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We analyse your problem free of charge and contact you back by email. All your information is strictly confidential. Please fill in the contact form:
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For such analysis we need the following things: photos, names and dates of birth of the people, who are involved in the problem.

Daghan-Malenky GmbH
Life Coaching and White Magic
Espenauer Strasse 10
34246 Vellmar

English speaking clients please contact us at the number below:

Phone +421 948 116 834 or +49 160 9581 3493.

If you cannot reach us or we are busy at the moment, please, contact us by email. This is the fastest way. We can have a session with some client or you are calling in the night time! Clients, who are not from the Europe, should check before calling the current time in Europe.

Commercial Registry
Local Court Kassel
88 HRB 15208
CEO: Marion Daghan-Malenky
Power of procuration: Pavol Malenky
VAT Resignation Nummer:DE 272748576

We judge every client and every situation individually.

We can help in the area of drawing partners together or reunion of partners, but just those people, whose souls and karma are interconnected. It means that the connection of partners leads to more joy, balance and success for all partners.

Dear friends of Magic!
Recently, we found out, that someone copied our webpage completely and is working under our name!!! This scammer is not real magician, he just takes money and does nothing!!! The fake webpage contains no information about magic, just the homepage, testimonials and contact form, which leads to the false email and paypal.
make sure that you are talking with us. You can do it by demanding the consultation via WhatsApp or Skype, so that you can see the person behind.
We informed the police as well as we are trying to make things right in a legal way, so that this webpage, which uses against our will our identities and identity of our legal company, will stop its activity soon.

Daghan-Malenky GmbH
Marion Daghan-Malenky
Espenauer Strasse 10,
34246 Vellmar,
Hessen, Germany

MOBILE: +421 948 116 834
MOBILE: +49 160 9581 3493


Find balance, peace and new impulse in our magic office. Find the answers to your questions with us. Our individual counselling will help you to take the right decision.