Thank you for Love magic

I would like to thank you this way, Ms Darinka and Mr Pavol :-),

I found you one year ago and I ventured to write you. As I have believed you that time, I am sitting now here and writing with tears in my eyes. But with tears of happiness, love and harmony, thanks to you. The time has come to say thank you for everything you are doing for me. We experienced together my falls and my rises and my new beginning and I know that you are here for me when I am sad or confused, and that you are here to listen to me and to help me to go right way. What have you achieved with me cannot be described, everything is easy and now I know why. Ms Darinka, I will come and thank personally:-) I like you very much so why not to come and share my happiness??? :-) When you have spoken to me, my heart was happy, this way are speaking just you and XY. Thank you also for him and I know why:-) Ms Darinka, it is not end between us, it is just beginning:-) you are the first I call and share my success. Thank you Mr Pavol for energy you have sent me together with your wife Marion and for nice words. I remember how you said during our last call: Now it is up to you. And this motivates me to go further, my dream is close, very close, just to catch it:-) and I know I will make it:-)

Thank you thank you thank you Ms Darinka and Mr Pavol that you are here :-), M.