Frequently asked questions

Is there any guarantee from your side?

Is there any guarantee from your side that my problem will be solved? What if you won't achieve my goal with white magic or voodoo?

We guarantee that your relationship or some other situation will get new chance. If you want your partner back, we guarantee that he/she will communicate with you again. If you want better job, we will open the possibility to have this job (Success Spells). But how you will use the chance, depends just on you. So, we can “create” for you new chance. But it is up to you to use the chance in a right, positive way.

Example: Woman leaved the man, because he deceived her. By magic we can achieve that woman will come back to her partner and give him new chance. But if he won't stop to deceive her, she will leave him again. That won't be the failure of the White Magic or Voodoo, but the failure of that man. Another example: Man lost his job because he was sloven. Magic can help him to get new job. But if he won't change his approach, he will lose his job again.

But of course we don't look passively how will the thing end! The second part of our job is to prepare and “train” our clients to reach their goal successfully and to live happy life. So besides the magic we do for our clients also life coaching.