths? Will this thing/person help me to rise above ordinariness, above the masses, to be unique?“
The primary trait of this voice is ’envy’ which is a natural emotion that makes us say: ‘If he or she can do it, I can do it too. I want to do it too!’ When envy is taken to an extreme, it turns into ‘jealousy’ which is the negative emotional expression of this voice.

The voice of air is about stimulation, discovery, innovation, new information, new ways, striving for change. Those who listen too much to this voice usually spend a lot of time engaged in intellectual pursuits, sometimes to the extent that they don’t pay attention to their physical appearance or in some cases, they become extreme adventurers.

The best way how to soothe this voice is by saying the mantra:

Everything is within me! I have the access to any information.
Voice of air

In magical practices, when a mage starts to astral travel and to communicate with different beings, he can stop this voice from taking over in this way.

The element of air is related to the hormone dopamine. Nowadays many people use drugs which increase level of dopamine in their system, they might feel unbelievably uplifted, active and strong, but because this is an extreme, their body can become overheated and they might even develop schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder.

This particular hormone is secreted more in the bodies of young people, and that is why young people are more courageous and not afraid of taking risks. As one gets older, this hormone is produced less and less in their bodies, which can then cause fear to prevail. This is the reason why older people become more careful about saving money and feeling secure. All these things are influenced by one’s way of thinking and how well is one able to understand and control his/her inner feelings.

Principle of air: Mantra PAM,YAM
4th chakra: Anahatha

The voice of earth– voice of certainty, modesty and protection

This voice says: „I HAVE“. The primary emotion of Earth is ‘fear’, which is to a certain extent is ok and healthy. When fear is suppressed, or when one thinks that it shouldn’t be there, then it turns into ‘panic’ which is the negative emotional expression of the voice of Earth. This is the voice in us which needs harmony, stability and reliability and fidelity. It is about modesty and protection. This is the voice that asks us from within ‘ Will I have
I have stability and certainty with this person/thing or will I feel stress and fear? Is it safe and reliable? Is it good? Is it guaranteed? Will the promises be fulfilled?’

These days fear is the most common emotion. And it is the opposite of love. Every day we are dealing with the media telling us that we don’t have enough time, energy, money or work. But that’s not true. There is enough of everything for everyone in this world. We have enough time, money, work or anything else we need. It is because of our fears that we are not content with what we have. For example, we use lots of money to develop and produce weapons, to kill other people, but somehow we don’t have enough money to support peace and protection. Mankind cannot get rid of fear until individual people get rid of it. Fear is a natural emotion that is within us to help us appreciate life, to look after our bodies and to ensure survival.

In an extreme situation, those who are dominated by the voice of the earth within will usually start to save to the point of hoarding which is senseless. Usually the voice of Earth gets stronger as we grow older. This does not include the people who are working on themselves and trying to be spiritual – their progression goes in the other direction.

Voice of earth
This voice of Earth can only be soothed with voice of spirit saying:
I am an eternal soul. I am immortal consciousness.

And you can soothe it as well by saying mantra:

„There is enough of everything for everyone.“

Just like the rest of our inner voices, the voice of Earth itself cannot be silenced. You may have heard about millionaires dressing up like beggars, holding themselves back from having good food and clothes. They want to disappear into the masses. They don’t want other people to see their wealth because they are afraid of being robbed. There are known several cases of people who lived as beggars and after their death it was discovered that they had thousands of dollars hidden in their mattresses.

The person who wants to control the voice of Earth, has to control what he/she eats. This means that someone who eats too much or too little is not able to control this voice, conversely we can say, that this person is controlled by this voice. Only the person who understands that food is energy and he/she focuses on health and energy, is capable of controlling this voice. The voice of earth makes us stock up for bad times ahead. This can be good to a certain extent. But until we can perceive that we are not only our bodies, that we have a consciousness and soul, we cannot find the balance in this voice. The Element of Earth is related to the hormone cortisol.

