Aura ✥ Human Energy Field

Aura- our energy field

Every living thing (human, plant or animal…) has around it an energy field, which is not visible to our eyes – aura. The word „aura“ comes from a greek word „avron“ and means breeze. Aura is an "radiation", which we emit. This aura is not something stabile, it reflects our health, our mood, our personality and character traits and also the level our spiritual development. Aura is unique and special for every human being, plant or animal. We can find some references on aura also in Bible. For example:

“When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, his face was radiant, and they were afraid to come near him. (Exodus)

Aura can be sensed in more ways. Someone sees it (like colours around the body), but more people feel it, sense it through feelings.

Layers of Aura: Aura is made of four layers. The First layer shows our energy. It means: its appearance depends on health and current physical condition, age of the person, how s/he is tired right now, how did s/he sleep. It is located close around the body, from 0 to 30 cm. Sensitive people can see it as a blue light. If someone is not healthy, takes strong medicines, drink alcohol, take drugs or is in very negative state of mind, his/her aura is weakened and there are "holes" in it. Through these holes can enter the body some spiritual junk energies/ entities and take the human energy. This way, one can get sick, or in more serious cases, s/he can hear voices.

The Second layer of aura is connected with chakras. It is located around the body, in distance from 5 to 60 cm. The appearance of this aura depends on emotions, character and intellect. These three things: emotions, character and intellect are in chakras. That means, that for example some bad character trait, intellectual failure or unhealthy emotions, are reflected in this aura. Of course, it is very relative, what is right and what is wrong. Right is, what works for us and help us to achieve our goals.

Aura of the Chakras in harmony

Personal aura: chakras

Ilustrácia © Anna Pospíšilová I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

Human Aura: lack of energy

Aura: lack of energy

Human Aura: enough energy

Aura: enough energy

Ilustrácie © Anna Pospíšilová I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

This aura can have different colours. And as we said before, it depends on the personal emotions, character, intellectual level and what kind of goals occupy our mind. So, one can have mixture of different colours.

The Third layer of aura depends on the personal spiritual development. The size of this layer can be from 0 cm to 100 metres or more. More than one hundred metres have people with the high spiritual level (for example our master Buschido). It starts to appear, when someone starts his/her spiritual development. It starts as a small „ball“ in the area of our heart or solar plexus. This ball is, with the spiritual development, growing. This continual growth is showed in following pictures. This layer of aura is white, golden, or silver. It has only these three colours, no other or different colours. They are equal, none of them is better or worse.

Aura of spiritual development
Aura of spiritual master

Ilustrácie © Anna Pospíšilová I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

The Fourth layer of aura depends on what kind of immaterial beings or entities are connected with a spiritual person or a mage. It means, that more spiritual helpers and allies person has, stronger this aura is. It has no colour and can be described as a whirlpool of energy. It is pictured on following images. Its appearance depends on personal karma.

Aura: saint
Aura in connection iwth astral being
Aura in connection with another being

Illustrations © Anna Pospíšilová I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

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