Thanks from Phillippe R

Lady Daghan.

You have been the best for me, the inexplicable thing is that you know everything about me without me saying a word. I was glad to have had this meeting with you on Tuesday.


Philippe R:

Grateful with my Whole Heart

I am very happy that I met Mrs. Daghan.
She has helped me very much so far and I am very grateful with my whole heart for this. I look forward to working together again in the future :)
Yours sincerely,

At Peace

Dear Pavol and Marion,
I called my mother and told her the news from my dead grandmother. The messages have had and extraordinary curing effect. My mother is now very happy and seems to have accepted everything. My Mother was afraid that my grandmother was angry due to the fact that my mother was not able to continue caring for her. ( It was very hard, not only physically but, also mentally) My Mother could not stand it anymore and had to put granny in a nursing home. She spoke with my Grandma that night and communicated her feelings and with her. Now they are both at peace and for the first time in a long time she slept well.

Thank you :-)

Have a nice day and much love.

S. with mother

Your Predictions Were Right

Dear Marion!
In regards to your predictions with the doctor you were right about everything. The follow-up visits turned out just as you had predicted every-time. Your healing works and the doctors have found nothing. Unfortunately, your predictions with A. were correct, there was no more hope for him. He was found at the time that you predicted.