A Story of Enlightenment

A Story of Enlightenment

White Magic

A student asks his master:

„What separates me from the Truth?”

A master says:

"You are the truth. It is just an illusion to think, that you are separated from the truth."
"So, why am I not feeling that?! What should I do to achieve enlightenment? What should I do to get rid of this inner restlessness, which is inside of me?“
asks the student further.
„No ego, no problem :-) Let everything, what you cannot control, flow freely and do, what you think is best to do in the present moment. Your heart and mind should be one. Be here and now.“ says the master.

„It is so easy. Why do I feel it to be so difficult?“ asks the student.
“It is easy only there, where is no I and You.“ says the master.

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Our Earthly Life Fitts Into Four Plastic Bags

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When I was a little, my parents and I used to play a game called "a little pile asks for a big one". A man even plays this game every day indeed. But what matters in life? When I observed my father during his life, I found out that as time went by, I always puzzled over what gift to get him for Christmas or for his birthday. The older he got, the less he needed. When his health got poorer every day so did wanish his needs . He stopped walking, he wasn't even interested in his favorite program on TV, he didn't need to judge anything. Over time he stopped eating and by the end he didn't even require to drink. He left in peace, with a prayer on his lips and a rosary in his hand. I always knew I had the best dad in the world and I was and still am very grateful for that. I have never been ashamed to say who my father is. What came next only proved this to me.

After the funeral, the priests who buried him told me with astonishment that they had came to the funeral and there was a church full of people, like at Sunday mass. I vaguely registered the number of people at the cemetery, and I didn't even know most of them and had never heard of them. There were people whom my father helped during his life, those whose paths he crossed, and those who liked him or respected him for what he was. He wasn't rich, nor important, nor famous....he was a GOOD MAN. A few weeks after the funeral, I found four plastic bags under the table in one of the rooms... there were my father's personal things inside... When we stand in front of the Heavenly Father, all we will have with us will be our soul, that what we will have done or not done in our life what we came here for, but also how we will have managed our being on Earth and our "four plastic bags" will remain thrown somewhere in the corner... To be a GOOD MAN is more than to be a GREAT one... .

“How could I achieve that?“
“Enlightenment means, that you perceive everything as consciousness, energy and love. Meditate every day and read holy books! This will have positive impact on your spirit and you will achieve thoughtless awareness. This way, the truth, love and light will penetrate you.“ the master says quietly.

Student keeps asking impatiently:“Why isn't my perception so simple? I don't see only love, I see also hatred, injustice and pain.“
Master answers:“Hatred is only a lack of love, it is like you cannot see the light, when it is dark. We can experience this world only because it is based on duality. There is no sound, no music without silence. Without hatred and fear, we would not see and experience love and harmony. Despite that, the fear and hatred is form of love, egoistic love. If you understand this, you will move further.“

Student asks sadly:“Why isn't in humans deeds only love? Everything would be so easy.“
Master explains and asks with a smile:"A consciousness evolves. Stones evolved into plants, plants evolved into animals and from animals came human beings. Humans are also evolving further. They are evolving towards the state of a genius, someone, who has the access to the powers of creation. Genius is someone, who is able to uncover new great theories, create amazing pieces of art or inventions. Genius can evolve further into a prophet. Prophet is able to see the past and future and predict what will happen. The prophet will develop further into a divine-human, one who is unified with God. This journey makes us more conscious, aware, who we are. And who are you?“

Student is confused:“I don't understand your question. How do you mean that? I am simply I. This is my name…“:
“Yes, that it is!“ the master interrupts a student. “Who is the One, who is saying I am simply I? Who is saying this is my name? You can say: this is my head, my leg, my thoughts, my feelings. Who is that owner?!?"

“I don't know.“ student answers.
Then, the master says slowly: “You are the eternal consciousness, you are the light, wisdom, joy. But it won't help you just to believe my words. You have to experience them inside! Therefore, meditate, read holy books, pray, till your mind won't be calm and lives what you learned. And then, you will experience it! After you experience this, you have to understand, that you need to be in harmony. You have to accumulate energy, only then you can experience truth. You have to pass your knowledge further and help all other fellow beings. Then, you will become everything!"

Student started to meditate about these wise words and became enlightened.

Translated from: Erleuchtung


The Earth entered a new energy field some time ago. This causes a disturbance in the vibrations of a human and also in one´s receiving abilities. There are transformational changes of the Earth and people, which can be for the better or for the worse. The better ones may bring "Heaven on the Earth", but the worse transformative changes mean cataclysmic upheavals, a great change of the earth or time - simply put, a world catastrophe. It's like trimming the branches of a tree every year - it strengthens it and removes the useless parts. When a species becomes sick and degenerates, it must disappear from the face of the earth. Humanity is like that tree. It is still young, but because some branches are growing senselessly and bearing wildings, it is necessary to prune them, otherwise the tree will not give delicious fruit. The great eras are divided into a period of light and a period of darkness. There are transformational cycles lasting 500 years in each of these periods. Era changes once in every 12,000 years and only 2 times during the Great Era, which lasts 24,000 years. The sun is the heart of our system, it not only gives us heat and light, but is also the source and the guide of our evolution. Unless we do something to slow the destruction of the planet, we can expect a huge amount of water and fire in the form of floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes caused by the great convulsions of the planet. Climate changes and cataclysms can naturally cause misfortune, wars, strange diseases that start to spread among people. The result is a probable world economic crisis, which, like all the previous ones, spontaneously result in a war affecting the entire planet. An ignorant and selfish civilization will leave behind a large number of dead. Everything can turn into one big junkyard and a huge cemetery unless man changes ones relationship with the Earth. However, if humanity can recover its connection with Earth, this transition may be less painful. Imagine that 45% of forests and 24% of pastures have been destroyed since 1945, and one of the main reasons for climate change is the destruction of vegetation. Alarmingly, more than 1,200 species of birds have become extinct since 1920, and birds, as we know, are an excellent indicator of climate change. Have you had recently, an opportunity to see current pics of the impoverished state of the animal inhabitants of Antarctica? .

