Andrea- Partner back

First of all I would like to say to all people who doubt: Marion really makes your wishes come true!
Because of that, as Marion writes on her homepage, be careful what you wish for, because it could happen!

Dear Marion,
I want you to thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I think we weren’t an easy case. But you believed in us from the beginning and gave me courage all those months. Man has to learn to be patient and to believe and to continue further, no matter what’s happening.
Of course there were many disappointments and you had to be sometimes also strict with me so that I wouldn’t give up. But I earned what I had wished for!
Sometimes I cannot believe it yet, that we are really together and of course it isn’t sometimes easy, but we are growing together in our relationship.
Once again thank you for your work and your thoughtful support!
You have your place in my heart and I’m looking forward to meet you personally.

Thank you- superb conversatons

Hi Monika,
Thank you, after our conversation I am more happy and calm. It is amazing how our talks affect me. You and Pavol give me always so much energy and I feel better and better. Thanks to both of you I feel stronger, B.

Hi Pavol,
Thank you for your words, I am calmer and stronger to continue further, this makes me strong. Talks with you and Monika affect me much; I want to be happier and to find myself. He realised my change too. I am prepared to go further. Thank you for everything and I am grateful for all people you are helping too. I am looking forward to call you again, B.

Thank you 2014

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Dear Marion and Pavol,

I wish you calm and refreshing Christmas Eve. I hope you would use this time as your love island and I’m looking forward to see you during next year again. We have walked this year very difficult and hard road together and you had given me again and again reliance and energy. This is the reason for my repeated Thank you. I have you in my heart and I will be your warrior forever. Andi

Love magic- new chance

Hello Monika and Pavol,

I don’t know how to begin. Maybe I should say that it in unbelievable, what have happened since I contacted you- white magic team. My condition was lost in the exact meaning of this word. There wasn’t chance that my love will come back. But... angels of white magic took my problem into their hands. People, what they can do, nobody can!!!!! My love and me even didn’t speak, but Marion, Pavol and Monika had interfered and everything has changed. After one week we are speaking again, as nothing had happened before. We have new chance and I don’t know how to thank these helpful people. Besides, they are very nice, friendly and have always time for me. We haven’t been in contact long time, but what they have achieved during such a short time is supernal. Thank you, thank you, thank you….. I am delighted and I am sure for million per cent that with your help my relationship will achieve the goal we agreed. I cannot describe with words how happy I am..... Just to say that I am finally and seriously happy.