Thank you white magic

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Dearest Marion,
It is the time to thank you; 1000000x thank you for your unique, successful work!!!!!
I contacted you in January, because L left me second time and I didn’t want to lose him. After our first analyse conversation, where you’ve ensured me that L and I belong together, I felt better. You recommended me daily meditation and after short time it was part of my daily schedule and I’d deeply realized, that I felt much better and I was slowly becoming calmer. I had also lots of power from our regular phone calls. When I was impatient and depressed, you have always calmed me down; you have again and again said to me that everything is ok. The peak was my personal visit in July and our meditation and conversation. Three weeks later was is as you had predicted. Me and L were again closer to each other and love each other as if nothing had happened before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
May my further order for love reinforcement be also successful and would be crowned with the question of all questions! But this is in your case certain!! I work on myself in any case further and I am thankful for all support from you.
Thousand best regards – also for Pavol
Yours thankful and happy R.