Principle of Earth: Mantra LAM
1st Chakra Muladhara

The voice of ether- the spiritual voice

The last element is ether or ‘Akasha’. The basic motto of this voice is: „I AM“. That is the one which mages are saying or as well formula which received Moses, when he saw burning bush: „Eheje, asher, eheje“. Or the same thing which is used at the beginning of the most popular mantras: „Om Só Ham“ (I am in sanskrit).
It is about intention, the greater sense, soul or God. This voice is awakened when one starts to search for a ‘deeper meaning’ behind thing. This voice keep asking: ‘what is the point, what is the meaning?’ When this spiritual voice is awakened within us, we can learn to control the other inner voices. Those who let themselves be controlled by the voices of the other elements that keep them bound closely to the material world, live in a never-ending carousel. This voice of spirit helps us to get off that carousel and step back from this whole material illusion.

The primary emotion of this voice is ‘love’, which is good. When love is suppressed or misunderstood, it changes into the feeling of ‘possession’ or ‘ownership’, that is, when we want to own something or somebody.

Voice of ether

Mantra to control this voice: While the previous voices need limits, the inner spiritual voice should only be controlled if one gets too fanatical. And it is not too difficult to help someone whose voice of ether is dominating him/her. It involves studying and understanding relativity of all things and one doesn’t need an extra mantra for this.

Even this spiritual aspect or voice, when taken to an extreme can become negative. At a certain point if someone is dominated by this inner voice of ether, they can start to despise all material things and become obsessed with spiritual concepts.
This isn't the right way, because our body is an instrument or a tool that we need to harmonise, and without the right balance and harmony of our body and other material things we can’t harmonise the spiritual realm or achieve enlightenment.

For example: If a man who wants a wife and children and who always wanted to drive a BMW 7 suppresses his desires and says that they are not good for anything, he wont be able to find balance. We as human beings need to reach a certain level of development to understand the relativity and even the absurdity of certain desires.

The Buddha was a king, a student, a man and a father. He was an amazing athlete and a fighter. Only when he had reached the height of achievement in such material pursuits did he find out that they did not do anything for him. Each adept had to find this out on their own. Each adept has two options: he/she can
achieve this success, become rich, become a millionaire or a great athlete or a great student, in order to live through the relativity of these things. Or, he/she can tap into the memories of his/her past lives, in which these things were achieved. If one cannot remember their past lives, and is not able to achieve certain things, then the rejection of material things are an empty gesture. ‘Millions won’t make one happy’ has a different meaning coming from a millionaire as opposed to someone who is poor.

The element of ether is related to hormone serotonin.

Principle of ether – akasha: Mantra HAM
5th chakra: Vishudhi

Five inner voices

White Magic & Spiritual Development

When you achieve the balance of all of these internal voices, you will find an open path for happiness. Happiness without reason. When mages, sages, yogis described the soul, they called it: ‘SAT-CHIT-ANANDA. This includes three aspects in one.

SAT – means light or wisdom.
CHIT – means consciousness, showing that light and wisdom without consciousness is for nothing.
ANANDA – means happiness without reason. It is a feeling outside of duality. If happiness is there for a reason, it means that there can also be it’s opposite when the reason is gone – unhappiness. And happiness for a reason and unhappiness are an outcome of duality. Happiness without reason doesn’t have an opposite. It is a natural emotion, which shows up when one is in balance.

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Practical Part

White Magic & Spiritual Growth

The Mage has to understand which of his/her inner voices evoke him to do certain things in certain situations, and it is necessary for him/ her to this. Each one of us tends to listen to one particular voice more than the other. It is essential for us to find our own way to harmonise our inner voices; because, as in the story about Buddha overhearing the conversation of a music teacher and his student about attuning a instrument – one must find internal and external harmony. For example, if we outwardly follow only the voice of fire by achieving goals, getting results, status, etc our life will be imbalanced. We won’t have any friends, we won’t be happy, we will be exhausted end up burnt out. And the same thing with the other voices.

The purpose of magic is to recognise yourself. Within the recognising of your self, unconscious processes turn into conscious processes. As a result of this, magical powers and abilities get awakened. These powers and abilities won’t appear until one achieves balance and is able to control his/her inner powers.
It is possible of course that one can feel, hear or see some strange things if he gets totally imbalanced as a result of using drugs or gets into a car accident and experiences the misalignment of one’s astral body or clinical death. The problem is that one who is not in balance can’t control or understand these things, that are happening to him.

These cases can end someone up in a mental institution. So a total imbalance is a worthless way. For example, if someone started to communicate with spirits using a way of imbalance, eventually when he/she comes to a way of balance, he/she will lose these abilities for a while before gaining them again. The control and understanding of these abilities has to be deeper.

