Recognize them in yourself

The Elements Test


How spiritual is your life? How much spirituality do you manifest?

Answer following questions with simple YES or NO. When you finish the test, count your yes and no. Go through these questions just for yourself, be sincere and open in your answers, so that this questionaire can be for you useful.

1.) Do you try to give some higher meaning to your activities and life? Is it important for you, that things oyu do have some deeper meaning?

A.) Yes
B.) No

2.) Do you meditate or pray regularly?

A.) Yes
B.) No

3.) Do you read often some spiritual books or holy books, or do you watch something spiritual?

A.) Yes
B.) No

4.) Do you listen/follow your intuition and inner feelings?

A.) Yes
B.) No, in order to make decisions, I follow my intelligence/mind and logic.

5.) Do you help others also if they cannot give you something back in return?

A.) Yes
B.) No

6.) Do you make things just for a good feeling?

A.) Yes
B.) No, things should have some benefit for me and then I will act.

7.) Do you take care of your health? Do you eat healthy, do you exercise properly?

A.) Yes
B.) No

8.) Is for you the earth living being, someone, who has its own awareness?

A.) Yes
B.) No

9.) Are you aware, that nature, plants and animals have also the soul?

A.) Yes
B.) No

10.) Do you see, hear or feel things, and energies, which others cannot sense?

A.) Yes
B.) No

11.) Are you able to like others without expectations and conditions? Do you see something good in them?

A.) Yes
B.) No

12.) Do you understand, that your inner state of mind and reactions (like fear, love, attraction or stress...) doesn't depend on the situation you are experiencing, but they depend on your judgement of that situation?

A.) Yes
B.) No

13.) Remember some difficult life situation, you experienced in the past.

A.) Did you accept it? Was it, from today's perspective, the opportunity to grow or become wiser?
B.) Was it the adversity and you are still not ok with what happened now?

14.) Do you think about the meaning of life and existence?

A.) Yes
B.) No

Test Elemente

Foto © sstresnakova I Daghan-Malenky GmbH

15.) Do you understand, or do you partially know, why certain things are happening to you again and again, why you attract certain life and situations?

A.) Yes
B.) No

16.) Do you work on yourself, to know yourself better, to know, why you like or dislike certain things?

A.) Yes
B.) No

17.) When you are not successful in something, or you fail, do you think why it happened and how to use this as a lesson for your further development and growth?

A.) Yes
B.) No

18.) Are you aware, that other people have the same soul as you? And that also your enemies has the divine soul inside of them? And that we all are one?

A.) Yes
B.) No

19.) Who is your brightest example, your idol?

A.) A spiritual master, (for example Buddha, or some spiritual teacher…) or you have a spiritual reason, why you admire someone (count 1x yes)
B.) Successful enterpreneur, sportsman, actor, celebrity, and the reason is, that i also want to be successful/ intelligent/ famous/ rich (count 1x no).

20.) Do you observe, that during the time, you are growing, becoming better person with more understanding?

A.) Yes
B.) No

21.) Do you observe, that „norma“ things and activities other people enjoy (watching TV, building up your career, having interesting and expensive things, exotic vacations... ) are less and less interesting for you?

A.) Yes
B.) No


The Four Elements

To the each question, choose at least one answer, which you think is most close to who you are. If you cannot decide among more options, you can choose also more answers, but not all, maximum three. If no answer suits you, choose the one, which makes the biggest sense to you. So, you can circle at least one and maximum three answers.

1.) When you are thinking about doing (not doing) something. What does influence your decision?

A.) That I will have some benefit from the result and I will achieve something.
B.) That it will be fun and I will experience something new.
C.) That it will be beneficial for me and people close to me.
D.) That everything makes sense, it is well prepared, planned and logical.

2.) How would you describe yourself?

A.) Self-confident.
B.) Enjoying life.
C.) Friendly, but introvertive.
D.) Solid and steady.

3.) Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

A.) Alone on my own projects
B.) In a team, because there is more fun and action.
C.) In a team, because I like people.
D.) In a team, because more people know more things.

4.) You were asked to make a presentation.

