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My life is one big misfortune. I feel like I´m bewitched. What should I do?

Very often people write us this kind of emails: "I have bad luck in every aspect of my life- finance, love and also health. What should I do to get rid of this and achieve prosperity and happiness?"

Only a small percentage of our clients are bewitched by “professionals”. This group of people experiences except of common misfortune also some more serious things- bad sleep, hearing of voices in their head, health problems, which cannot be explained by doctors, deep sadness, depressions, desire to die or obsessions. If you have such experience contacts us here. Or use some kind of protective magic or protective ritual. Or you can find useful information on our blogspot.
First of all you have to find out the source of your problems. Use your common sense. For example if you cannot find a job, first of all look at your education and skills. If it is not sufficient, you should find some course, so that you have better chance to get better job. Or maybe you cannot find a good partner. Maybe it would be enough to change environment you normally live in. For example, you like dancing so you can start some dancing course and you can meet somebody there. Or you experience very frequent relationship problem, where every partner you have turns after some time into aggressive person or s/he leaves you saying, s/he doesn't love you anymore. Look into the past to the relationship of your parents. Are you not following the same patterns as your mother or father? If you have health problems, look to genetic predispositions of your family members, your nutrition and physical activity. If you do not have healthy way of life, you cannot expect good health.
According to our personal and also professional experience, the most difficult thing in the life is to realise our bad habits and to change them. Bad habits are not just obvious things like smoking or drinking alcohol. They are more hidden in our everyday life: negativism, self-destructive behaviour, fear of being abandoned or alone, fear of change etc.
The way out is based on never ceasing everyday work on yourself:
1. Seeking and visiting of spiritual people, Masters and also holy or powerful places (for example Lourdes, but one should try to find some powerful places also somewhere nearby, it could be in the countryside or it could be a place where a saint lived).
2. Daily reading of spiritual literature, motivational books in the area we want to improve and holy books.
3. Daily practice of spiritual exercises- meditation, daily introspection and prayers.
4. Healthy way of life- proper exercise and nutrition.

Please read our section concerning white magic general advice and meditation.
If you would like to change your life, we would be happy to assist you in the field of meditation and recommend useful spiritual literature!