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White Magic springs from the idea, that everything in the universe is permeated by an intelligent, transcendental Power. White Magic is the ability of humans to influence the flow of this Power.

The magical view of the world comes from the knowledge, that everything on all levels of the Reality is interconnected in a huge, multilayer network of energy. What our mind perceives as many isolated objects, is in reality not isolated, but connected. A change of one object influences and changes also another objects. Therefore it is possible to influence certain point of the net by accumulating and directing of the energy flow into the other point of the net.

This flow can be created and consciously directed through the Magical Work. The Magic can be learned and world can be influenced. We should keep always in mind, that Magic influences not only world around us, but it influences also us. (Because the first and the strongest impulse for magic is created inside of the Mage.) Therefore we should not just try to fulfil blindly all desires we feel inside! First of all, we should permanently increase also our personal wisdom and inner morality, so that we are able to create only things, which support us and not something, what will go against us.

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White Magic Ritual serves as an efficient instrument, which moves the magical powers toward desired direction. In order to connect with the Supernatural (with spirits, Gods, all pervading Love, Voodoo Deities…), one should concentrate properly and use the accurate amount of energy. Ritual consists of particular prayers, dealings, sacrifices and cleansing ceremonies, which are in analogy with the desired result.

White Magic Ritual: in order to perform successful ritual and find appropriate supporting instruments for the ritual, a Mage uses Oracle and Analogies. The right decision is not based just on the logical thinking – because often only partial information is available and the important things are hidden. White Mage always seeks the counsel of Gods, spirits and Unconscious. Oracle can be for example Tarot, I-Ging, Runes or Voodoo Obi Oracle. In order to receive valuable information, one has to ask proper questions.

White Magic: the right time for the Ritual

The principle of Analogy says: „As above, so below; as within, so without; as spirit, so body“. That’s why Mage does by waxing moon rituals focused on growth, enlargement (love, money, good luck..). And by waning moon the Mage does rituals focused on reduction, disappearing (disease, Bad Luck...).

When we are going further, Planetary Magic tells us that every day and every hour is assigned to specific planet.

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Saturday, Saturn:
Helps separate from people, habits, good for endurance: to accomplish targets to the end.
Sunday, Sun:
Power, self-confidence, vitality, money, health.
Monday, Moon:
Intuition, family, relationships, changes, spirituality.
Tuesday, Mars:
Gives power to overcome obstacles, also accidents, it helps fast decisions.
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Wednesday, Mercury:
Communication and the power to convince, perfect help by exams.
Thursday, Jupiter:
For welfare through so-called lucky chances, for acute lack of money and justice.
Friday, Venus:
Love magic, harmony, enjoyment, romantic passion, delight, art and beauty.
If you work on yourself, one day you will certainly gain, what you're looking for. Or, maybe, you won't. Maybe you will gain something much greater than that!

White Magic

To reach a goal

White Magic is not a profession but a mission. It is a way to spread the faith, truth and love. White Magic is the communication towards the dormant powers within us.

We can say that every human is a Mage. We can say this, because everybody attracts that kind of reality, which he/she has in his/her attention. And this attention and awareness are energies. This topic is explained in detail in the following books:

Esther and Jerry Hicks - Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness
Neale Donald Walsch
– Conversations with God I
Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled

Arnold Schwarzenegger is very good example of the things mentioned above. When he was 16, he had already known that he was going to win Mr. Olympia, and then he was going to act in movies and that afterwards he would help people as politician. He had completely clear vision and he continually worked on fulfillment of his aims. Once he told: "I had very big aims. I would hate myself, if I tell myself that I fail to fulfill them." You maybe have the similar talent and brightness. You should just go inside of you to find out, why you are here, what do you want and how you could reach it. And then you should spend every day, every minute of your life to achieve your destiny.

Continual learning is another important quality of great personalities. Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Lee if you want, have steadily learned from people, who were in their profession better than themselves. Later they realized that it is worthy to learn also from people with lower capabilities.

Although Bruce Lee was one of the best combat sportsman, he wasn't ashamed to learn from a Chinese kid new technique, which was unknown to him.

white magic learning

This topic is described very well in Shunryu Suzuki´s book - Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.

