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A Story of Enlightenment

A Story of Enlightenment

White Magic

A student asks his master:

„What separates me from the Truth?”

A master sais:

"You are the truth. It is just an illusion to think, that you are separated from the truth"
"So, why am I not feeling that?! What should I do to achieve enlightenment? What should I do to get rid of this inner restlessness, which is inside of me?“,
asks the student further.
„No ego, no problem :-) Let everything, what you cannot control, flow freely and do, what you think is best to do in the present moment. Your heart and mind should be one. Be here and now.“: says master.

„It is so easy. Why do I feel it to be so difficult?“: asks student.
“It is easy only there, where is no I and You.“: says master.

Enlightment White Magic

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“How could I achieve that?“
“Enlightenment means, that you perceive everything as consciousness, energy and love. Meditate every day and read holy books! This will have positive impact on your spirit and you will achieve thoughtless awareness. This way, the truth, love and light will penetrate you. “: the master says quietly.

Student keeps asking impatiently:“Why isn't my perception so simple? I don't see only love, I see also hatred, injustice and pain.“
Master answers:“Hatred is only a lack of love, it is like you cannot see the light, when it is dark. We can experience this world only because it is based on duality. There is no sound, no music without silence. Without hatred and fear, we would not see and experience love and harmony. Despite that, the fear and hatred is form of love, egoistic love. If you understand this, you will move further.“

Student asks sadly:“Why isn't in humans deeds only love? Everything would be so easy.“
Master explains and asks with a smile:"A consciousness evolves. Stones evolved into plants, plants evolved into animals and from animals came human beings. Humans are also evolving further. They are evolving towards the state of a genius, someone, who has the access to the powers of creation. Genius is someone, who is able to uncover new great theories, create amazing pieces of art or inventions. Genius can evolve further into a prophet. Prophet is able to see the past and future and predict what will happen. The prophet will develop further into a divine-human, one who is unified with God. This journey makes us more conscious, aware, who we are. And who are you?“

Student is confused:“I don't understand your question. How do you mean that? I am simply I. This is my name…“:
“Yes, that it is!“: master interrupts a student. “Who is the One, who is saying I am simply I? Who is saying this is my name? You can say: this is my head, my leg, my thoughts, my feelings. Who is that owner?!?":

“I don't know.“: student answers.
Then, master says slowly: “You are the eternal consciousness, you are the light, wisdom, joy. But it won't help you just to believe my words. You have to experience them inside! Therefore, meditate, read holy books, pray, till your mind won't be calm and lives what you learned. And then, you will experience it! After you experience this, you have to understand, that you need to be in harmony. You have to accumulate energy, only then you can experience truth. You have to pass your knowledge further and help all other fellow beings. Then, you will become everything!"

Student start to meditate about these wise words and become enlightened.

Translated from: Erleuchtung

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