So, someone who started to communicate with spirits because of a weakness (eg. illness), is not usually able to regulate this communication and spirits might wake him up during the night, or contact him in an unsuitable situation (eg. while driving) that is very dangerous. But when one gets to these abilities thanks to his/her inner balance and strength, then these things are manageable. For instance I have 3 spirits who work for me like ‘secretaries’. They know when I am willing to communicate with other entities and spirits, that is, during my regular meditations. If it is something they can handle themselves (like taking a dead soul to a sphere where they can reincarnate again), they don’t bother me. When as a mage it is important for me to make contact with a certain entity, they ask me first if I want to talk to that god or spirit during my meditation, and they tell me the purpose of their visit and we schedule a time to communicate.

Thit means:
- If one wants to control the voice of fire, he/she has to understand where the initial impulses come from. What leads him/her to do certain things, and say certain words? In order to make this element strong within them, one has to take care and have a healthy sex life (which means avoiding extremes in sexuality — no asceticism or other techniques, but seeking colligation of body, soul and spirit).
- If one wants to control the voice of water, he/she has to free themselves from his/her own feelings. In order to make this element strong within them, one has to take care proper care of the body and nourish it with water.
- If one wants to control the voice of air, he/she has to work on his/her knowledge and intelligence. In order to make this element strong within them, one has to take care of his thoughts and breathe properly.
- If one wants to control the voice of earth, he/she has to stand up against his/her fears. In order to make this element strong within them, one has to take care of the body, have healthy movement and nourishment through food.
- If one wants to control the ether, he/she has to have proper spiritual direction and gradually develop his/her connection with the soul.

One can also use the understanding of the five inner voices in daily life – in business, sales, daily conversations. Doesn’t matter if one sells a product, works in a bank, if one is a mage or is someone in a company who wants to be promoted. If we can understand which voices are active inside of us and why, then we can quickly figure out the predominant voices of others too. We will then know what is important for others and what they want the most.

For example, say that someone is selling iPhones. Lets say his first customer is a manager and he comes to the seller and asks about the iPhone, since he is a manager, he probably follows the voice of fire and the salesperson should mention that not everyone can have this iPhone and it is a symbol of status, something special. On the other hand, if a customer comes who is a woman who follows the voice of water, he should say things like she will never have any trouble with this phone, she can rely on it, and that the service is a sure thing.
Conversely if the customer is a retired elderly person listening to the voice of earth, the salesperson should focus on how the battery of the phone lasts a long time, how it’s value won’t go down, how it’s comfortable and easy to use and durable. And if a customer comes up to him, a scientist perhaps, who listens to the voice of air, he should give details of how innovative the iPhone is,

how the apps are constantly updated, how it can be easily connected to a car or computer or watch, how technologically advanced it is from the other phones on the market.
Or let’s say if you work in a company and you are talking with a client on a phone. Once you know which voice prevails in your client, you can talk to him/her in his/her language. So if it is an executive you will tell them about all the new information and powers they will gain to achieve their goals if they work with you. If it is a timid and passive woman, you will tell her things like ‘yes we will work on that thing until it is solved. And afterwards you can still fall back on us’. If you have a client who listens to the voice of the earth, you will assure them of the safety of working with you and that the results will be permanent and that they don’t have to give up anything. And if your client listens to the voice of air, you will tell them about how everything is still changing within your company and that there is always something new and exciting and that they will find out hidden information through you.

There are many other examples in all areas of life where the understanding of the inner voices can be applies. And that is why it is said to „Know yourself.“ Because only when you understand and control yourself, you can understand and control others!

Elements & Voices

The inner voices are always there, we just have to become aware of their presence, and that they are influencing our everyday decisions. These voices lead us to choose between buying Sprite or Pepsi, Mercedes or BMW. Why would we buy a BMW? Because we think that it can increase our personal status (fire). Why would we buy more ecologically friendly things? Because we have more information and the other voices are waking up inside of us. The person who pays more attention to the voice of water – the voice of harmony — will buy more ecological things.

The 5 elements are also connected with five main beings, as mentioned in the book „Magie“ (page 559) by „Josef Veselý“. Here are a few examples:
The main chief of the Fire element is Adiel, Jovis.
The main chief of the Water element is Hydriel.
The main chief of the Air element is Coradiel, Sumnidiel, Coachiel.
The main chief of the Earth element is Marbuel, Buriel, Urinaphton.
The main chief of the Ether element is Metatron.

