Frequently asked questions

Why is your magic charged? Why is magic expensive?

Many people ask, how do we estimate our prices? Here are the basic factors, which influence our price:
1. The difficulty of the case, number of people involved in the case
2. The price of materials and things needed for the rituals (they are sometimes unique and has to be the best quality)
3. Estimated time, which will be needed to achieve the goal (time spend in rituals and personal consultations with the client)
4. The laws of resonance and attraction- many people has certain situation as a result of their behaviour. To change this situation, lots of energy is needed. Money is the energy, in which is accumulated your work and effort. To achieve harmony, one has to sacrifice something in order to receive back. Ask yourself a question:”How do I value my desire? How worthy is it for me?” Do you think, you can achieve something superior and perfect by paying 100 euro and waiting without effort on result???!!
5. To be a mage means unceasing daily work on oneself. We can compare our occupation to top sportsmen. Behind one victory, there is many yours of training and effort! We have to practice daily, we have to learn daily and improve ourselves. This is also included into price. Without this training, we cannot practice successful magic!