White Magic goes even much deeper and deals with the things like: karma, chakras and deities. On the spiritual level the karma is a principle of action and reaction. The law of action and reaction says that every action (power) immediately produces equivalent reaction (anti-power), which goes back to the producer of the action. This law is valid not only in physics, but also in general. What we give, will be given back to us in a different time. Mage have to be able to find out, why certain things are happening „from the karmic point of view" in somebody's life. For example, somebody was born with the certain handicap, because he/she had caused the same handicap to somebody in the previous life. Chakras are "centers of power" or a vortex of energy in a subtle body. In a physical body they interact with the body's ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system.

There is always a reason, why somebody needs to sleep just few hours, while the other one sleeps for 10 hours and is still tired. For example Albert Einstein sufficed with particularly short sleep. Why do we actually need a sleep? The white magic deals with these powers that are „secret" and not recognisable at the first sight.

What you think today, you become tomorrow.

White Magic - Invocation & Evocation

Invocation and evocation are magical processes, which connect the conscious mind and personality of a Mage with "something" or "someone" from outside. We can call this "something" or "someone" a spirit, a deity, an entity, or also an energy form or an information with awareness. The effect is the same. This connection transforms our consciousness and brings new information, awareness or knowledge.
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It is a procedure (a ritual, spell or prayer), which calls and draws energies into the own body. A mage tries to unify with certain energies. This can be seen for example in Voodoo ceremonies, during which certain deities or spirits enter the body of people. For example, in India, during religious ceremonies, names of Shiva or Krishna are reciting aloud. Or in magic, a mage recites prayers to Gods, performs certain rituals and uses the analogy to make the invocation stronger. Invocation is more suitable for beginners. There are several ways of invocation:
1. Suitable for everyone- strong concentration on deity/energy, prayer, singing songs about gods, giving presents.
2. More complex, together with previous activities, a mage performs certain magical techniques, during which, through the strong concentration, the consciousness of the mage merges with the chosen entity, they are in resonance, in harmony.
The invocation is successful, when a mage hears inside him/her the voice, which is not his/hers, s/he loses the feeling of him/herself, and ego is merged with the deity or power. This is very similar to possession. Therefore, it is useful to invite to invocation also another person, who will communicate and record the conversations with deity.
It is a procedure, which calls and invites chosen powers/entities and they concentrate or manifest within the certain place. To make this, a mage usually uses certain tools for protection, like magical circle, candles, mantras or prayers. The entity, or demon, comes to the certain place, which is always outside of the magical circle. By the evocation, a mage can hear some cracking sounds and then a kind of fog, in which the entity manifest and takes a shape. So, if someone wants to call negative entities, he should use evocation. It is not safe to invocate them, because they will possess the body of the mage and in order to gain oneself back, exorcism is needed. Successful evocation needs to perform certain steps. At the beginning, before the evocation, a mage has to prepare everything in advance. Then, a mage starts with certain prayers or reciting certain names, using sigils etc. In order to manifest/ materialise the chosen entity, strong concentration is needed. Then, you speak with the entity, you present your desires or needs. Demon/entity also says, what it wants in order to fulfil your requirements. At the end of evocation, it is necessary to thank the entity for coming, say goodbye and return the entity to the sphere, it comes from.
Evocation needs to make the immaterial entity visible. So, this technique is very energy demanding. Therefore, the most mages prefer invocation. Evocation can be dangerous, so one has to carefully follow basic safety rules.
Many modern mages uses for communication with entities astral travels. That means, that the mage doesn't call the entity, but s/he travels in his energy body into the certain sphere, where the entity resides. The problem of this method is, that the mage needs lots of experience, because otherwise s/he can get lost or confused. This problem comes from the fact, that we are strongly influenced by our own unconsciousness. If the mage doesn't know his/her unconsciousness well, so that his hidden tendencies are conscious, s/he will be dealing with these hidden things from his unconsciousness during the astral travelling. If someone is present at such an invocation, s/he can observe, that the body position, behaviour or also voice of the mage will change.

