Chapter 1

Anuri's Novel

"There is never a final good-bye, there's always a meeting again."

The dream of former lives – Anuri

Although Peter was just 20 years old he had meditated regularly for a couple of years. He had already experienced a lot of bad things. He knew that he couldn't change the world that he lived in and the people around him, but he also knew that he could achieve a lot of good things because of his inner attitude and clarity which he could reach through meditation. To be happy or unhappy depends on our inner attitude, not on the "reality" around us. The same thing that can make one person very happy can make another person unhappy. It depends on your point of view.

After a mediation one day Peter fell asleep in the early morning. All of a sudden he was in a former life. Peter was in Egypt, during the time when the pyramids were built. He was a merchant and bought different products from different countries which he sold in Egypt.

At this time Egypt was ruled by a holy Pharaoh who was deified as a god. You could compare him to Jesus or Krishna. He had special abilities, e.g. to read people minds, to heal people and to see and influence the future of people and the world. He was the leader of the church, which had 3 levels. The first level was for everyone, the second one for the more interested and developed people, the highest one for the people who went into the pyramids and immolated their own lives.

anuri chapter1

Peter was very curious and anxious for the truth, but too afraid to go into the pyramids because then he would never live a "normal life". Nevertheless he tried to do some exercises and meditation. He was 40 years old when he gave a very important gift from another country to the Pharaoh. At this time, Peter lived alone, without any relationships, focused on his job but happily and in the search of truth. Somehow Peter hoped that he could see the truth without going into the pyramids. Peter didn't need to tell that to the Pharaoh because he already seen all of his hopes and wishes before he had come to him.

As a surprise the Pharaoh gave Peter a woman who was originally "prepared" for the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had a lot of women, not because he needed them but so that his genes could intermix with the human population thus the people would be born in a higher spiritual standard. Peter's girl was just 15 years old and he had to promise not to touch her until she was a grown up and to teach her everything he knew about spirituality. Peter wasn't very happy to marry such a young girl but he wasn't allowed to refuse because it was the Pharaoh who gave him the girl. So Peter married the girl called Anuri and taught her everything he knew about spirituality. But the girl was very talented and learned everything just in a few months where as Peter needed years.

An incredible love developed between the two of them. Actually, it wasn't love it was more of a unity. Absolute comprehension, balance and mutual support. His wishes were her wishes. There was no fighting over who had the power in their relationship, they understood each other without speaking. Understood, what the other one needed, felt or knew what was going on inside. It was one soul in two bodies.

But the girl wished to go inside the pyramids to serve god. Peter didn't want to lose her but the highest expression of love is to give the opportunity and freedom to go. Peter did let her go. The doors closed behind her and he realized that he would never see her again, he died soon there after. He couldn't live without his other half. Especially when he had heard that his girl, his love had reached the highest level of enlightenment but wasn't living anymore. But the love that he got from this girl followed him into death.

Auri chapter1 Pyramid

Peter didn't want to wake up but he did, he couldn't stop it. Weeping he realized that he never felt and experienced such a great love. But it was this love, that he had always looked for! But where in god's sake should he start to look for this girl? Where? Where does he have to go? Does she even live in this degenerate age in which people are smarter and technically high developed but have no clue about spirituality? In which country does he have to start, looking, is she actually incarnated as a woman and will she still love him?

The only thing he knew was that he would see her again. He didn't know if it would be in this life or not. He knew that if there had been such an extraordinary love between two people that they would find each other again.

Peter tried to find the girl he loved in Egypt within every girl. He told his story to every woman he fell in love with. He looked at their reactions to figure out if they could be his love. But after a while Peter came to find that none of this women were his eternal love. And so he kept searching and hoping for his Anuri…

Chapter 2 coming soon...

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