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A Story of Enlightenment

A Story of Enlightenment

White Magic

A student asked his master:

" What is it that divides me from the truth?" and the master answered: "Not only you is divided from the truth, there are a lot of people. I would like to tell you 12 little tales and at first they will seem very easy to understand, but you have to rethink them", he said, "more than a hundred times and when you think you understand don't stop to rethink them. You have to do it until they become big tales and from these big tales little tales again."

The first tale:

Once upon a time, the master told, there was a raindrop in the ocean and the raindrop alleged there has never been an ocean. In the same manner there are people that say there has never been a god even when they stand right inside of him.

The second tale:

"I want to have my own freedom" claimed a raindrop in the middle of the ocean; and the ocean was merciful and put him on the surface. "I want to have my own freedom" the raindrop claimed again – and the sun heard him and put him on a cloud. "I want to have my own freedom" the raindrop claimed again – the cloud released him and he was into the ocean again.

The third tale:

An intellectual raindrop is an intellectual raindrop, but not the ocean.

The fourth tale:

"All the raindrops are worthless", said the raindrop in the ocean.

The fifth tale:

"I have now discovered, I am a lot more significant than the ocean" said the raindrop in the ocean.

The sixth tale:

"Alas, I don't care for the ocean", said the raindrop in the ocean.

The seventh tale:

"Alas, I don't care for the ocean", said the raindrop in the ocean.

The eighth tale:

A raindrop quarreled with his fate because he was right inside the ocean and didn't want to care about the ocean.

The ninth tale:

A raindrop rounded other raindrops up for an riot against the ocean.

The tenth tale:

"by the strenghth inside of me you are excluded from the ocean."

The eleventh tale:

"Your are inside my love", said the ocean to the raindrop. But the raindrop couldn't hear the ocean because he was full of love for another raindrop.

The twelfth tale:

"If I could make it happen…", thought the raindrop, "that every single raindrop could be in my love, then I would be the ocean." And so the raindrop started to collect every single raindrop in his love. But there was one raindrop which hurt him badly, the worst pain he had felt in his whole life and he couldn't forgive him in spite of all his love. And because this raindrop was missing in his love, just this single one, he didn't become the ocean.

The student came again to his master:

"Tell me, master, has there ever been a single raindrop who became an ocean?"

And the master told him the last tale:

"Once upon a time, there was a raindrop, he was looking for the silence inside the ocean, the deepness. His desire was huge and he was full of forgiveness – and suddenly the ocean spoke to him:

"You are me and I am you" and the ocean opened his arms and welcomed his longing raindrop – and all the things the ocean had, were his things too. He became the silence of the ocean, the wideness of the ocean, and his deepness became the healing of the world."

"Be aware, my student, the ocean is full of grace for the people who love the ocean and the ocean will collect them in his opulence if they really want him to."

"And what if there is a longing raindrop covered with mud?", the student asked.

Then the master started to laugh.

"There is not enough mud that a raindrop couldn't be cleaned by the ocean."

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