Frequently asked questions

What makes magic successful?

The rate of success depends on more factors:
1. Quality of magic: the quality of magic depends on the personality of the mage, more powerful s/he is, more powerful is also his/her magic
2. Work of the client: magic cannot solve everything. There are needed also changes on the side of a client. If client doesn’t change and developm certain things, magic will create a situation and after some time, the things will be just the same as before.
3. Free will: the third factor is, that a mage has to respect the free will of people involved. It is not acceptable to influence somebody by force! For example in love magic, magic creates chance to meet again, to say “I want to try it once more”, to give the second chance.
The work of magic can be explained with this image:
You are at present involved in certain situation. You don’t like it. You decide to use magic, so that it will help you to solve this problem. What can magic do? It can lift you from the current energy level (present situation) to the higher energy level (desired situation). What is your part of the work? To develop and learn new things and to dissolve barriers, so that you can stay on the higher level/desired situation (as we said before, if client doesn't work on him/herself, magic lifts him/her up again and again, but, because s/he is not vibrating with higher energy, s/he returns back where s/he came from).One needs to dissolve blocks and to cut connections with the present situation. These connections are your present behaviour, thinking patterns, habits, opinions, which create your current situation and hold you there… So, if someone is not able to admit, that something is wrong with his/her current way of life, or is not willing to develop further, we cannot help him/her! Nobody can help him/her. People who stubbornly stay the same and don't change, find themselves again and again in certain type of situations… One has to be brave enough to admit that something may be wrong and have courage to do things differently. This is the area, we guide and help people. So, this method is not for people, who don’t want to change something and expect, that things will come to them without any effort. This method is for people, who are able to accept the challenge and do their best. Then, we are on his/her side and we will fight for him/her, till s/he won't achieved, what s/he wants!