Thank you Lovemagic

Hello dear Marion
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2 1/2 year ago, you started to stand by my side and since that time, you are here for me. I’ve heard a lot, deepen myself, sometimes I wanted to give up, but you always straighten me and speak strictly to me, what was good. He is still with me, and it is much better, for what I would like to thank you and your activities. Your rituals, instructions and meditations, you’ve done and you are still doing for me are very helpful. I’ve found through you again also my path to God.
I don’t know, how more can I express my gratitude. I am also very glad to know you and your husband and to learn from you. I miss our conversations.
With love

Merge partners together

… And then it has come- verbally: “I have to find out, when we can meet before I fly away.”
Dearest Marion- angel, I’m so happy, thank you! Remind me this next time when I will be impatient again, although you do rituals and send energy. Please, please, please continue!!!! I know that him and me belong together and that I will win his heart! It is so and it won’t change, but despite of that I need your huge powers!....

Love Magic- SMS

Hello Ms Daghan, I am so happy that I have you at my side and that you are there so long. Thank you