The Magic of Puppets

The Magic of Puppets

Healing with Voodoo

The Magic of puppets is not the invention of Voodoo. It is very old and frequently used in many cultures and magical traditions. A mage can use puppets in rituals for the purpose of healing, attracting of love, but also harming. Puppet helps Mage to concentrate better on his goal and to direct energy more efficiently. The Mage should manufacture the puppet by his/her own hands. More time he spends on manufacturing, stronger it will be. The attention is energy!

Here are some basic principles, which should be used by magic of puppets:

1. The similarity of the puppet with the real person should be as big as possible. The Mage uses photos, names, dates of birth of people involved. Everything can be quilt in the puppet. Mage can use also nails, hair, personal things, perfume of that person... S/he uses all information and things, which s/he has obtained.

2. Mage has to breath new life into the puppet. This in achieved through concentrated attention, recitation of prayers, names of Gods, mantras, intonation of whole alphabets. The process should last at least 21 days. We recommend to do it more days, from one new moon to another new moon. What proved us good is using of hebrew alphabet and sanskrit! We recommend also to say whole prayers in sanskrit or old hebrew. One of the most important things is level of energy of a mage and proper emotional work! That means to identify with the goal and put ones emotion into whole work- mantras, prayers, recitations. Without that, your work has no impact!


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3. It is good to devote a puppets to some Deity, which can help to arrange things for mage and his/her client. The choice of the Deity depends on personal believes and preferences! If somebody is a voodoo believer, he would use for love issues Erzulie. If an Adept doesn't believe in Erzulie, she won't help. Everybody has to find out, which God/Deity is the one s/he can identify with. In love magic it can be Venus, Aphrodite, Maria Magdalena or Shiva. In healing magic would the puppet be devoted to Loco, or Brahma, or saint Paul or Sun God. Within some sort of magic which aims to hurt somebody, mage uses Baron Samedhi, Guede, Lucifer or Satan. Is it inevitable to use some God or spirit? No, but it is much more effective and faster and success is maybe 80% higher! It is simply reasonable to make the task not alone and to find solutions of problems with the help of much stronger partner! There are some people, and the same it is with spirits or gods, who will do certain task or solve a problem for you in return for some reward or also without any compensation. Why not to use it? The trouble is that you have to make a connection with such entity! To persuade it to listen to you and help you. If one is not able to do that, it would be difficult. Then we recommend to train meditation and astral travel. The simplest method how to start extra-sensory communication is to write down all dreams in a notebook (place it next to your bed so that you are able to record everything immediately, with closed eyes).

Do you have a feeling that magic of puppets can help you? You can speak about that with us!


Voodoo and White Magic

For healing purposes the best colour of a puppet is white, so it should be manufactured from a white cloth. This is not a general rule that is always valid, for some Deities it is advisable to use different colours. Another important thing is to use the puppet only once - for one purpose and then burn it. If it is not done, Mage can cause harm to his clients- sickness can move from one person to another.

After the puppet is ready (as described earlier), Mage pricks the puppet with pins, exactly on the place of the body where illness is located. Then he/she can make two types of rituals:
1.First one is something like positive energy transfer. A Mage visualizes strongly that disease is going away from the body. He/she concentrates and visualizes till he/she doesn't feel that the disease is gone. Only then he/she will take the pins out of the puppet! After that he/she will talk to the puppet, will tell it how powerful, healthy and happy it is. Such rituals can be practiced as many times as needed, until the illness is gone.

2. Second type of rituals are bigger/stronger ones. These ones call Deities for help and the puppet is devoted to some Deity. For such ritual it is always needed to do a sacrifice, which (depending on the situation) alleviates or delights the Deity. After Deities' invocation Mage goes into trance in order to make connection with the Deity and he/she speaks with the Deity. Mage has to find out deeper source of the disease and the Deities' suggestions for healing. We want to underline again, that magic cannot be the substitute for classical medicine and doctors! We also visit doctors and ask them for their counsel and help like other people. But there are some diseases that are repeatedly coming back and/or that are not handled easily by the western medicine. For example Burnout, or psychosomatic diseases…
Everyone should go first to the doctor. If the western medicine cannot help or has no results, then it is the time to use magic.

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Magic sees the disease from completely different point of view, which can be very helpful. Or it can serve as very efficient supporting method. In such case the patient takes his medicines and medical treatments and simultaneously proper magical rituals are made. They remove possible complications or cause that treatment works stronger and without complications.

Rituals with Deities and sacrifices last much longer and they are much more time consuming and energy demanding than rituals of the first type. But the success is much higher! The colours of candles, type of sacrifice and the concept of the ritual depends on invoked Deity. The most important part of this process is to enter into contact with Spirits and Deities and to motivate them to help.

Mage receives the information about the type of demanded sacrifice directly form Spirits and Deities. If the sacrifice is made, the situation would improve. Sacrifice doesn't mean to kill an animal! The sacrifice can be for example to take care of orphans (to contribute financially to some orphanage), or to engage for protection of battered animals... This is very special, individual and adapted to particular situation. When everything requested by Deity or Spirit is completed, the state should improve within 28 days. If not, the ritual has to be repeated and Deities will be asked again, what the problem is. In such cases a personal sacrifice would be requested, for example to stop smoking, to meditate regularly... For healing purposes only positive Deities are called and they request also positive changes/ sacrifices. Only demons want blood sacrifices and one cannot expect any healing from them, even if he promises to do so!!!

Voodoo with Puppets

The more Mage speaks to the puppet, the more he charges it with energy and the more significant results will be achieved. Mage has to beware of charging the puppet too much, because puppet could start to act of its own. In general it is not a problem insofar as mage has control over his/her thoughts. The problem can arise in case of some not properly trained student, who will give the puppet too much attention. When s/he hasn't control over his thoughts and emotions, the puppet could change into an energy vampire and can ruin his/her life.

What can do a concentrated attention/ energy is for example described in a book from Kyriacos C Markides "The Magus of Strovolos".

A student of magic thought, that it would be good idea to create an astral dog. It would need no food, no veterinary etc. And he tried to "program" the dog for watching a house. He had been concentrating many weeks and finally he created independent astral dog. The dog had also barked and people were shocked what was going on in that house. The problem was, that the student had not fully control over his emotions and thoughts, so neither the dog had. It had suddenly attacked him in the night, bite him and his wife and kids left the house! So, Master had to come and he destroyed the dog.

This story shows us, that for doing magic is very important to have control over thoughts and emotions. For mastering own thoughts and emotions we recommend here again the meditation.

We recommend to read following books:Anthony William - Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally HealDr. Deepak Chopra - Creating Health: How to attain perfect health and feel ever youthfulElisabeth Haich, Selvarajan Yesudian - Self healing, Yoga & destinyAlexander Loyd and Ben Johnson: The healing code.

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