Frequently asked questions

I want to be your student of Magic. What can I do to become one?

To do white magic successfully and without any psychical harm means continual daily work on yourself- daily meditation and spiritual reading. So, to start magical practice is to start your unceasing meditation practice. If you haven't meditate before, find some inspiration on our web page. You need to know and master yourself in order to command spirits and communicate with Gods. Otherwise they won’t obey you.

We have many students of white magic and you can become one of them. But you have to work on yourself every day, and later, if you prove your serious interest (most of people give up after one month) and deepen yourself, you will be also learning magic. We don’t take money from students, but they have to help in some way- writing blog, translate something etc.
There is nothing like one initiation ritual, which makes a mage from you. To be a mage is hard work. You cannot be a mage in one day, you have to become one!