Pavol Malenky

Pavol Malenky

Mage, Mathematician and Musician

Pavol Malenky, was born in Poprad, Slovakia in 1972. I started to practice yoga and meditations at the age of 15. Since then, I have been practicing spiritual exercises and meditation every day of my life. At the age of 20, the first memory of my previous life appeared. This was a memory of my wife and spiritual master and I was continually looking for her for almost 14 years. I found her when I was 34. After finishing my secondary grammar school in Poprad, I studied Mathematics and Sport at the Comenius University in Bratislava. I graduated with the best marks. Besides my interest in mystique, I have studied also languages.

Today I speak fluently Russian, German and English language and of course Slovak and Czech language. I worked in an Insurance company as a Mathematician and Account Manager for seven years. From 2008, I have been working as a Mage and Counsellor together with my wife Marion Daghan-Malenky in our own company Daghan-Malenky.
Beside Mathematics, spirituality and Magic I like playing guitar and designing websites. I am interested also in SEO, SEM and I like to work with program Logic. The important part of my life is also sport and yoga exercises.

Pavol Malenky

An interview for the Blog “Projekt Zivot”

Please, introduce yourself… Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Pavol Malenky. I provide magic and voodoo services and counseling. We offer help for people in difficult life situation, especially when they are facing some supernatural or odd phenomenon.

What are the most frequent situations you solve?

We help to solve different life situations. The most frequent areas of our work are relationships/ love problems, so the love magic prevails. Then healing and of course removing of curses, purifying and expelling of negative entities. We also do divination and related counselling.

Is magic for everyone? Could magic help everyone?

Magic is certainly not proper for everyone. 50 % of requests are not cases for magic, but for example for doctor or psychologist, or the result will not create harmony and improve situation.
Next 30 % of people don't want magic, because our price is relatively high. Magic is sometimes very demanding on time, energy and money- purchase of specific things needed for magical operations.
Next 15 % of people cannot achieve their goal, because they are not willing to cooperate and follow our instructions. They just want to pay money and wait for the result. But magic doesn't work this way.

Magic is creating new chance. In order to use this chance, client has to be prepared for it. And to use this chance means to face it differently than before- with the new way of thinking, behaviour, acting. If client doesn't change anything, the situation will return to the state before magic. We also don't recommend magic for people under 24 years. So, in fact, only 5 % of people, who write us, will become our clients.

Mage Pavol Malenky
You said magic creates only chance. Are there also some visible results?

Yes, a client sees, that the problematic situation has changed. In healing magic, s/he becomes healthier, in protective magic, s/he is for example not disturbed by negative entities during the night. In magic of money, he for example earns more money, or his business grows. In case of love magic, client successfully meets with desired partner. Love magic from our side ends at the moment they are dating together and/or sleeping together. Only then our work and responsibility ends. Visible results? They have to be there! That means we work till the visible result comes. Our question is not if it will come, but when it will come. In some cases are results visible after week, in other cases we need to work year or more..
Magic and voodoo are not very popular here (the journalist is speaking about central Europe). Do you experience also some negative reactions?

Yes, of course. There are many people who don't know much about it, and there are people who know only that it is wrong. Especially voodoo has very bad name. Magic and voodoo are only tools and they can be used for positive but also negative purposes. It is like a knife. You can use it to cut the bread or you can kill with it. In fact, everything can be used for good or bad purpose. The distinction lies in the intention of person, who is doing something. Voodoo is basically the religion like the other religions we know, for example christianity or buddhism.

Do you have a problem which you cannot solve alone? Do you have a problem to make a decision? Don't you know what should be your next step? Can't you predict the consequences of your action? We will help you in the process of decision-making. Try to imagine how many things you would do differently, if you knew their consequences beforehand?

Ask for a basic free analysis and start right now to improve your life, relationships and self-knowledge!

Do you have a relaitonship problem and you don't know what to do? Are you confronted with something, what can be called supernatural? Something like a curse or demons? Do you want to glimpse into the possible future, or do you need answers for your questions? We work magically on the problem until the job is done. We keep contact with our clients until the problem is solved.

You can visit us personally for consultation or meditation.

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