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Lunar calendar 2018

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January 2018

Tuesday 2.01.2018 03:25 CET Full Moon in Cancer

Wednesday 17.01.2018 03:18 CET New Moon in Capricorn

Wednesday 31.01.2018 14:27 CET Full Moon in Leo

February 2018

Thursday 15.02.2018 22:00 CET New Moon in Aquarius

March 2018

Friday 02.03.2018 01:52 CET Full Moon in Virgo

Saturday 17.03.2018 14:14 CET New Moon in Pisces

Saturday 31.03.2018 14:37 CET Full Moon in Libra

lunar calendar zodiac

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April 2018

Monday 16.04.2018 03:59 CET New Moon in Aries

Monday 30.04.2018 CET Full Moon in Scorpio

May 2018

Tuesday 15.05.2018 13:49 CET New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday 29.05.2018 16:20 CET Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 2018

Wednesday 13.06.2018 21:45 CET New Moon in Gemini

Thursday 28.06.2018 06:54 CET Full Moon in Capricorn

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July 2018

Friday 13.07.2018 04:49 CET New Moon in Cancer

Friday 27.07.2018 22:22 CET Full Moon in Aquarius

August 2018

Saturday 11.08.2018 11:59 CET New Moon in Leo

Sunday 26.08.2018 13:58 CET Full Moon in Pisces

September 2018

Sunday 09.09.2018 20:02 CET New Moon in Virgo

Tuesday 25.09.2018 04:54 CET Full Moon in Aries

lunar calendar 2016

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October 2018

Tuesday 09.10.2018 05:47 CET New Moon in Libra

Wednesday 24.10.2018 18:47 CET Full Moon in Taurus

November 2018

Wednesday 07.11.2018 17:02 CET New Moon in Scorpio

Friday 23.11.2018 06:41 CET Full Moon in Gemini

December 2018

Friday 07.12.2018 08:21 CET New Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday 22.12.2018 18:50 CET Full Moon in Cancer

Lunar Calendar

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Moon calendar

Moon in twelve signs of zodiac has following effects:

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Power and Vitality, Mars; good time for love spells or for asserting in one's affairs.
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Love; Venus; good time for love spells and for clarifying one's issues, for pushing things which don't move.
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Brings balance or helps to hide something; Mercury; Spells for job, money and success.
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To find oneself; Moon; to find clarity, to find solutions, to work on endurance, to broaden horizonts.
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Power, Vitality; Sun, very good time for healing spells and money magic.
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Endurance, diligence; Mercury; spells for success, money and everything connected with organisation and creativity.
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Equilibrium, balance; Venus; to find deeper meaning, to find harmony and proper way of life.
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To find balance between selfness and acting for others; Mars; good time for transformation, to overcome negative influences.
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Power, energy coming from higher sources; Jupiter; good time for money spells and for searching a partner.
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To carry on despite of difficult circumstances; Saturn; good time for strengthen one's issues.
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To cross the borders, to broaden horizonts; time for successful communication; time to change exerted things.
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To find higher self, to find ones destiny; communication with other spirits, worlds and deities.

Lunar calendar

Waning Moon

During this phase of the moon are practised rituals, which aim is to diminish, reduce something. Healing Magic (to diminish illness = disappear); Love spells- to break with the partner, to end relationship.

New Moon

New Moon is new beginning! It is good time to communicate with one's unconsciousness and to make, if needed, a contact with dark entities and demons.

Waxing Moon

By waxing moon are rituals focused on issues we want to increase, which we want to have in our life more. During this phase is the increasing power of moon supporting us more and more. During waxing moon we practice rituals for things we wish to have stable in our life- love, money health and success.

Full Moon

In the day of full moon, let's say during the night, are the powers of moon at their peak. You should take care of everything you want to increase in amount for more days and then, to end you work on the full moon. So it is important to built things slowly and then to send them off with full power. During full moon, as well as new moon, one should act properly, not to miss the aim, because by diversion can energies go wrong (different) direction. Besides the cyclic change of moon phases is important also the location of the moon in zodiac. To use the proper time for a ritual means to find also proper position of the moon toward twelve signs.

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