Frequently asked questions

My life is one big misfortune. I feel like I´m bewitched. What should I do?

I have bad luck in every aspect of my life- finance, love and also health. Who is responsible for my misery?

Only a small percentage of our clients are bewitched by “professionals”. This group of people experiences except of common misfortune also some more serious things- bad sleep, hearing of voices in their head, deep sadness, depressions, desire to die or obsessions. If you have such experience contacts us here. Or use some kind of protective magic or protective ritual. Or you can find useful information on our blogspot.
First of all you have to find out the source of your problems. Use your common sense. For example… Read More…

I want to be your student of Magic. What can I do to become one?

To do white magic successfully and without any psychical harm means continual daily work on yourself. In your magic world it means daily meditation, observation, increasing of the personal power and spiritual reading. So, to start magical practice is to start your unceasing meditation practice. If you haven't meditate before, find some inspiration on our web page. You need to know and master yourself in order to command spirits and communicate with Gods. Otherwise they won’t respect you and cooperate with you.

We have many students of white magic and we do not deny anyone. So, to become a student is easy. But to stay with us and have access to our experience and knowledge is reserved for students with endurance and strong will. Every student has to work on him/herself every day. If student proves through his/her commitment and actions, that s/he has serious interest (most people give up after one month) and after deepening own personality, student starts to learn magic. Our approach to every student is individual. Every serious student of magic will obtain conditions for cooperation and study. There is nothing like one initiation ritual, during which one can transform from ordinary untrained person into a magician with supernatural powers. To be a mage is hard work. You cannot be a mage in one day, you have to become one!