Astral projection and Life after Death

Astral travels and existence after death

Astral projection

& how to explore it

An astral plane is not something extraordinary, what is far far away from us. We all live in the astral plane, but we are not aware of that. It is because it cannot be seen with our human eyes. We can experience it unconsciously- when we are sleeping. So, our experience and memories depends on our degree of being conscious of what is happening with us during we sleep.

A Mage enters the astral plane consciously, fully aware. For the mage is the astral projection an important ability and tool, how to get information about certain situations and problems. It is possible to enter into 8 astral levels. The astral level is a vibration frequency, which is higher than the frequency of our material world we live in. The principle of other worlds is the same as with the sound. It is proved by science, that for example cats and dogs can hear the sounds, which have higher or deeper frequencies than the sounds, which can be heard by humans.

So, it is the same with immaterial worlds. There are many different levels/worlds with different frequencies.

How to train the astral projection?

The biggest obstacle for beginners, who want to learn astral travel is a fear, that they can loose their mind. This is not truth. We don't loose our mind, we swindle our mind.
When we want to meditate, why we do so? The main purpose is to silence our mind, so that we can dive deeper into stillness and relax ourselves.

The first level is to experience a thoughtless awareness. That means, that one has to meditate some time, to occuppate oneself with meditation training, till the thoughtless awareness is achieved. When you achieve and experience this thoughtless awareness, you feel, that you can concentrate better and much deeper. At the beginning, your thoughtless awareness is short and it is enough to practice it only several minutes. Only then it has meaning to start with your astral travel training.

First thing you have to do is to take such position, which is comfortable and stabile, so that your body cannot fall and hurt itself. Best positions are lying position or lotus position. Then we go with our attention/awareness inside and we bind our energy in our body, so that we can use and control all energy we have. We direct this energy into a certain point in our body, for example in solar plexus. When we feel that it is there, the energy is accumulated in one point, we visualize strongly, that we are moving up.

When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and one can achieve long life.
Astral projection

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The first success in your effort is, when you are able to observe yourself from above. Some people can experience this during meditation. They usually get panicked and they immediately return back. This way, we may get some blocks or barriers, which have to be recognised and worked out. In order to do real astral travelling, we have to work out all of these barriers. We have to take full control over our power of imagination, concentration and also breath. That means, we should practice full yoga breath. This breath has three parts: 1. Breath into abdomen, 2. Breath into mid-torso 3.Breath into upper chest. The full yoga breath includes one deep inhalation into lower abdomen, chest and upper chest areas.
When we are able to do this kind of breathing, we can start our astral training with the deepening of our breath, then we can go to second step- the concentration exercise.

The way, how to concentrate on our breathing depends also on our feelings and mood. If we feel good and full of energy, we need to calm down and therefore we concentrate more on our
exhalation. If we feel not so good, or lack of energy, we should concentrate more on inhalation.

The inhalation and also exhalation have to be strong enough, so that we are able to reach so called hyperventilation. It means, that we inhale on purpose more air, that we actually need and we stay relaxed. This will cause, that our spirit will be ready to leave the body. When we combine this breathing with strong concentration, then we will be able to leave our body.

Abdomen inhalation training: best position is lying position, completely relaxed. Breathe in deeply through your nose into your abdomen, then continue inhaling into the chest area and more into the upper chest area. Breathe out slowly, so that first will sink your chest and then your abdomen area. Complete exhalation is very important. It is because only if your lungs are completely empty, you can breathe in really fresh air. Breathe in a balanced way, the same length for inhalation and exhalation.

Recommendation: divide the astral travel into more steps:

1. Yoga breathing
(As described earlier). It means, we breath with all three parts of our lungs (abdomen, chest and upper chest parts).

2. Breathing exercise
(As described earlier). It can be practiced also before every meditation. It means, before we begin our meditation, we practice really deep inhalation and exhalation, (which depends on how we feel that moment). This will create certain hyperventilation, which our body becomes accustomed to and then we meditate further. This way, we will reach a state, where we are able to hear, see or feel things, which we are not able to perceive in usual state of consciousness.