The saddest thing though is that a man has become greedy and through actions against all the laws of preservation of the nature and the life on Earth, is driving onself into destruction. Humanity on this planet is working on self-destruction by its actions, and is also responsible for Mother´s Earth sickness. Therefore, she tries to regain her balance and heal herself, just like the human body goes through the process of purification and has fever, chills, diarrhea and even vomits. An inevitably continuing process of detoxification has started in the earth´s body, so that she would get rid of poisons and toxins. Unfortunately, in the current cycle of the planet, humans are the scourge, yet the catalyzer of this defensive disaster. Despite where it all goes, there is still a possibility and a chance to avert the demise of this civilization. Humans, as sentient beings are able to create living energy pillars through prayer and meditation that will consequently strengthen the earth's protective energy coat. Provided the truth and love take over hearts of the inhabitants of this planet, and serenity and peace reign everywhere, then the Earth's energy shield will be strengthened again. Darkness causing pain, fear, anger, war, genocide, violence and homicides is weakening our beautiful planet and she needs us. She needs peaceful inhabitants with pure hearts and noble spirits. She needs beings of light who are capable of strengthening her nervous system - loving human beings who will reconnect with Mother Earth and protect life in all its forms. It is urgent we love and defend life. If we can't or don't want to - what is our own for? How is it possible that humans' peacefulness turned into a hunger for violence and destruction? Have you ever wondered where had gone all those ancient and famous civilizations that were much more advanced than ours? As long as a man sows chaos and violence, lies, steals and destroys, causes wars, fear and iniquity, then one cannot be surprised that reaps what one sows and that the harvest won´t be satisfying. On the other hand, love, prayers, altruistic help to needy and positive thoughts of people can restore the strength of the Earth's protective shield. We are all one and there is enough of everything for everyone. It is not necessary to fight with one another, to envy each other, to selfishly abusing life at the expense of others. The rich is not the one who has a lot, but the one who gives. It's up to us...Do we want to preserve our dear Mother Earth, or do we prefer to bury our heads in the sand? Do we want light or darkness? Peace be with you. .

We must not allow the perfect to become the enemy of the good

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This whole world consists of stickers and stamps. We see a car - a sticker, we hear an advertisement - a sticker, we meet a person - a sticker with a stamp... In the advertising of cosmetic companies, you will receive instructions for perfect skin. Clothing companies offer the perfect outfit, and thanks to pharmaceutical companies, you will not only have perfect health, but also a perfect body... Someone will say that the Dolomites are the perfect place for a winter holiday...and half the globe moves to the Alps...somewhere else I will write that the perfect woman has measurements of 90-60-90, flawless nose, cup size no. 4 and not only plastic surgeons and fitness trainers, but also (healthy) lifestyle advisors have fun... Matrix determines what is perfect, what is suitable and what is not, what a perfect family, work, success should look like...

And people allow themselves to be seduced by tinsel... Will someone be seduced, even if an offer comes for a perfect soul...? Is everything "perfect" really good?

My grandmother, a woman deep inside with wisdom, used to say..."not everyone likes a potato cup..." but also that "he who lives on someone else's mind, let his ownbeing a virtuoso, not even knowing the notes when you play with love and passion...."

When a sunny and sunny day breaks the clouds, and the rain that washes the street and freshens the air does not spoil the beauty of this day. A child who is learning to walk sometimes walks awkwardly, sometimes on all fours, sometimes falls and hits himself, sits down, cries and gets up.

A bird chirping under the window does not have to be a nightingale to improve the mood or even the day. An apple is an apple and a banana is a banana. Neither of them think they are anything different. When you plant an apple, you will not grow bananas, and even those apples were the shape and color of bananas, they will always taste like apples. With the last days of November came the first snow. Everything was covered with a beautiful white duvet for a few days. That's when time stops in the forest. Massive trees are covered with snow and their branches bend under its weight, a period of rest begins. Silence and peace will spread its wings over the entire forest.

I admired how beautifully the snowflakes covered the bushes in the garden. I was fascinated that they were not identical at all. The only thing the snowflakes have in common is their shape, but otherwise each one is original. Over 4.5 billion years, hundreds of thousands of tons of snow have fallen on this earth and millions of snowflakes have fallen, and each one ITS OWN.

Suddenly a tit flew into that blanket of snow. She lowered herself into the snow again and again, scattering everything around her. She also enjoyed the first snow. I stood by the window in amazement and could not tear my eyes away from the joy..

I realized that we allow the outside world so much to control our opinions, thoughts that I no longer know whether we are an apple or a banana...we want to have a perfect life, children, work, prestige, "friends" and everything GOOD for us ah… and the only PERFECTION is God Himself….

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