A.) No problem.
B.) In it ok. But it will be more creative, not classical.
C.) Oooh, not me!!!
D.) It is ok, but i need enough time to prepare well.

5.) Do you like to manage other people?

A.) Yes, of course.
B.) Yes, but not in hierarchy, it is more based on being friendly.
C.) No.
D.) Many times, people are not so precise as I am, and then, problems occur. So, yes, but it depends on situation, whom to lead, why and how.

6.) If you have 200 000 EUR for buying a car, what car would you buy?

A.) A super car. Newsflesh.
B.) A cabriolet, or something innovative, only few people have.
C.) A family car, something super for my family.
D.) A safe car, but not for so much money. There are also other factors, which needs to be taken into consideration, not only the price.

7.) How do you manage others?

A.) They have to do what I say.
B.) On a friendly basis, team building is very good basis, how to know each other and be strong as a team.
C.) I manage with empathy. In a good atmosphere come also good decisions.
D.) I discuss with them what options we have, analyse more possibilities and take the best decision.

8.) If you have to educate yourself further, what would be your approach?

A.) It has to be effective and fast. I don't have time for nonsense.
B.) It has to be something interesting, some added value and new.
C.) I am not sure, there are more important things than some courses. Better to do it alone at home.
D.) I will do it, no matter what.

9.) What others think about me:

A.) is not important.
B.) is important, if those others are friends or somebody close.
C.) is important.
D.) is relevant, if their comments are logical and truth, then i will think about them.

10.) What is for you the most important thing?

A.) Success.
B.) Joy.
C.) To serve others.
D.) Being safe.

11.) What should be the biggest value/personal satisfaction from doing business?

A.) Achieving goals and growth.
B.) Innovation and good communication.
C.) Satisfied people involved in business : employees, clients and also business partners.
D.) Professionally and sustainable growth.

12.) As a driver, I am:

A.) fast
B.) happy to drive my car.
C.) tolerant/ patient.
D.) careful, I'm driving safe.

13.) When you work in a company, where a heart is missing:

A.) I don't care, if they don't touch my money.
B.) I will try to change it. If I can't, I would leave..
C.) I don't feel there good.
D.) If I can do my job well and there is professional background, I can work there.

14.) Are you active or passive?

A.) Active, my plans and goals are constantly moving me forward.
B.) Active, I love to explore and try new things.
C.) Passive, I like peace. Then, I have time for my thoughts and people I like.
D.) Passive, I don't like to hurry. I need peace and I want to give things enough time to evolve.

15.) Are you oriented more towards people or performance & results?

A.) Towards performance, to be active and achieve my goals/ get results.
B.) Towards people, to spend time together, have lots of friends and fun.
C.) Towards people, to listen to what they want and feel, to have time for them.
D.) Towards performance, to build step by step things, which will last and to achieve something great.

16.) Do you like to take a risk?

A.) Yes, I like that. It can bring me profit.
B.) Yes, it can bring me new things into my life.
C.) No. The result can disappoint me.
D.) No. It brings me out of my balance and change things.

17.) Are you creative and innovative?

A.) Usually no. It depends on circumstances. It has to be really attractive, then, I can do it for a while.
B.) Yes. I like to invent and explore new things, then, new creative ideas come easily and quickly.
C.) Usually yes. I like to create new things. I like to spend lots of time thinking about details.
D.) No. This is not for me. I like to see the result.

18.) If you can choose, which things do you wish to have always present in your life?

A.) Personal development, achieving my goals.
B.) Continual learning, change.
C.) Harmonious relationships.
D.) Stability, family.

19.) Which qualities do you admire on others?

A.) The ability to make one's desires/goals true.
B.) Intelligence.
C.) Sensitivity, empathy.
D.) Loyalty and endurance.

20.) Which sports do you like?

A.) Martial arts, gymnastics.
B.) Running, bicycle.
C.) Tai chi, yoga.
D.) Team sports, hiking.

21.) Which hobbies do you prefer?

A.) Car/motorcycle race, swordplay, climbing.
B.) PCs, new technologies and apps.
C.) Playing a musical instrument, painting.
D.) Handicrafts (needlework, wood-carving), gardening.


