Love Magic- Thank you

…Since I have your protective magic, bad influences and energies around me don’t affect me anymore. My positive energy is not disturbed anymore. Envious people around me couldn’t harm me and only thing they can do is to be nice to me. I am not scared of them anymore. I thank every day to beloved God and I find my power and deep relief with your meditations.

I am shining again. Neighbours, friends and admirers are around me and nice to me. I am calm and full of love. I have 3 admirers now. I feel one of them is my second half. My only wish is to create with him a relationship full of love. He is nice and generous and I feel with him very good.
Love magic ritual for attracting suitable partner have helped me. The right partner is here, although he is not the one I wanted one and half years ago. I’ve achieved much more than I expected. I want to thank you with all my heart. This full moon is very special for me…

Get partner back

I have to thank you once more: pity that you are not closer to me, I would bring you a cake. I was really redden with shame how you had brought me to senses, like a small child. Marion, I feel real shame. I was normally scared to speak to you next time. I don’t want to ruin your 5 month’s hard work. Don’t hate me please, I’ve already understood, that it will go now through rituals … it was too much and he reacted that way, I didn’t simply understand it before, I was so stupid. It didn’t had to go that way. Don’t worry, I won’t do this mistake again. I am thinking about your positive words from last time, that it won’t last long. And I believe them strongly. I thank God that I have you and I wish you the best of this world, good health on the first place.
PS: Just in case that this is important for your work: the candle flame during last days and also today normally, it doesn’t flicker, hope it is a good sign. Pity that you are not my mother 😰...A .


Message after 3 weeks: Acctually i am feeling better now and i think i wont need your treatment within a week. I meditate daily and i think soon i will recover completely:D. Regards.

Message after 6 weeks: Hello Slavka.
I have to thank you very much for your concern. I feel like i have recovered completely from my issue :) and i can live much more happily:). I could asfar go and say that i won't need your ritual any longer ;).
Regards XY

Love Magic- Message about success

Hello Ms. Daghan,
I hope you are safely back from holiday. Small report about my success: there was a visit yesterday, it was my lady, from 14 to 23:00. She was peaceful and responsive. She sent me a message today and she congratulated me to a beginning. It wasn’t complete, but it is going good direction. There is a possibility of further communication. I feel relief, I am going to work on this further without any pressure and meditate patiently. Thank you one more time and don’t forget about me. Best regards. K.