Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to achieve my goal?

Time for achieving of some goal is very individual and depends on many things. We suppose it will take 3 months from starting the magician work. But our practice shows us that the case can last from one week till several years. The time depends on difficulty of the case, especially how many people are in particular problem involved. The other very important point is cooperation from the side of client. That means how he/she accepts our recommendations and energy.
Example: Partner left not long ago, they communicate with each other, both of them are single, without new partner. In such case is goal achieved in a very short time. But if they have another partners, parents are against the relationship, one of the partners moved abroad… the case needs longer time to change.
We won´t stop the work till the problem is solved in a positive way. We focus on quality. Quality sometimes means that you are not satisfied with good solution, but you want the best one. So you better wait till the right time will come. Our goal is happiness and satisfaction of our clients. Not the race against time. Of course, we do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible, because we are aware of unhappiness of our clients.