3. Concentration exercise
(As described earlier). We move with our whole concentration and energy into our body. It means, that we put the energy, we have at that moment, into one certain point in our body and then we move with this energy and oscillation out, above the body, so that we can observe ourselves from above. The point we chose (we can choose Solar Plexus or some chakra) depends also on the goal of our astral travel: what level we want to reach or which entity we want to meet. At the beginning, we just try to concentrate on any point in our body and we try to leave our body. During our first astral travel we will certainly meet someone, the guide, who will help us. Precondition for conscious entry into this plane is sufficient spiritual development and reaching the certain depth in meditation. In general it means, that on the first place I have to master myself, to get my own life (especially my thoughts and emotions) under control and my intentions have to be good.
We recommend to wake up early and meditate during sunrise. Then, we recommend to lie down again and to practice conscious astral projection described above. This way, there is a big chance you won't fall asleep into unconsciousness, but you are half sleeping and therefore able to be conscious.
If a person fulfils the conditions described above, then s/he is authorised to enter the astral plane and the spirit, who guards the entrance will communicate with him/her and will offer a help. Warning: The entity/spirit, who guards the entrance to the astral realm, always checks, if the person, who wants to enter, has the right to pass. It checks, if s/he has enough energy and knowledge. If not, s/he won't let him/her in. Because, the guard's duty is to frighten and scare away the people, who are not ready yet. If someone is not ready and enters the astral plane, this spirit will fight with intruder. Then, we have to prove our power and fight with the guard with the power of our will and mind. If we win, the spirit allows us to enter. This applies also to people, who deal with black magic. Black Mage is a person, who sold out his or her soul to some entity, so that s/he can posses for certain (short) time special powers and abilities. The desire to be powerful overlooks the consequences. Because, such person has to serve after death to this entity. Don't underestimate such contract! Such person will never incarnate again and s/he is not aware, what a huge loss it is to stay for eternity in someone's hands!

Astral realm & Astral projection
What is trance?

For the impartial observer, a trance resembles deep sleep. Trance state means, that a person doesn't perceive the outer, „normal“ world and doesn't react on outer stimuli, but her/his attention is focused inside, or s/he is able to „travel“ into the immaterial/astral realms. In that case, we speak about astral projection. We can experience more levels of astral projection:
1. First level of the astral projection
A mage moves consciously to the places, where people normaly go during the sleep with dreams. Consiously means, that a mage is aware of things around and can influence them, take energy or look for information.

2. Second level of the astral projection
A mage moves with full consciousness to the places, where people normally go during the deep sleep. One can influence things and when s/he return back , s/he remembers everything, what happened there.

3. Third level of the astral projection
A mage moves with full consciousness to the places, where people normally go after death. Mage can influence things and return back. S/he remembers everything, what happened there.
In order to achieve the first, second or even third level, one needs certain physical condition and training (which is described in the article above). The physical condition means, that a person is healthy, in harmony and is full of energy. One can increase the energy during the normal, unconscious sleep and through the healthy life style.
On the contrary, if someone wants to enter the astral plane consciously, s/he needs lots of energy to do it. This applies especially for beginners, who don't know, how to do it well. And therefore, they need more energy to enter the astral realms than those practitioners, who have more experience.
Another important thing is psychical stability. Unless someone is not stabile, astral projection can increase his/her unbalance and s/he can end up with a psychical disease.
Astral projections
This applies also for entering the astral realm with the help of drugs. Under the influence of drugs, one is not able to control and influence things, and also is not able to understand properly what s/he experiences. Such efforts are useless and harmful. Drug users cannot develop their spiritual power properly. So, entering the astral realm has the meaning and effect only if a mage performs the astral projection with his/her own energy and using his/her own powers.

