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Dear Team,

The company Daghan- Malenky has been taking care of me already one year. Finally I see the end of my problems and this means that my meditations are in a good way. According to my financial benefits from our appointments, the price is just 10% of the sum, which I would had lost if I haven’t found the way to your firm Daghan- Malenky.

I would like to thank you for your intensive support and counselling, which has saved me from the worst in my life. Now I am open in my heart and in my soul.

Mike Schmidt

E-mail Sceptic

Good evening/day Marion Daghan Malenky

It is amazing that you have achieved that. You have convinced me about your abilities. Me, the graduate of technical university, a realist and sceptic concerning supernatural issues. You won’t be surprised. The target is not yet achieved. We will achieve it together. I hope so and I believe. This is my biggest target! I think, without you I would have no real chance.
Things you said me today made me think hard, moved me and convinced me. You are right, for sure. I also appreciate your ethical principles, you have stated clearly. You have known this without my prior acknowledgment.

I am prepared to work further and to believe…. You know that.

I’m looking forward to our further cooperation. Best regards

Magic of love- Thank you!

Hi Monika and Pavol,

First of all I would like to thank to both of you for everything you have done for me. Your care was unbelievable as well as your encouragements. It is unbelievable, what you have done, sometimes I cannot believe that is it real.

I would like to thank you especially for that, how you have changed my way of life. Now I am calmer, happier and it is not just because you have returned me my partner. The change is deeper and I feel perfect. Now I know that everything in life can be solved and when I feel not good, I have somebody to talk with and to counsel.

I hope we will stay in touch further and that I will have chance to meet you again.

Thank you from all my heart

Yours H.