Working with Analogy

White Magic and voodoo

Working with Analogies

"What's below is like what's above, and what's above is like what's below, it is the miracle of One. And like all things that come from the one are represented by meditation, all from the one are born by transfer."
The Law of analogy - Hermetic Law
What is the meaning of these words? "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing" The law of analogy is simply telling us, that micro and macro cosmos are related and complement each other. It also means, that you can influence bigger things, if you change in a symbolic way the smaller things, which are related to them, by charging them with enough energy. This law is the basis for Magic. This is how Magic can work. If you find proper analogy and you charge it with enough energy, this activity causes, that also desired issue will follow your aciton and it will change.
This interpretation helps us to understand, that everything in the Universe, all objects, situations and forms in all levels, are related and interconnected.
It is also important to realise, that Nature is always neutral, it has no preference. "Good" or "bad" is not the invention of the Nature. It is the invention of the human mind- Ego. We need to understand, that we are the part of the nature and the Law of Nature is therefore valid also for us. If you are in resonance with it, it will bring you harmonious life. If you go against it, it will destroy you. From human point of view we can say, that nature has no mercy, or it is sometimes cruel. But from higher point of view, the Law of the Nature is the highest principle, which gives the world its order and creates evolution.
Magic is the directing the natural powers towards desired result. Rituals are performed strictly as an analogy with the natural powers. But good magic is not just about rituals and achieving personal goals. It is also about helping people to achieve the harmony with the Law of Nature, so that they return to the flow of nature and live their lives in balance and peace.
Magical Analogies

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White Magic and voodoo

Basic Analogies

Here, we are offering you some basic analogies, which can help you in your magic practice to amplify the effect of your rituals and to create desired results:

Love and Harmony

To achieve love and harmony in relationships, especially in romantic affairs. We use divine powers expressing tenderness and sweetness. Love is influenced by ancient gods Venus and Cupid also known as Amor.

Gods: Afrodita, Venus, Erzulie, Yemanja, Shiva.
Planets: Venus, Moon
: Spring
Day of the week: Friday, Monday
Phase of the day: Sunrise
Phase of the moon: From Waxing Gibbous to Full Moon
Colours: Red or green
Incense: Benzoe Siam, Patchouli, and Sandalwood
Scents: Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla and Honey
Precious stones: Jade and Rose Quartz
Tarot Cards: Lovers and Strength
Runes: Gebo
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Creativity and Innovative Work 

Creativity is supported by divine powers linked with intuition. Water and moon play the most important role.

Gods: Oxala
Planets: Mercury, Moon
Day of the week: Wednesday and Sunday
Phase of the moon: To start work- waxing gibbous, to end work- waning gibbous
Colours: Gold, Silver, Purple and Yellow
Incense: Cinnamon, Muscat, Bay leaves, Ginseng
Scented oils: Jasmine, Almond, Rose
Precious stone: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz
Tarot cards: The Moon, The Empress, The Fool

Health and Healing

Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine represents Divine healers and to this day he is a symbol of medicine to doctors and pharmacies with his snake entwined staff. As are all of the healing herbs, stones and restoring divine powers.

Gods: Loco
Planets: Sun
Phase of the moon: Waxing Gibbous to strengthen health, Waning Gibbous to eliminate illness.
Colours: Blue, Green and Orange
Incense: Sandalwood and Eucalyptus 
Scented oil: Lavender 
Precious Stone: Quartz and other healing stones
Symbol: Egyptian Cross also known as key of life.

Expulsion and Protection

Everything that is contracting, bounding and completing are used for purpose of protection and expulsion. That includes all things that are sharp, bitter or heavy. However, excessive use of these things can cause repelling of positive energy and friends.

Gods: Erzengeln, Loco, JHVH
Day of the week: Saturday 
Time: Saturn hour
Phase of the moon: Waning Gibbous
Colour: Black
Incense: Cyprus, Vetiver, Solanaceae
Scented Oils: rosemary and sage
Precious stones: turquoise and tiger's eye
Symbols: Pentagram and Hexagram, protective magic circle

Law and Justice

To achieve righteousness and justice use forces of universe that align things in order.The idea of justice is best expressed in allegory as blind justice with drawn up sword.

Gods: Jupiter, Shango oder Xango, Chango
Planets: Jupiter
Time of the year: Equinox
Day of the week: Wednesday, Sunday
Phase of the moon: To start work- Waxing Gibbous, to end work- Waning Gibbous.
Colours: dark blue, purple, red and black
Incense: cypress, cedar, pine-tree
Scented oils: Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemon balm
Precious Stone: Sapphire
Tarot cards: Justice, Temperance 
 Runes: EIHWAZ, Dagaz


Domain of exams and knowledge is solved by divine powers of wisdom and communication. This is supported by gold color therefore anything golden is very useful for this purpose.

  Day of the week: Wednesday 
Time: Mercury hour
Phase of the moon: Waxing Gibbous
Colours: purple and some mixed colours
Incense: coriander, mastic, styrax, nutmeg flower
Precious stone: gold topaz, agate
Tarot cards: three of coins, the magician and temperance

Business and Success

Divine powers linked to success and business are order and concentration. Of course any symbols of money or actual coins can be used to assist in this area.


Gods: Vishnu, Brahma
Planets: Sun, Jupiter
Day of the week: Thursday, Sunday
Time: afternoon
Phase of the moon: Waxing gibbous or full moon
The tree of life: chesed (from Kabbalah)
Colours: purple, green, gold and silver
Incense: Myrtle, bay leaves, cedar, cinnamon and nutmeg
Scented oils: cedar, sage, Iceland moss
Precious stone: granite, diamond
Tarot cards: The magician, The Chariot
 Runes: Berkana, Jera

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