first of all: I´m home, safe and sound!,

I have to write you, that today´s energy transfer appointment in your office was for me absolutely crazy. I had enough time to go inside me and to think during my 5 hour ride back home … and I have to say that I feel like newborn. My lethargy has gone completely. My energy is back, my will to fight, things to change…. it cannot be described. I know exactly what I want. And that also means I feel worthy in my own eyes (xy has definitely deserved to have a man who is worthy….and only this way goes the future with xy) I will start my sport program tomorrow, it will be good for me.
Since our appointment I feel I HAVE TO do that! Like there is nothing else what could be taken into consideration…. So, back to the meeting: today I travelled 990 Kilometers while the weather conditions weren´t the best, incl. 4 hours in darkness. Despite that I feel ok.

Thank you very much, Marion!!!!! I fell, there is more powers in you, than I´ve thought!,
May God bless you!