Astral plane & Astral projection
Inhabitants of astral plane or whom can you meet there

1. Other living people, who are sleeping and having dreams
2. People, who are death, ghosts
3. Collective astral projections: these are entities created from the same and strong desires of many people (for example, thousands of people think with strong emotion, that jews are bad and it is needed to get rid of them, so they create an entity, who in certain point receives its own consciousness and it wants to incarnate and realize the idea, which created it, like Hitler.)
4. Astral egregors: they are thought-forms, or autonomous psychic entities, which are created from the concentrated thoughts of a group of people, especially when many people believe in someone or they worship/adore someone. For example, many people worship The Virgin Mary. From this concentrated energy/thoughts, was created an entity with its own consciousness, which has nothing to do with the real Virgin Mary. It is a sum of images, concepts and emotions of all people, who were focused on Virgin Mary.
5. Genius- this name refers to ancient intelligences, which are behind the creation and evolution of plants, animals or human beings and they are connected with them.
6. Demon or Daimon- are entities, or astral energies of different forces of nature or human qualities. They possess the same nature as humans or deities, so they have the capacity to evolve. For example, a bad demon, if he serves a good magician, can evolve into good demon. They have certain power and abilities to influence our material world. They work as purifying energies and we can compare them to wolves. Wolves are not bad or evil-natured, they eat weak animals, in order to keep the balance in nature. The same principle is in the astral plane. Demons tempt people for the purpose: they are doing weak and strong selection.
7. Elementals: are entities who personify a force of nature. The elemental always represents only one of four elements (fire, water, air or earth) and possess the powers of this element. Elementals of different elements have different names: salamander for being of fire, undine for being of water, sylph for being of air and gnome for being of earth.
Elementals are also named those beings, which were created by a magician or human through the strong concentration. These boings have certain quest and carry certain information or energies. They are usually created for the purpose to deliver these energies for other person.

Our world is a perfect illusion

How do we know that there are some other worlds or realities? Where is the proof? Many people can't simply believe, because they don't see it. We cannot prove it in a way skeptics want! How can you see beyond this reality with eyes created to sense only material world? There are things even in this world, which we cannot perceive, but we can prove they exist and have impact on your lives: for example ultrasonic waves.
Many sacred books speak about the truth, which is for many modern people surprising or disturbing. This world, which we perceive as real, is in fact an illusion. It is the idea of God, which takes form of what we see, hear and feel. We can realise this only when we are able to observe everything from distance and not to identify with our ego. There is one story, which shows us, how real material world is.
I offer you here a shorter version of the original story, which can be found in the book Yoga Vasistha written by Swami Venkatesananda:
"Once upon a time in a city which did not exist, there were three princes who were brave and happy. One them of two were unborn and the third had not been conceived. Unfortunately all their relatives died. The princes left their city to go elsewhere.
Very soon, unable to bear the heat of the sun, they reached the shade of three trees, of which two did not exist and the third had not even been planted. After resting there for some time and eating the fruits form that trees, they proceeded further.
Then they reached a huge city which was about to built. They entered a palace, which has no walls yet. They took ninety-nine minus hundred grams of rice and cooked it. Then they invited three holy men for dinner. Two of them had no body and the third had no mouth. After they all had eaten the dinner, they were greatly pleased. Thus they lived in that city for a long, long time in peace and joy."
And, there is only one way, how to prove these hypothesis yourself: MAKE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE.

Existence before and after death

Most of us believe in the existence after death. And many also believe in previous lives. Some people, they want to believe, but ask: "Where is a proof?" The truth is, that we cannot feel it and experience in our material bodies, with five basic senses. They belong to this world and they capture the perceptions only from physical world! We can experience it in our permanent “body”, which is made of pure energy. And this permanent part within us, is our soul. So, how to prove it?

Is it possible to know, that there is a life after death, also during our life on this earth, in our material bodies? Yes, it is.
The tool for achieving this is, again, the meditation.

What was before our life?

