Frequently asked questions

Somebody has cursed me, what can help me to get rid of that?

A curse can be made by amateurs or professionals. The professional black magic can be really dangerous and need adequate response & protection. Don't underestimate it, don´t act in panic of your own. You should contact some professional.
Here are some general advices to minimize the impact of the black magic on your life:

- The only way, how can be human influenced by negative forces, is through his/her mind! Therefore, meditate and pray (being observer and being detached during the meditation cleans and disolves the content of your mind and removes rubbish and bad thoughts, it also strengthens the "immunity" of your energy body). Evil things are opposite of light, so visualize light within your whole body, say loudly holy names of God according to your religion (Hebrew or hindu names of God or names of Allah…), and experience them inside;
- once a week make a salt water bath (1,5 kg of salt put into your bath, then relax for appx. 5 min., imagine how everything bad goes from your body to the water);
- use incense (the one used in church) to clean your personal space, pray while going with incense to all rooms in your flat/home- evil things don´t like it. Or use other purifying herbs or plants (like sage or garlic);
- black magic wants you to be weak- to feel fear and desperation, to be like puppet without will... so you should force yourself and take some positive action, think of something that makes you happy, try to be good to other people. Help and service to others makes light in your life and repels evil things. Surround yourself with positive things- positive objects in your room ( for example no dark pictures on the wall), music you hear (no death metal :-)), movies (no horrors, dramas...)... If you want to do something positive, but your mind will say something like "It won't help" "It is useless" or "I am too weak to do that", be aware, that these thoughts come from your enemy- negative forces!!!
- read spiritual books- that cleans and inspires you, here are some examples: N.D.Walsch- Conversations with God, D.M.Ruiz- Four Agreements, Eckhart Tolle- The power of now or Anastasia Novych- Sensei of Shambala etc.

You can also try to protect yourself with this protective spell: Small Pentagram Ritual. It will purify the space around you. Do it especially before sleep.