One can improve his/her magical work and rituals with certain breathing techniques. Rhythmic breathing helps a mage to inhale more oxygen and to obtain more energy as usual. This way, one can achieve a light trance state and the communication with immaterial world will be easier.

White Magic

Altar and Ritual

You should keep yourself to yourself while dealing with magical practice! An altar is a place, where you practise your regular meditations and prayers. It is your personal sanctuary. A special room for your magical work will be the best place. When you often exercise free rituals, the altar can be portable. Create it according to your feelings. I would recommend to put a white candle, pentagram symbol in the middle of circle or a crucifix . The more magical rituals you execute on your altar, the more powerful place it will be. Therefore pay attention to aromatic substances, use pure essences, not the synthetic ones.

The White Mage, who works with analogies, comes out of the fact that similarities attract each other. The reality is made of our materialized desires. One can achieve very much with targeted wishes, sometimes a little bit of time is needed. A wish is the power of thoughts. Thoughts leads to the activity. Activity leads to the reality. When a white mage changes his conscious, the reality changes.

You practice magical rituals also in your day-to-day life, but you just haven't noticed it yet. Because everybody attracts that kind of reality, which he/she has in his/her attention. For example, negative rituals we practice every day like complaining about work or politics, getting angry by watching TV news, cussing out red lights while we're driving. Positive examples are evening prayer or meditation before bed.

information about magic

We don't recommend an adept of the magic to evoke any deities, demons or ghosts without the supervision of master. Without the supervision they could be very dangerous. When a pupil is ready, the master will come by oneself. Until this happens, I recommend to say prayers and affirmations and to call angels.

To evoke deities and ghosts safely, an adept should not only read a lot, but also meditate enough. The adept has to be able to remain in thoughtless awareness and also to recognize the source from which his/her thoughts and wishes come. There is a generally accepted opinion, that all thoughts in our heads were created personally by us. But the truth is that thoughts came to us from 5 totally different sources. These 5 sources are even furthermore divided as follows:

  1. God and his messengers (angels, gurus) and our soul. This source is absolutely positive. From this source is coming love, big inspirations and also works in the form of books or beautiful artworks. From this source draw inspiration many artists and scientists, and also people who do something positive for another people; for example: Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci and many many others.
  2. One's own ego. Our false image who we are. It is the image that we are just this body, feelings and thoughts. But all of them draw its existence from the soul, which is immortal. This source feeds us often with fears and stress.
  3. One's environment. It includes all we have read, radio, TV, friends, school, work, advertising. This source can be good but also bad. It depends what kind of friends we have, what we have read, which television programmes we have watched.
  4. Devil, Satan and his messengers. This source can cause unreasonable depression, panic, wrath, greed and rage. This is absolutely negative source.
  5. Another spirits, who can be positive or negative. There are uncountable numbers of spirits so I can't mention all of them here. The communication with them makes you clear, why they have contacted you. These beings can have good but also bad intentions. It is the same like with people.

If an adept realizes, from where come the impulses he/she feels inside, he/she is prepared for the true spiritual path of the magic. The Magic is not a game that could be one day played and another day already not. The Magic is a tool like an atomic energy. It can give us light, which helps us. But when it is not used properly, it can destroy. The stories about Atlantis told us about the end of great civilization; it was destroyed due to the wrongful experiments of black mages.

One truly should and also has to learn a lot. But it is very important to acknowledge, that particular abilities or powers come from Got in the right time. The right time means that a man/woman is for that prepared, that he/she has enough deep and clear heard. For example St. Peter had gained the powers this way:" And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

If one uses the powers in a right way, these magical powers are getting with every next life more and more powerful. If the powers are misused, they are getting weaker and weaker.

A saint can learn even from obstinate person, but obstinate person is not able to learn even from a saint.

White Magic - Instructions for Potential Adepts

Potential adepts are those people, who have patience and endurance. Adept knows, that s/he will gain magic powers and knowledge through his/her daily work. Only this way, magic can bring results. Even the master cannot initiate a student without reaching certain level of energy and knowledge. The only shortcut for having powers is to borrow them from demons, and this shortcut leads only to one place- hell. Beware, demons will always cheat you, it is their essence. They will promise you everything and tell you what you want to hear, but don't reveal you the whole truth. So, only safe way is the mastery through everyday work and personal sacrifices.

