E Mail Near-death-experience

And then happened what you could often read. I rose from my body. I looked at me from above. I was lying in the bath, but the situation wasn’t exact, because water was clear and I was naked. I was moving further from my body. Suddenly my body opened and there,
inside of me was Her. She was naked and she was sprawling her hands toward me. I couldn’t go away, I couldn’t speak or return to her. She was looking at me, hands stretched and she was telling me: “Stay, come to me."

Then I heard the voice. “We have him". 9 am, a doctor resuscitated me, 12 hours later, at emergency rescue. Six days later I was back at work, very weak, with the story, that this had happened in my friend’s house while moving glass cabinet. All believed me, because at work, I am a strong man, good leader. Colleagues would be shocked if they knew about my inner life.

I was speaking about that with XXX while drinking tea. She took it calmly and she just told me "I couldn’t let you go..."

From XXX she has new relationship again and I wanted to hate her from January till April 2014, to revenge, but I have realized that I am to able to do so. I told her also, that I know that she was scared of me. She felt it. She was scared that time. But this is already past. Why – you, Ms Daghan, know the best. It was her doing. And I am grateful for that.

This is crazy story, maybe also for you? You are right, I am too fatalistic towards life. And you have convinced me that I have to change it. I believe that you can help me. That’s why I didn’t have to think a lot. I haven’t too much money, but my wife and my son are still living in my house and I am towards them generous, I can afford it. I am speaking about money, because I know XXX is and remains my big goal. You, Ms Daghan, give me hope that I will reach it. And if it don’t come out right, I know, that you would do everything what is possible. I thank you for that.

Best regards