Every animal or plant exists before its physical manifestation as an immaterial “idea or intention”. In order to materialise it, it needs to accumulate energy and information. This primordial “imprint” consists of all basic information about new living form, all inner and outer reactions and qualities. That means, it is written there, what this living form knows, how it reacts in certain life situations etc. There is also pre-programmed the potential for further development, because there must be some development. If something doesn't work anymore, it has to be a way, how to make it better or new. So, there is a primordial human being, which consists of all reactions, how should this being behave. It is information and we all have it automatically inside of us. We call it unconsciousness, DNA or autonomic nervous system (ANS). In our unconsciousness is also information, which leads to our further development. For example, our ANS knows, how to digest food, how to make muscles grow and how to repair damages. These processes are not conscious, they are happening without our contribution. The same applies to every animal or plant.

Life after Death

Foto © Slávka Strešňáková I Pavol Malenký I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

Our unconsciousness also consists of information about previous forms, from which were developed human beings. It contains information, what these forms experienced. The part of these experiences or memories also create our character. But human being is not just that! We are unique union of these memories of our kind in the form of ANS, information from our previous lives in form of created and accumulated karma and of higher - divine part, the consciousness. These three things merge into one and create the human soul or animal soul. This is how everyone comes to this earth. Every being is burdened by karma from previous lives. Animals don't have such karma, they live in the law of action and reaction, which is formed by experiences. .

Simpler the living form is, deeper in unconsciousness these information and experiences are. More developed human beings or other races are, more conscious are also these information and memories. This happens in the process of spiritual development. This process makes unconscious things conscious and brings understanding. Man has to know the own past, the chain of previous lives going deep to the primordial imprint. Man has to understand the process, which has brought him to the present situation, circumstances, qualities and character. Life can be shorter or longer, but everyone one day dies. Then, soul moves to the spiritual level, which resonates with what this person did and achieved during his/her lifetime.

Life after Death

What will happen after our physical death?

After physical death, the person moves to the astral plane. This place has many different names: for example bardo in Tibet, the fourth dimension, astral level. The meaning is the same, it is the place, where people go after they pass away from their material body .

Example: When we say Africa, everyone knows, what we are speaking about. It is certain place, has its borders, location. But when we say bardo, it has no special meaning. It is just a name, but no meaning. Astral plane has "levels", or certain frequencies. But it has no meaning to give them names.

In this article, we will speak just about one level or frequency- the level for people, who ended their physical existence. It has no special borders. The place we named Africa, is a continent. But in fact, it is just our artificial name for some place. Look at the Europe and Asia. The border between these two is completely artificial, no natural border like ocean or sea… In the astral level, it is the same. One frequency continuously merges into another frequency or level. There is no certain measurable border. This change of frequencies or levels is slow and continual. The stages or levels after death can be explained by the following example.

What comes after death?

Foto © bestdesigns I pmalenky

Practical example: If you put together into the glass a water, stones and an oil, after short time, they will align like in our picture. Stones will be at the bottom, water in the middle and oil at the top. Even if we mix them together, after some time, they will align again as they were before. It is because of their different density. It is the physical law. We can draw to the glass lines, where are the borders between different materials….but if you add more oil or more water, these borders will change and our lines won't be on the right places…

The same applies for the souls in the astral plane. Every soul has some level of light, frequency, which depends on the experiences and spiritual level achieved in the human life. Elisabeth Haich describes these frequencies in her book INITIATION. Not living things in nature like stones have the densest or "lowest" frequency. Then follow plants, animals, human beings. Human beings are not on one level. They can evolve their frequency or consciousness into genius state, then prophet state and finally into state called divine human being. Also in the realm of plants or animals, there are differences in frequency. Insect has for example very different level of existence from a dolphin. Astral plane is just one, but it contains many different levels or frequencies and the souls after death will go to the "place" with the same frequency.