Recommended Reading

Papa Nemo Der Weg des Voodoo; Von den Grundlagen zur Praxis.
Patrick Dunn - Postmodern Magic: The Art of Magic in the Information Age
Peter Caroll- Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic
Elisabeth Haich - Initiation
Dan Millman - Way of the Peaceful Warrior
ANSHA - Weisse Magie Praxisbuch - Mittel und Wege, um magische Kräfte zu wecken
Heike Owusu - Voodoo Rituals: A User's Guide
Matthias Mala - Weisse Magie
Franz Bardon - Initiation into Hermetics
Franz Bardon - The Practice of Magical Evocation

Whitee Magic info
How can I learn White Magic? Which qualities are important for potential Mage?

There are two basic qualities of the succesfull Mage:

Stacks Image 1389085
Readiness and openness, ability to explore and examine existing postulates and „truths“, ability to modify them into one own's image, or, if they don't resonate, completely put aside
Strong will (spiritual and also mental), courage and ability to see the reality in a relative way, which is connected with the ability to transform it. Commitment to daily practice of spiritual exercises, which improve personal abilities, personal power (spiritual and physical) and balance.

The key to the magical abilities is the altered state of consciousness. Regular meditation helps to reach absolute inner meditation condition, called also zero point or divine point. It means that one part of our attention is always focused on Inside and that's why is able to detect quickly negative thinking patterns, which hinder us from being happy. We are observant and we detect fear and stress, so we are able to transform them immediately and restore our inner balance. Deeper we dive, more intense is our thoughtless awareness, which enables us to experience astral trips.

Our development can be measured by the extent of our period of happiness and thoughtless awareness. Also very short moments of these experiences can help us to stay during difficult times in balance and inner peace. For example death of dear ones, disease, lack of money... then we are prepared for advanced levels of meditation! During this phase is important even position of meditation. When we go deeper, we lose sensation and control over our body. That's why we should meditate in lying (supine) position or lotus position.

Stacks Image 1466617
1. First deeper level
In meditation, we reach consciously dimension, where we go normally unconsciously during sleep with dreams!
2.Second deeper level
In meditation, we reach consciously dimension, where we go normally unconsciously during deep sleep!
3.Third deeper level
In meditation, we reach consciously dimension, in which dwell death people and we stay alive and can come back!

How can we reach these levels? Through accumulation subtle energies and will-power!!! Concerning this topic we recommend to read the book: Elisabeth Haich: Sexual Energy and Yoga!

Magic-consciousness degree is amplification of magical trance. The Methods of creating magic- consciousness degree can be divided into two categories. Damping-method tries to calm down the spirit so much that finally stays only the goal of concentration and nothing else. Thrill- method tries to bring spirit during the magical goal concentration into thrill as big as possible. Strong damping and strong thrill have finally the same effect: the consciousness focused into one point, and this is called magic- consciousness degree.

Everyone act in the way s/he considers the best according to his/her knowledge about him/herself. Everything on this world has its consciousness and everything is interlocked with one another.

White Magic is the art of influencing reality by the power of will; the world around us is then just a mirror of our consciousness. From the magic point of view the world is based on the knowledge that everything, at all levels of reality, is inseparably connected in an immense huge and multilevel net of energy. That's why it works at one point when the energy is collected and sent from another point of the net.
Real white magic is about understanding and steering of our desires.

White Magic

Magic Initiation

The initiation was always part or the magical training. In the first place, it has informal character, but it can be also of formal character in the sense, that there is some official ceremony, where an adept is formally initiated by his master and become for example a voodoo priest or a lama. But, in order to have this ceremony, an adept has to go through informal training and informal testing or probation. This informal training means to go through tasks, which should A.) increase student's energy, B.) deepen balance, C.) increase knowledge, D.) make unconscious things conscious. Then, we have these levels of initiation:

1.) Mastering one's thoughts and emotions.
2.) Ability to stay in thoughtless awareness.
3.) Ability to achieve trance.
4.) Move consciously to the level of dreams of normal people.
5.) Move consciously to the level of deep sleep of normal people and bring back some information.
6.) Move consciously to the level where reside death people and bring back some information or knowledge.