Test 1 results:

For every „A“ add one point. For every „B“ add zero.
More points you have, higher level of spirituality you manifest. But we would like to emphasise here, that „spiritual“ people are not „better“ than others. We would like to say, that the side effect of spiritual work on oneself is, that people who do this, are happier, more balanced and have bigger understanding and compassion than „normal“ people. We all have a soul inside, and in this sense, we are equal. VoThis test should be for you a self-assessment, how much you live in normal life spiritually. To be interested in the spiritual topics is one thing, but what matters, is how practically we live them. More points you gained, more you live in harmony and happiness. The questions, which you answered with „B“ can be for you an inspiration, where to focus your next spiritual effort.

Test 2 results:

For every A add 1 point for fire
For every B add 1 point for air
For every C add 1 point for water
For every D add 1 point for earth

Every element, if it predominates over others, has its positives, but also negatives. Find out, which element is the strongest, which has the highest score. The influence of this element needs to be decreased. Be also aware, which element is the weakest, or it is missing at all. This one needs to be strengthened. The balance can be achieved, when we use elements in combinations. For example, fire of anger with empathy of the water, or unstable air we ground with the stability of earth. The ideal situation is to have all four elements developed in the same level, same strength. If you achieved this, congratulations, you are in perfect harmony!

Element of the Fire
Element of fire means lots of active energy. People with lots of fire believe in themselves & their abilities and are strong enough to persuade others and to enforce own ideas. They act with passion and make decisions fast. These qualities brings success in the area of career and achieving personal goals, as well as in personal development. Fire element is a natural leader.
Too much of fire brings the risk of burn out, because people with dominant fire doesn't pay attention to their own limits. They also flame up quickly, they don't have much patience with others. Making decisions with the fire is not good in situations, where is necessary to wait or to build up things patiently.
In the area of relationships, fire brings passion. But the fire essence is not able to build relationships, rather it burns them. It simply lacks the empathy, which needs patience and endurance.
People who feel, that there is too much fire in them, should try to slow down. For example, to meditate focused on moon, to find some time to spend with friends or family, to sleep more...

Element of the Air
Element of air is fast and open. People with lots of air are intelligent, they don't need to persuade others, their abilities bring them respect. People with air are successful in occupations, where creativity and open approach are needed. In the are of personal development, they are motivated by a desire to achieve or gain something new.
If this element is not supported with the stability of the earth, people with dominant air will face the problems to finish the things properly.
In the area of relationships, the air element is charming and interesting. But it is not stabile and deep enough, to properly develop the relationship further.
People who feel, that there is too much air in them, should try to gain stability. For example, save more money, relax by doing nothing, work in garden with the earth...

Element of the Water
Element of water means empathy and focus inside. People with lots of water pay attention to others and their needs. So, these people are successful in occupations, where empathy and focus on others are needed. In the area of personal development, it is usefull their orientation inwards. But, because these people lack the orientation and focus on achieving of goals, they get often lost and go in circles around.
Element of water is also naturally passive, what creates problems in situations, where is needed to decide and act fast.
Water is naturally focused on others, so people with lots of water create deep and harmonious relationships. But the relationship, in order to develop further, needs also movement and passion. Therefore, too much water leads to stagnation.
People who feel, that there is too much water in them, should try to expose themselves longer to direct sun, visit more often a fitness, or to attend some improvisation class...

Element of the Earth
Element of earth represents stability and persistent growth. People with lots of earth pay at work a natural attention to their tasks and they have lots of endurance, what makes their career to rise. This element also ensures financial stability and abundance.
On the contrary, too much attention to everything leads often to slowness and loginess. So, it limits people in the situations, where fast decisions, creativity or going with a new trends are needed.
In the area of personal development, the endurance and discipline brings success in the long term horizon.
In the area of relationships, the earth creates a base, which is solid and responsible. The earth is towards others attentive and thoughtful. On the contrary, these qualities cause, that changes come slowly, and this can destroy the relationship in the situations, where change is needed.
People who feel, that there is too much earth in them, should try to break the routine, to do something unpredictable or crazy, like to parachute or to travel somewhere without knowing where...

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