Love Magic- Ex back

When I came across Pavol and Marion, I was desperately sad, love addicted and looking for a way to solve the problems of my relationship with my ex. I came looking for love magic wanting my ex to be in love with me.
In the year and a half that I have been a client of Pavol and Marion, my life has shifted dramatically. When I came asking for their help, I didn’t have a stable job or money. I also felt like I had no purpose and I really didn’t feel good about myself. It is easy to understand then, that my relationship was pretty toxic because I was desperately trying to hold on to one person hoping they will make me feel happy. My ex was as lost as me and we were like beggars, begging each of the other to give love.

What I didn’t understand was that love is a force that builds the very fabric of the universe, and that it is something that we each have access to within us. This is what I have come to understand thanks to the path recommended by these guys. Their love magic is quite potent, but it asks for real willingness and change within a person.

In the beginning it was very difficult for me to grasp the guidance that was given to me, because I was struggling with my ego and overwhelmed by the negativity of my own mind. But I will never forget..three months into our work together, I woke up one day and I felt very different. I felt so happy and full of light. I had not felt this way in I couldn’t remember how long. I also started noticing how people responded to me differently. Men were paying attention to me and wanting my attention. And not just men, people were gravitating towards me. I started to feel more confident and easy. And life started to shift.

Now, almost a year and half since I first started working with Pavol and Marion, my life is completely different. I have a new career path that I love, involving helping others. I have many new friends, people that I met who are like-minded and positive and supportive. Even my relationships with my family members became more positive and real. As for the man with whom my relationship was the catalyst for me to look for this help, he is back in my life and he is different. He is loving and kind. I am now checking to see if I want to be with him, because I realize that it is my choice. I no longer feel dependent on any relationship to provide me with happiness because I am already happy within myself. I realize that as long as I am working on myself and my path, as long as I am connected to my Soul, my life will have joy.

Thank you Pavol and Marion for this blessing.