With reaching the higher level of initiation, there is also higher ability to communicate with beings from other world. It is not about having some diploma, that I am a priest of voodoo. It is about having higher mentioned abilities. And mastering the ability to invoke and evoke different entities. Every achieved ability is then the next step to initiation into a priest or lama… But if someone doesn't work on him/herself, having a ceremony or diploma is just an empty gesture, which is for nothing. Is he able to do an astral travel or not? Is he strong or not? Does the financial loss or death of close person put him down, or is he able to go calmly through the situation and try to find a solution??

The length of the process doesn't depend on master, it depends on student, how is s/he following the master's instructions. This process can take several months, or many years. If the student is ready to exercise and follow instructions, everything goes faster. How is s/he dealing with the information from master? Is s/he reading recommended books? Besides the following of master's instructions, the process is also very much influenced by the ability of the student: to keep his/her energy high, to increase his/her sensitivity, in order to communicate with different entities. . Is the student sensitive enough to communicate with immaterial world? Or s/he feels nothing. What message came from the rune or tarot card, he was meditating with? Nothing? Then, the student is not ready. Of course, that everyone has his/her own weaknesses, which need to be work on. But even the massive energy transfer from the master cannot help him to achieve things, because it cannot substitute the work of the student on his/her energy level and sensitivity. Tasks and tests are focused on student's problematic areas. It is very individual. A student has for example a financial problem, so , his tasks will be in the area of money. Another student works on her sensitivity, third student can work on his stability and balance and fourth is mastering his energy level. Everyone has something, what has to be improved and mastered. It is not worse or better, it is different. It is similar with a sport. If someone wants to be a perfect gymnast, he has to work at the same time on his power and flexibility. Even if these two things seems to go against each other. This applies also in Magic. One has to increase at the same time his/her energy and sensitivity, and to increase theoretical knowledge and the practice.

Example: Someone asks you a question: „How long does it take to run a marathon under three hours?“ The speed depends on two aspects A.) genetic predisposition (in magic, we can say student's karma - the sum of good things and efforts done in previous lifetimes) and B.) commitment- intensity of a training, proper nutrition, adequacy of a training, adequate time for regeneration, the quality of his shoes. Someone with perfect genetics and training can do that within 2- 3 years. Someone will need longer time and someone won't achieve it and he will just run for fun. Every possibility is ok. The same applies in Magic!!! Does a student care about his energy? Does he work on knowing himself? Does he read the spiritual books? Is is karma good? Did he achieve some initiation in his previous life? Does he remember his previous lives? Or he just perform evocations without proper training and then, end up possessed or depressed? Another factor is motivation. Someone can have perfect genetic predisposition, but if she doesn't care about running, she won't use this potential. Without proper training, she will run just for fun and her performance will be an average.

The same applies in Magic. Someone can have the best karma and qualities to be a Mage, but if she doesn't want it and she wants to live normal life, have family, then, she will be have this life. No one will force her to do so.

Magic training has to be always connected with a spiritual training, otherwise it won't have desired effect. In some cases, the magic training can be speeded up. We can take an example of Lobsang Rampa.

His training was accelerated, because he had certain prerequisites, which allowed to do so. It was clear, that he is able to do it. It had no meaning to give this type of training to someone else, because others hadn't such karma and qualities. For example, if a strong magician on the high level of initiation dies, he can be again a strong magician in the next life at the age of 10, with all abilities and powers. This soul won't need any master to teach him or to approve him, any initiation.

The initiation as a ceremony has only the minor importance. The most important are real abilities: can a student perform astral travels? Is he able to stay in thoughtless awareness? Does he keep high level of energy? Is he able to invoke and evoke the entities? If all answers are „yes“, then, one can do a ceremony or celebration, where this student is initiated as a voodoo priest, lama etc. The name for these abilities, the title is not important. The ceremony is just a visible result of something, what already is. Because real Magician possess certain abilities, energy and knowledge. Only these things make him a real Magician, nothing else. The ceremony can be performed also in a way, that during a ritual, certain Deity is invoked and the adept communicates in front of others with this Deity and tells others a message from this Deity. This way, the ceremony will be useful also for others, they will receive a message and they will be blessed with the energy and knowledge.

