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Oracle: Fortune Telling

How can be the knowledge about our future useful for our life?

Divination is an important part of magic. It is because divination isn’t just about foretelling the future. It is more about reading the present situation and seeing what should we do today in order to bring more harmony and happiness to our future life. Good divination is about reading the patterns that already exists and drawing the picture of what will come as a result of these patterns. Future is not set in stone! But it is somehow predictable. It is the probability that something will happened- if we would continue in our present actions, behaviour and way of life. Prediction speaks about what is coming. How you respond to this statement is what will make/change your future. Good divination gives us information, what should be changed in our life in order to improve it. And this is the area where divination really helps.

The key to successful divination is to open mind and be ready to accept anything. Mostly it is some information we don’t like! Successful change in our life is mostly about things, which is beyond our comfort zone. They bring us temporal inconvenience, but when we go new direction, we feel relief and we will gain new experience and energy.

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White Magic

What is right?

We can find the clear and simple answer for this question in the ancient Chinese Book of changes, I Ching. It says: "When the right thing is done at the right time, at the right place and the right way, it is right."
It is so simple. Because, if a man is in accord (harmony) with a higher power, then he feels secure and protected. In order to know what is right, he asks the oracle.
There are four classical methods of oracle preserved, which are all based on the principle of coincidence. What nowadays may seem weird, in earlier times people used to do naturally. For our ancestors, a coincidence was not some absurd and senseless happening. On the contrary, in the unexpected event, the God's will was obvious, whereas a human behaviour and his actions are predictable. That's why asking the oracle is also called "divination". This word derives from a latin divination meaning "viewing God's will".

Oracle Cards

Do you have a problem to make a decision? Don't you know what should be your next step? Can't you predict the consequences of your action? We will help you to look into your possible future and we will accompany you in the process of decision-making. Try to imagine how many things you would do differently, if you knew their consequences beforehand? That is exactly what we will help you to make real.


Drawing of Lots

Flipping the coin in order to make a decision or find the answer is a tradition which is known to all cultures. The easiest way is flipping one coin. It becomes more complicated when a man, like in the tradition of I Ching (Yi-Jing), flips six times three coins in order to have a hexagram, the meaning of which can be found in the ancient book.

Omen as an Oracle

Latin word omen means a sign of fate. In connection with omen there is a belief that everything in the world is connected in the way that it is possible to proceed from one event to another. As omen evoked worries and fears the word fatal has a sad connotation until today.

In the first place it is auspice (lat. auspicium), the reading of omen from observation of flight of birds, which in ancient Rome was in the hands of Augurs (lat. Auguren). This is an old belief that birds can predict the future. Thence the reason why the Gods who could see the future were always accompanied by one or more birds. For example Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom (shown most often as a man with a head of ibis or a baboon, as these animals were sacred to him),

Greek god Apollo, who was the patron of the temple in Delphi, was accompanied by hawks, crows and ravens and Odin, Germanic god of wisdom, who had to buy the gift of wisdom through the sacrifice of one eye, is accompanied by two ravens Huginn and Muninn, who sit on his shoulders since and tell him everything that happens in the world.
There were also easier methods of oracle, ways how to find a message in some kind of form. For example in the movement of smoke coming out of incense burners, in the shape of wax poured or dropped into cold water or in the structure of ash left after a fire. Very popular were oil predictions, in which one drop of oil was dropped on the water surface and its shape was later interpreted.

Spontaneous invocation

This is a prediction which everybody does already as a child. It is based on the spontaneously made systems such as the following examples. If the number of steps on this staircase is odd, it means "Yes". Turning the head with closed eyes towards the window, opening the eyes and the first thing seen has a certain meaning. Opening a book and choosing a page with a finger to find a word, which hides the answer.

Visions, Trance and Dreams interpretation

In the times before the birth of Jesus Christ, the prophecies were one of the main tasks of the priests and the temple was the place of predictions. Priests made the prophecies through different oracles or objects by falling into the state of frenzy, or trance. They also explained the dreams and created amulets. In its origin the oracle, similarly to other rituals, was in the hands of priestesses. The most famous centre of oracle in ancient world, the temple in Delphi, once belonged to Gaia, the goddess of Earth and to Themis, the goddess of divine justice and wife of Zeus, who also belonged to the prophets; later it gained the patronage of Apollo and since then there was always a priestess, Pythia, who was uttering the god's will.