The stone from our example will move to the bottom. In the same way, a soul of somebody, who was bad (he was cheating, killed somebody etc.) will go the the level, where s/he meets the same souls. Good and positive person will move to the level, where other souls like that resides. It is one world and magician can go wherever s/he choose. But after death, we don't have choice, we will be "attracted" by our frequency.

Practical Example

Foto © Monika Slivová I Pavol Malenký I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

This one astral world with many different levels and frequencies can be for example divided into these levels:

- level for watching one's own human life,
- level for watching other previous lives,
- level for regeneration of the soul,
- preparative level for the next life
- level for souls, who are about to be born again.

Will we meet after death with people we loved on this earth?

Yes and no. After death, most people are "welcomed" by those souls, which harmonised with them on the earth. That means, if we loved someone, s/he can be the one, who welcomes us in the other world. But it doesn't mean, we can stay there together forever. People move to the level, where are similar souls, which have the similar frequency. It is like during the life: we choose friends with similar thinking, opinions, hobbies etc. Sometimes we even say, Oh, I like him, we are on the same frequency/wave length…

We are never welcomed by our enemies. For example, it is not possible to meet or come into contact with someone, who killed you. He will move to other frequency. If he for example wants you to ask for forgiveness, he can find you with lots of effort and energy. But even if he moves into your frequency, he won't stay there, he will be attracted back to "his" frequency.

If a soul wants to meet someone, who vibrates on different frequency, it is not easy. She can have with him or her only telepathic connection or these souls can just know about each other, without possibility of direct interaction. A soul can move for a moment to different frequency, but it is very demanding on energy and it can last just a short time. It works like in the example written above. We can try to mix stones, oil and water together and get the stone up. But when we stop mixing, it will return back to the bottom.

Life after Death: Souls

Foto © bestdesigns I pmalenky

This is the "problem" of life after death. Soul can meet there only souls, which are similar to its frequency. They have similar points of view, behaviour, opinions. This causes, that soul cannot learn so much like on the earth, where people of different frequencies are mixed together… Meeting different people in different situations on this earth help us onto develop and grow.

If a relationship was not balanced, because people were different, they can visit each other, only if one of them has enough energy to move to another level. It is easier to move from higher frequency into lower level, and, more difficult to move to higher level than ours. It is like on this earth. Visiting friends in America is for us more expensive and time demanding, then visiting someone here in Europe. Money is energy. On the after life, people with lots of energy can afford more than people with less energy. Some people need to get additional training, but people on the high spiritual level not. We can stay with some soul there forever, but only if universal laws allow us to do so. For example: Someone wants to stay in America, but his long-term visa has expired. So, staying there depends not on him, but on laws and outer circumstances. He can stay there without permission, but this cannot work for a long time. In the same way, if someone is not a saint with plenty of energy, he can stay somewhere, but after some time, it will take him back, where he belongs.
For example: A saint has a friend in a hell. He wants to support him, so, he goes to hell. It makes him no problem. But if a man from hell wants to go to the heaven, it is a problem.

And he cannot go until he goes through a cleaning process.

In this astral world, there are, except of souls, also another beings- angelic beings or spiritual masters. Because of their wisdom and spiritual power, they are able to move easily wherever they want. These beings got these powers because of their training and development, so they became like this by their own effort. If someone works on him/herself also during his/her life, his/her life after death will be easier and s/he will probably continue in his/her development under the guidance of such being. If someone didn't train on the earth, development would be practically impossible. Adept of Magic continues after death in his/her magical training, if s/he wishes so. His master is able to find him and help him. After death, people don't lose their free will. If they don't want to learn, they don't have to. Those, who learn, they progress faster. Those, who don't learn stay on their current level.

Sometimes people don't realise, that they are death, because they are not able to see the difference between material and astral body. Some people won't never realise this, because they are not able to accept it and understand it. People continue in their lives, till they have energy. Then, the flow will take them where they belong and they will get ready for their next incarnation. The only exception are people, who learned, how to take energy from living creatures. We call them energy vampires and they can stay in this level, neither living, nor death, for a long time.

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