Thank you Facebook

Hello Marion, I would like to thank you and Pavol from my heart, to thank you that you are always there at my side, doesn’t matter how many mistakes I make. Thank you that you are at my side when I need you most. Thank you for your energy, for love you give.
We know each other just one year, and you again and again hold me, today I needed you and I felt your concern.
Everything has become, as you had told me before. I am so grateful that I have known you and that I could feel your love.
You are simply master of your doings; you are perfect in your profession. I would recommend you further. ………………

E Mail Near-death-experience

So, Ms Daghan, I’m going to explain as a laic, what unbelievable I have experienced. I suppose you won’t be so wondered.

Beforehand: I was found in a bathtub, estimated blood loss 4 litres, pulse 32, body temperature around 32, according to medicine I had to be in my age- that time XX-times death, but…

In XXX I left my house in XXX and I travelled by train to XXX. I had to meet with XXX. She didn’t want to write SMS, she had propably noticed, that I was at the end of my tether. That time she hadn’t any relationship, but she wasn’t able to be with me even one evening, she was scared of my passion, which was very painful. Looking back, now I understand her. But that time, I was destroyed. She was free and didn’t want to meet me..!

After her refusal, I was sitting in XXX on XXX, it was summer evening, I was looking into water and I was sure that she would never some again. I felt that my life in such situation has no sense. Around 9 pm I went to some hotel and I booked a room. I filled a bath with water, I drank some beer and I took razors I had in my pocket many months. They gave me courage, because they promised other way.
I sat into warm water in my underwear, which was weird, but I didn’t want to look awful after death. Despite of that I didn’t dive in the last phase under the water- I drunk my beer and I made a cut, approx. 10 cm, into my body and I was waiting. After my heart attack 2 ½ years ago, I had a thin blood and it was spouting as I had supposed. I fell senseless. I woke up after 3 hours in a cold bath full of blood, I got scared, added more warm water and I cut my body again, blood was spouting again.


Love and Change

Dear Marion,
First of all, I have changed in a positive way and it wasn’t only me who noticed that. Now is woman of my dreams finally back. I am bewildered what you have achieved. Now is everything different and I am very grateful for that…

Best regards