Frequently asked questions

I have already contacted other white mage, I have paid lots of money but still I can’t see any results.

How can I find someone serious, a Magician, who performs real Magic?

You have probably realised that there are plenty of web pages, which deal with magic. Many of them offer easy and fast solution of any problem. And, the most of them, have no real address, no further contact information or possibility to visit a mage, and of course, no officially established business. If you find this kind of a page, be careful. Behind such a web page can be someone, who never did Magic, maybe also some student, who can earn lots of easy money by tricking trustful people. Real Magician needs for his/her work real place, where s/he performs Magic. And real Magician prefers personal contact with the client, because, this way, he can achieve better results. From our experience, we found out, that it is important to be in regular contact with the client. So we recommend contacting a mage, you can speak with or see him/her on skype, you can personally visit or at least you have his/her phone number. If there is no possibility to find on the web site this information about a mage, there is also big probability, that you won’t receive any expected magical help. Magic, which is performed just via e-mail conversation cannot bring results!!!
Personal contact is the best. Some magic, like love magic or magic of success, can be practiced also on distance and we have also modern ways of communication via phone, Whatsapp or Skype (where you can also see each other…). So, how to recognise a mage from juggler? You cannot see it on distance, but if you visit a real mage, you can feel “ something strong ” in the atmosphere, in his house and of course, from the Mage himself. It is because real mage works with energy and his/her working place is loaded with energy. The last very important thing is, that magic doesn’t mean to do one ritual and the situation is solved. It is not like in fairy tales! Magic means sometimes weeks of work, months of focus and energy, which is flowing into the problem and solving it gradually. It is process, where time and patience is needed.