Thanks from Jeannine

Hi Marion,

So as not to forget, I wanted to write down what I experienced during our common meditation:

After I cleaned myslef the way you told me to, I closed my eyes and visualized you, and I could see you perfectly. You had on a white robe and you stood behind me. You put your hands over my head, I had many different images, my boss, colleague, my mother (foster mother) and my children... my head was open and gradually after the images were gone, and you were with me, I felt relief. You have given me your hands.

It was clear to me as you stroked my arm. I felt weird pressure in my left hand and it hurt and up to my heart, only briefly but I felt it. But my body was as one. I just told myself this one sentence: "I'm the balance" and you have only answers, no, not yet Jeannine, I work with you, but we will get there. I felt you for 45 mins then suddenly you were gone, but it has done me so much good that I wanted to thank you again very much.

My partner now feels no weight on his shoulders and feels light as a feather. He feels an inner warmth. 

I thank you from my heart and I wish you a good night until tomorrow