Greeting Card

Dear Mrs. Daghan-Malenky,
I would like to thank you once again. Thank you for your patience and help. That you have worked with me so long time and still believed in my, or our goal – it was for me very important and I am grateful for that. Many many thanks!

The colorful cross is from Costa Rica. I have also one :) I like it- it is heartsome!
And the two smaller crosses I have brought from Rome. One for you and one for your husband. Why do I give you always crosses, I don't know.
Thank you for everything!

Many many greetings N


Thank you for all the loving Art, which is good.
It is satisfying to know, that there are still people who care.

Your L.L.

New chance- thank you

Dear Pavol and Monika,

I am sending you huge THANK YOU…I know that it wasn’t with me easy all the time. But you were there for me anytime I needed. You listened, gave a counsel and showed me the right way… I am grateful that I have found your website of White Magic, because it has changed my life. You have directed me at the path of peace, balance and healthy self-confidence... you have shown me the other way how to deal with problems, differently as I did before. In general, I am more peaceful, balanced and what is the most important, happier than before. And the love in my life is not the only reason. I have learned to be happy just with myself, to enjoy what is, not think too much about small issues. Your counsels and recommendations are deep inside of me. Now I know, where I did mistakes in the past and I try to avoid them in presence. Especially in my beautiful relationship, in my new chance…
I would like to thank your whole team and I wish you success and many satisfied clients.
Your M.