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7 of spades

7 of Spades.

Warning against people or things. Communication is important.

8 of spades

8 of Spades.

Lovely visit, short journey, temporary change or short break.

9 of spades

9 of Spades.

Unnecessary worries, envy, jealousy.

10 of spades

10 of Spades.

Long journey, important change, split, new beginning.

jack of spades

Jack of Spades.

Young man, trust.

queen of spades

Queen of Spades.

Naive woman or woman from the past.

king of spades

King of Spades.

Man from the past, trustworthy person.

ace of spades

Ace of Spades.

Legal issues, justice.

7 of diamonds

7 of Diamonds

Good prospect at work, real chances.

8 of diamonds

8 of Diamonds.

Financial possibilities, career progress, stay self-critical.

9 of diamonds

9 of Diamonds.

Hard work pays off, honour and success on the way.

10 of diamonds

10 of Diamonds.

Good financial situation, inheritance or good business.

jack of diamonds

Jack of Diamonds.

Good news, trustworthy person, useful contacts.

queen of diamonds

Queen of Diamonds.

Rich woman, trustworthy person, useful contacts.

king of diamonds

King of Diamonds.

Fan, rich friend or business partner.

ace of diamonds

Ace of Diamonds.

Nice surprise, good opportunities at work, change on the way.

7 of clubs

7 of Clubs

Sadness, tears, partial return needed, insight into your soul.


8 of Clubs.

Worries, watch your health, new beginning or argument with strangers.

9 of clubs

9 of Clubs.

Watch out for false friends, careful with seemingly good opportunities.

10 of clubs

10 of Clubs

Possible big change. Watch out for an argument!

jack of clubs

Jack of Clubs.

Bad or unlucky times, do not admit your own badness.

queen of clubs

Queen of Clubs.

Watch for a woman, a female friend, distrust on its way.

king of clubs

King of Clubs

Watch for an older man, distrust on its way.

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Ace of Clubs.

Worries either at work or in personal affairs, watch for diseases, possibility to turn an imminent failure into great success.