In his book, Josef Veselý writes:

If one wants to have control over these inner voices, it is good to contact these particular beings and their gods. Each of these beings will tell you some of ‘their things’ (information) and that will help you to further control the elements. But until one is able to perceive his/her own internal voice of an element, they cannot control that element. In this case contacting the relevant being is not as effective as it could be. When each mage figures out: Yes, in these situations I follow this internal voice, or these things that I choose to do or not do, or these things that I say or don’t say are because of this or that inner voice; only at this time can it be effective to contact certain beings. Then these beings can provide you with more instructions on how to work with or further control each internal voice or element.

Which one of beings will respond to your attempt to contact them is related to your stage of development, your past and future lives and your karma (for more information on this I refer you to the elemental exercise in the book mentioned before, ‘Magie’ by Josef Veselý). Depending on this, a mage will be contacted by being of a certain level. Someone who is not spiritually or energetically developed yet will not be contacted by the main being of an element, but only by some ‘small’ spirit. These things have a hierarchy.
For example: If someone is unemployed and lives on support from the state, hardly anyone will be interested in starting up a business with them. On the other hand, if someone is a millionaire, then almost everyone will be interested in starting a business with them. It’s the same in the spiritual world. The more conscious, knowledgable and strong a mage is, the more likely that higher spirits and powerful beings will contact them. Conversely, the less strength, knowledge and consciousness a mage has, the more likely that the beings who contact him will be on the lower rungs of the ladder.

One very important quality, which helps someone take control of their inner voices is humour. Someone, who can’t make fun of themselves, doesn’t have a chance of controlling these inner voices; because when one is too serious, it shows that they cling too much to their own opinions, attitudes and ego. If someone wants to grow and develop, their opinions and attitudes will be flexible and will keep changing. Even their opinion on magic, on God, on what is good and what is not and so on.
That is why someone without a sense of humour doesn’t have a chance of control his internal voices — Humour is the easiest way to puncture the balloon of our ego and to see things from a different perspective. So it is very important to be able to laugh at ourselves, to smile and to perceive the humour and irony in life.

In his book, ‘The Gate to Real Enlightment’, Frantisek Bardon pointed how important it is for us to work on our own character traits. One of the basic exercises in this book that you can start with is to write down a long list of your positive and negative traits and then link them with particular elements. I recommend this exercise for everybody. It is called ‘the mirror of the soul’.
It is important for a mage to realize which positive and negative traits he/she possesses, because everybody is different. By linking the personality traits with certain elements s/he can find out which inner voice is stronger. Our thinking and our inner state of mind directly affects our energy level, and as well the state of our hormones. We know that when someone is scared, their hearts beat faster or that if someone experiences prolonged stress, it results in gastric ulcers. This phenomenon works the way other as well. Being happy, smiling and developing a positive mind and character can lead to miraculous healing. A good book about this is ‘The Experience of a Fool Who Had An Epiphany About How To Get Rid of His Glasses’ by Mirzakarim Sanakulovič Norbekov“.

I know many people who have done magic and yoga for decades and didn’t achieve anything. And I also know many people, who practiced meditation, yoga or magic for just few years and they were able to achieve a lot. The key to success is to be honest with yourself and to be willing to really look deep into the mirror and see your true self. This is not easy or simple for most people because often it is very painful. Another key is to have discipline and faith.

Finally I would like to mention here a well known Indian parable:
A student asks his master: ‘What do I do to reach enlightenment?’ And the master answers: ‘Everyone does what makes them happy. Find the discipline that makes you happy and enlightenment will not miss you’.

Everyone has a different way of rewarding themselves. The intensity of the five inner voices and how they are handled by an individual determines how and why he/she rewards him/herself. But only a small number of people realize, that this method of rewarding is relative and that it can be changed. It is not something that we are born with, it is something what we have learnt by observing and listening; through our upbringing and our life experiences. In the same way that someone rewards themselves with alcohol, smoking, prostitutes or drugs; they can also reward themselves with meditation, reading spiritual books, playing sports or eating good food. It all depends on how well one knows themselves, understands where they get certain impulses from and also how well one comprehends who they truly are.

“Aum So Ham”

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