100000 Thank you

Dearest Marion,

This way 100000….-thank you for your successful work. I was very happy when you told me on Sunday that feelings of my L... are so big and therefore your work would be done in a standard way; at the same time during the last meeting with him it was like a dream with everything included. For me it is nothing better than my L... and I would be together forever.

Despite of that I still have a little bit fear that he might build some blocks again and he could retreat again. He had in April 2011 (one and half year after we meet each other) already retreated and he came back after 4 weeks (that time I had no PRF in my contract). Because of this, I had during our sporadical meetings fear that it would be the same as the last time and so it was in January 2013. (As I have realized with your help, I had this fear probably unconsciously emitted on him, although I was during each meeting very happy.)

Because of this, I ask you very very much, dearest Marion, in second round of love spells done by corresponding rituals ensure that my L... would never again build blocks and would never retreat from me again. He should be attracted to me as to a magnet. „Change“ also myself in a way that I can manage my fears and my “magnetic radiance” will rise. Please stay further on my side with your helpful tips, so that I would behave correctly and so that my sweetheart would soon ask me the question of all questions. Please be with me patient, when I ask again and again the same questions and you have to guide me like inexperienced teenager fallen in love. I am meditating further with great joy and I am reading all books you have recommended me.

I’m giving you strong hug and I’m sending you and also Pavol many greetings.
Your happy R.