Frequently asked questions

What makes magic successful?

The rate of success depends on more factors:
1. Quality of magic: the quality of magic depends on the personality of the mage, more powerful s/he is, more powerful is also his/her magic
2. Work of the client: magic cannot solve everything. There are needed also changes on the side of a client. If client doesn’t change certain things, magic will create a situation and after some time, the things will be just the same as before.
3. Free will: the third factor is, that a mage has to respect the free will of people involved. It is not acceptable to influence somebody by force! For example in love magic, magic creates chance to meet again, to say “I want to try it once more”, to give the second chance.
The work of magic can be explained on this image:

You are at present involved in some situation. You don’t like it. So, you pay magic to solve this problem for you. What can magic do? It can lift you from level 1 to level 2. What is your part of the work? To cut connections to the present situation. If we don’t cut it, after some time it will bring us down back to the level 1. These connections are your present behaviour, thinking patterns, habits, opinions and they create your current situation… So, if you are not able to admit, that something is wrong with your way of life, we cannot help you! And nobody can help you. You will meet certain type of situations again and again… You have to be brave enough to admit that you may do something wrong and try to do things differently. This is the area, we will guide you and help you. So, this method is not for people, who don’t want to change something and expect, that things will come to them without any effort. This method is for people, who are able to accept the challenge and do their best.

Why is your magic charged? Why is magic expensive?

Many people ask, how do we estimate our prices? Here are the basic factors, which influence our price:
1. The difficulty of the case, number of people involved in the case
2. The price of materials and things needed for the rituals (they are sometimes unique and has to be the best quality)
3. Estimated time, which will be needed to achieve the goal (time spend in rituals and personal consultations with the client)
4. The laws of resonance and attraction- many people has certain situation as a result of their behaviour. To change this situation, lots of energy is needed. Money is the energy, in which is accumulated your work and effort. To achieve harmony, one has to sacrifice something in order to receive back. Ask yourself a question:”How do I value my desire? How worthy is it for me?” Do you think, you can achieve something superior and perfect by paying 100 euro and waiting without effort on result???!!
5. To be a mage means unceasing daily work on oneself. We can compare our occupation to top sportsmen. Behind one victory, there is many yours of training and effort! We have to practice daily, we have to learn daily and improve ourselves. This is also included into price. Without this training, we cannot practice successful magic!

Somebody has cursed me, what can help me to get rid of that?

Curse can be made by non professionals or professionals. Professional black magic can be really dangerous and need adequate response & protection. Don´t underestimate it, don´t act of your own and first contact some professional. Here are some general advices in order to minimize the influence of magic on your life:
- meditate and pray (meditation cleans your inner self and removes rubbish and bad thoughts, strengthen your inner body). Evil things are opposite of light, so visualize light within your whole body, say loudly holy names of God according to your religion (Hebrew names of God or names of Allah...); Read More…

My life is one big misfortune. I feel like I´m bewitched. What should I do?

I have bad luck in every aspect of my life- finance, love and also health. Who is responsible for my misery?

Only a small percentage of our clients are bewitched by “professionals”. This group of people experiences except of common misfortune also some more serious things- bad sleep, hearing of voices in their head, deep sadness, depressions, desire to die or obsessions. If you have such experience contacts us here. Or use some kind of protective magic or protective ritual. Or you can find useful information on our blogspot.
First of all you have to find out the source of your problems. Use your common sense. For example… Read More…

I want to be your student of Magic. What can I do to become one?

To do white magic successfully and without any psychical harm means continual daily work on yourself- daily meditation and spiritual reading. So, to start magical practice is to start your unceasing meditation practice. If you haven't meditate before, find some inspiration on our web page. You need to know and master yourself in order to command spirits and communicate with Gods. Otherwise they won’t obey you.

We have many students of white magic and you can become one of them. But you have to work on yourself every day, and later, if you prove your serious interest (most of people give up after one month) and deepen yourself, you will be also learning magic. We don’t take money from students, but they have to help in some way- writing blog, translate something etc.
There is nothing like one initiation ritual, which makes a mage from you. To be a mage is hard work. You cannot be a mage in one day, you have to become one!