Get partner back

I have to thank you once more: pity that you are not closer to me, I would bring you a cake. I was really redden with shame how you had brought me to senses, like a small child. Marion, I feel real shame. I was normally scared to speak to you next time. I don’t want to ruin your 5 month’s hard work. Don’t hate me please, I’ve already understood, that it will go now through rituals … it was too much and he reacted that way, I didn’t simply understand it before, I was so stupid. It didn’t had to go that way. Don’t worry, I won’t do this mistake again. I am thinking about your positive words from last time, that it won’t last long. And I believe them strongly. I thank God that I have you and I wish you the best of this world, good health on the first place.
PS: Just in case that this is important for your work: the candle flame during last days and also today normally, it doesn’t flicker, hope it is a good sign. Pity that you are not my mother 😰...A .