A student is ready, when s/he has under the control certain abilities/energy. They are stable or permanent and it is not just first or random experience. (For example, if someone enters consciously the astral plane, it doesn't mean, he is immediately the voodoo priest. Maybe his Master sent him energy, in order to motivate him to exercise further, so that, one day, he is able to do it alone, with his own energy and will.). So, if a student does something first time, it doesn't mean much, because this is not enough. It is often the help of his or her Master, who want to show him/her: „Look, it is possible. It is real. Just continue in your training.“

Tests are usually not formal and the student doesn't know, that s/he is tested. The Higher Power or Master knows, what problem certain student has, and give him/her test, which focuses on this problem. Some tests can be also formal. If the Master wants to show something, give a mirror to his student. But these tests don't have such an effect or consequences as the informal probations. If we know, that we are tested, it is not a real test, it just shows a student, where are his/her weaknesses. The tests are individual and depend solely on the situation of the certain student. The example of formal test can be to lock a student in a coffin with a snake. This test can show master, how student with a fear from darkness and snakes has developed his ability to stay calm and overcome his/her fear. For magical training, it is important to meet personally. Some things cannot be done on distance, so, master needs to meet with his/her student at least once a year. For student's improvement, it is important to stay in contact (phone or Skype) and to work on tasks given by his/her Master.

Many magicians and different cultures and traditions use as a mean to enter the astral plane drugs (for example cocaine, mushrooms, cannabis or hashish…). Some masters used these drugs in order to help students to enter the astral plane. On the other side, these students had to be ready to enter, so that they could understand things and receive energies. We don't recommend this method, because drugs harm energy centres/ chakras and people with harmed energy centres cannot perform magic. Drugs cannot help student to understand things in astral plane properly, in fact, they prevent him to understand messages. And are useless, because student, who is not able to enter astral plane with his own power, is not able to influence things there, get information he needs and move to the places of his interest. Instead of drugs, we recommend breathing exercises and meditations.

White Magic: how to improve yourself

There is always a way into the Light!

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

White Magic master speaks with higher spiritual masters, deities and angels in order to lead the world and people to the higher balance, knowledge and self-awareness.

Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Om, Namaste Buschido. Nome Ten Buschido Tischami.

Know yourself!

When you wish something, and your wish is fulfilled, the fulfillment will change you. So, be careful what you wish for, because it could come true!

The White Magic principle was described in great detail by the Ancient Greeks- via the Delphi Oracle.

White Magic and spirituality are ways of self- enlightenment, self- recognition and wisdom. White Magic and spirituality are ways to get equability, health and joy.

White Magic asks the one, who would like to deal with himself/herself truly sincerely, the hardest labor- continuous working on himself/herself. The White Magic is a spiritual path, the path to the self- fulfillment and enlightenment.

We have received many demands for magical education or questions, what should be done/ how should one act/ to live happy and successful life or how to live without any fear from magical attack. For both questions exists just one answer.

1. Continuous seeking and visiting of spiritual people, Masters and also holy and powerful places (for example Lourdes, but one should try to find some powerful places also somewhere nearby, it could be in the countryside or it could be a place where a saint lived).

2. Continuous reading of spiritual literature and holy books.

3. Unceasing practice of spiritual exercises- meditation and prayers. Regular cleansing with the help of salt water bath, mother earth and holy water, and also smoke the premises with sage, incense or myrtle.

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Translated from Weiße Magie: Info
Let us speak and do,
only what is good for all.
Let us hear and see,
only what is good for all.
Let us serve you, lord of love, all our life.
Let us be used, to spread your freedom in the Earth,
in every minute of our lives,
as well as when we use the Powers of White Magic.

In the world of magic and mysticism
there is no I, you, him or her.
There is only God, there is only I am.
We are light, consciousness and joy
and we manifest ourselves
in various forms
and stages of awareness.

This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life!

This Song will help you to find joy, balance and inspiration for your day!

Who keeps searching, will find!

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