In order to say a prophecy, the most important thing was (and still is) to avoid to alter intellectually the meaning of what was said, to clarify it. With the aim of finding the meaning and explanation of what was said, priests later spent enough time pondering upon what they have heard and they have seen.

Oracle & divination

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The prediction is never clear, it doesn't says, when exactly will something happen or take place. In most cases, people realized, that prophecy was right, only after the certain thing had happened. Or, its meanings were discovered slowly through the time.
In the past, dreams weren't viewed as something bizarre, without any sense. They were respected as another source of information, and warnings or predictions were taken seriously. We know many strong stories, where dreams announced what will come. (Bible is full of such stories: Joseph and Pharaoh, escape of Jesus and his family to Egypt…) Many rulers visited priests before making an important decision, and asked them to clarify they dreams. It was because they had expected to have a counsel from Gods.
With spreading of Christian faith the old methods of predictions were slowly disapearing and in 391 ADthey were prohibited by caesar Theodorus I. Approximately thirty years before this date ceasar Iulianus came for advice to Delphi. That time the prophet was talking about her thousand year old story for the last time. Apollo told to the ceasar through the mouth of Pythia that he will not predict the future anymore. This last prophecy came true.

The "benefit" from hearing of the prophecy depends strongly on the focus and attitude of the individual towards the prophecy. Is a person, who is asking the oracle strong or weak?
The person who is accepting the prophecy out of weakness or fear, is submissive to the oracle and leaves his house only if the cards or the stars "allow" him to do so. Such a person has to realise that Tarot (or any other type of oracle) is a good servant but not a good lord. A man can gain from the advice of the oracle, but if he follows the prophecy blindly, it can lead him away from the right path.
Some people look for a kind of "guarantee of happiness" in prophecies, a kind of system which is supposed to ascertain the fact that the affairs are heading in the right direction. It is, though, very disputable, if we came to this world only to be happy all the time. More likely we came to this world in order to overcome internal and external tension and contradictions, which we cannot achieve if we would avoid all the challenges on our way. The look into the horoscope shows us, that every person is born with many internal tensions and contradictions and we have one lifetime to transform these disharmonies into a great harmonic symphony.

Oracle & White Magic

How to explain Oracle?

The word synchronicity, which C.G.Jung described, does not explain anything. It only determines that two things that are happening at one time might be meaningfully connected. Follow these two opinions:

On the one hand is the quality of time, which means that every moment in time has its meaning. On the other hand in a general view of the world the question and answer exist together and create a fully united item. If we cobine these two hypotheses, it is clear that in the very moment when the question is asked, the answer for it already exists. If we can find the right time for asking the question, we can find the answer. This is happening in all the systems of oracle. An astrologian looks at the stars, or nowadays into the computer, in ancient China they looked into I Ching book, a druid looked at the runes, the tarotist looked into the cards. All these systems of oracle reflect in their own particular language of signs and pictures the quality of the moment and provide us with the answer for a question asked. None of these systems is better than another. It is the choice of the prophet, which oracle he understands better.

There is a theory saying that the "source of wisdom (intelligence)" is inside our personal unconscious. We often talk about our unconscious in a way that it belongs to us, that it is in our possession, which we carry inside us. Nobody can say, though, where it starts and where it ends and where exactly it rests. It could be without borders and it could connect us with eternity.

As an example we can use a wave connected with the depth of the sea. The wave symbolises our individual natural basis. The white froth on the top of the wave symbolises our consciousness, while the dark top of the wave is our personal unconscious. The sea symbolises a colective mind, which is connected with every individual wave. In the same way our consciousness could be constantly connected with a larger realm.

When using oracle another temptation should be avoided by modern people: the wish to find a clear answer every time. The answers can often have more meanings and they are difficult to understand, therefore they are not absolutely clear. There are methods trying to reduce this multitude of meanings into one. These were created before the beginning of the 20th century; they originated in deterministic theory and view of the world.

Today, we should understand that multitude of meanings and contradictions initiate the space for creativity and opportunity for releasing the tension, which would not exist in a clearly defined answer. C.G. Jung once said: "Paradox surprisingly belongs to the highest spiritual benefits; clarity, on the contrary, is a sign of weakness. Only paradoxes help us to understand the complexity of life."

Translated from Orakel Wahrsagen
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